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Time to Update Your Travel Bucket List

Iqra Fatima
By Iqra Fatima Posted  in Travel & Touring

Traveling is fun, especially when you know where you want to go. However, travel blogs and magazines keep glorifying the same places over and over again. Based on a recent consensus, 8 out of 10 people will name the same overrated places that they want to travel to, which are mentioned in magazines and on websites.

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Luxury Beach Resorts in Brazil You May Never Heard About

Susan Aylia
By Susan Aylia Posted  in Travel & Touring

A holiday to Brazil offers travelers one of the most authentic cultures and beautiful scenery and landscapes they could ever imagine. You will enjoy those famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro like Ipanema and Copacabana, you will taste incredible food and be amazed at the natural beauty of the Amazon tropical rain forests.

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Reasons Why You Should Visit Belgium

Hira Khan
By Hira Khan Posted  in Travel & Touring

Belgium is one of the most lovely places to visit in Europe. If you are planning to visit Belgium, you are going to have a wonderful experience. However, I am a bit biased, as Belgium is my dream destination! When I was on a European Holiday, it was a great introduction to its diverse culture, which means to say that I’m a culture lover.

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Exploring Meghalaya, India – The Abode of Clouds

Mark Bennett
By Mark Bennett Posted  in Travel & Touring

Meghalaya means the Abode of Clouds and is one of the prettiest states in North East India. It boasts a village that’s labeled the cleanest in Asia. It has a region that sports the most rainfall in India and has picturesque lakes and waterfalls spread out all over the state. So with this vision in mind, finding reasons to visit Meghalaya isn’t all that difficult!

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10 Exciting Things to Do in Manchester

Arindom Ghosh
By Arindom Ghosh Posted  in Travel & Touring

Manchester is a major city situated in the Northwest area of England with a rich industrial heritage and known as the city of the worker bee. Famous with English football (Soccer) lovers, Manchester records almost 13 million foreign visitors every year.

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A Complete Travel Guide to a Marvelous Trip to Tokyo, Japan

Alicia Margareta
By Alicia Margareta Posted  in Travel & Touring

Tokyo is the frantic busy capital of Japan, mixing the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples. Japan has seen a steep increase in tourism in the past few years. More than 30 million people visited this amazing capital in the year 2018.

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How To Get Your International Driving Permit

Melissa Calvert
By Melissa Calvert Posted  in Travel & Touring

In order to drive in multiple countries across the globe, you need an international driving permit. An international driver’s permit verifies that a person is eligible to drive. However, this document alone is of no use to foreign authorities. A person needs to carry their driver’s license too

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Best Things to Do in Florence, Italy

Rushell Kayna
By Rushell Kayna Posted  in Travel & Touring

Florence is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its Italian Renaissance style architecture featuring Terracotta tiled roofs. Florence is renowned as one of the most cultural and historical cities in the world. This Renaissance city is located in Northern Italy’s Tuscany region.

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Is Nepal Suitable for a Family Holiday?

Ama Summers
By Ama Summers Posted  in Travel & Touring

The people of Nepal are world renown for being friendly and kind. Your children will learn so much from their experience, you will just be amazed. Not only will you be able to have the money to go ‘first class,’ but you’ll be able to have a bit left over if you compare dollar to dollar over just about anywhere on the planet.

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The Tourist Experience in Cuba

Daniel Stauffer
By Daniel Stauffer Posted  in Travel & Touring

Here is our guide to the tourist experience in Cuba to help you make the most of your trip to this unique and vibrant island.

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