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10 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore India

By Aniya More Posted  in Travel & Touring

Bangalore is known to the world as the Silicon Valley or the tech city in India. Many people flock to this city or town for various job opportunities regularly, multiple cities in India, or even many foreigners for business purposes or traveling. Here are the 10 Unique and Fun Places to Visit in Bangalore, India.

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The Automobile and The Travel Industry

By Rabia Gul Khan Posted  in Travel & Touring

The impact of the automobile revolution on the travel industry is probably the single largest factor in the growth of global tourism. With the introduction of a number of means of transportation, the travel industry has taken several steps, mainly in the form of employment and an easier way of living.

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What To Do If You Are Hit by A Car as A Tourist Walking

By Review Resorts Posted  in Travel & Touring

Traveling is a fun hobby that allows you to experience exciting sites and meet new people. By the time you are boarding your bus or flight, you are already anticipating your stay in the city. However, a rogue or an inattentive driver could cut your trip short

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Top Brand-New Attractions in Dubai

By Neha Singh Posted  in Travel & Touring

There is no doubt that Dubai has the most distinctive skyline in the world. The emirate does not shy away from larger-than-life attractions and every year or so, a new element of wonder is added to its city-scape that will change the whole picture. Every time that you return to Dubai, you will be able to see something even more impressive or record-breaking as there is always something superb to behold.

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How to Make Traveling More Comfortable

By Rabia Gul Khan Posted  in Travel & Touring

When the entire world closed its doors for tourism, we realized how important traveling is for us all. Traveling gives us the much-needed escape from reality and break from the mundane. However, to make our traveling fun-filled and seamless, there is a list of things that you must pack along.

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10 Most Interesting Facts About Switzerland

By Arthur Rowley Posted  in Travel & Touring

Let’s put on our adventurous caps to find out what is worth exploring in Switzerland. In our mini guide, we will be covering anything from living in Switzerland to euthanasia. Our 10 most exciting facts leave our readers with interest to find out more about Switzerland.

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Explore Different Cultures While Traveling

By Vanessa Tyler Posted  in Travel & Touring

Traveling has become convenient and affordable and you can probably afford international travel right now as it is also not so costly due to the pandemic. But traveling does not mean visiting a place just to eat food, take pictures and head home. Yes, traveling is fun, and we all wait for our vacations to visit favorite places, but travel brings more than just fun.

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Incredible Things to Do in Miami

By Susan Aylia Posted  in Travel & Touring

You can’t mention Miami without highlighting its gorgeous white sand beaches, incredible nightlife, designer shops, performing venues, along with many tourist attractions.

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The Future Of Traveling After COVID-19

By Ahsan Ali Posted  in Travel & Touring

There is only one thing constant in life: Change. But no one ever thought about a drastic change that will completely change the landscape of the world. All Travel came to a standstill and we found that Covid 19 was just not a virus and but it has re-defined the meaning of everything on so many different levels.

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3-Tips to Book a Perfect Luxury Hotel

By Rabia Gul Khan Posted  in Travel & Touring

Choosing a hotel may not be the most important factor for everyone, but the correct lodging can make or break a vacation for me. Of course, depending on the location, services, luxuries include view, luxurious rooms with luxury mattress, your hotel priorities will differ.

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