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3 Ways To Promote Travel Experiences & Cruises


1) Post Vacation Classifieds

Vacation Classifieds Travel MarketplaceWe encourage Travel Professionals to post trips, cruises and travel experiences in this marketplace. Our Vacation Classifieds are a FREE self-service posting module where up to 1,500 words and 4 images can be added to Sell the Experience. Each classified has a contact reply form for potential customers inquire about your ad.
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2) Content Marketing: Post Guest Author Articles

Post Guest Author Article OpportunitiesWe welcome Travel Agents, Travel Bloggers and Travel Writers to post guest articles. “Sell the Experience” by writing 1,000 to 1,500 word guest articles describing your travel experiences. Add a few of your images to help tell the story. Articles with an emphasis on Travel Experiences, cruises, vacations and recreation opportunities are very popular. Guest Author compensation is available if we publish your article live. Click the “More Info” link below for guidelines and details.

Guest Authors Receive the Credit You Deserve with Amazing Author Attribution that Features your Professional Bio along with Social Media & Website Links. One of the areas we spent a ton of development time was building the Guest Author Bio to provide proper attribution and help promote our contributing authors. The Author Bio pages feature a beautiful layout, your author head-shot, professional bio and links to your website and social media sites. We promote our guest authors as thought leaders and experts in their travel niche.
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3) Join the Conversation! Talking Travel! Online Community

Talking Travel Community Social NetworkThe Brand Friendly Review Resorts Travel Communities allow you to post, comment and “like” in a social media format. Customize the look of your main feed page with a full width banner. Build your audience by posting often.
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If You Promote Travel!

We encourage Travel Agents to take advantage of these three (3) FREE travel marketing opportunities which we have made available for travel professionals. Expanding your online footprint is critical to your success as a travel agent, blogger and writer. The larger your online footprint, the greater your influence and opportunity travelers will reach out to you.
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