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Clothing Optional Resorts

Bare Necessities Nude Cruises

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Bare Necessities Travel & Cruises

904 W. 29th Street
Austin, Texas 78705
Phone: 1-800-743-0405
Cruise Lines: Various
Destinations: Caribbean
South Pacific
Onboard Gaming: Yes
Health Clubs: Yes
Day Spas: Yes
Unique Feature: Clothing Optional

Bare Necessities Clothing Optional Cruises
Bare Necessities Nude Cruises are Fun!

Bare Necessities Travel & Cruise Reviews

Since 1990 Bare Necessities Travel has completed 50 full-ship charters and provided thousands of passengers with the finest clothing free cruise vacations in the world. With charters on cruise ships both big and small and special rates for select resorts in the Caribbean, Bare Necessities Travel specializes in making your dream vacation a reality… au natural.

Bare Necessities Nude Cruises

You may be wondering what a Bare Necessities cruise is like. Bare Necessities hosts their nude cruises on the most popular lines like Carnival, Paul Gauguin and Clipper Cruises. They charter the entire ship, so every passenger and every area is clothing optional (except the main dining room). Bare Necessities Travel welcomes people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicity, sexual orientations and age ranges to try their cruises.

The owner of Bare Necessities Travel, was recently asked why nude? “It has been my experience that people who are able to leave their clothing behind in a social setting are also more able to check their egos at the door and be themselves, as they really are, rather than who they think others would like them to be. Of course, what happens to my vacation-mates sans clothing also happens to me. I find myself withholding less of who I am as I hide less of my body. I begin to accept myself, imperfections, and all. I can assure you, for a woman who tried for years to match the unrealistic standards of beauty set by the American advertising industry, this can be very liberating. Clothes free vacationing leads to body acceptance your own!”

Celebrating Bare Necessities’ 30th Anniversary

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Review: Bare Necessities Nude Cruises
From: Florida
Overall Rating: 1
Shipboard Dining: 5
Cabin Accommodations: 4
Pool Areas: 1
Friendly Crew: 2
Shipboard Experience: 1
"Bare Necessities and customers made the cruise fantastic.
Carnival was the worst cruise I’ve ever been on. I’ve done 37 cruise on different lines. Food and service terrible. Only lower end liquor at top prices. Ship’s show was horrible. The customers were all great no attitudes and Bare Necessities did everything they could to make a great cruise. Will definitely do another Bare Necessities Cruise – will NEVER do another Carnival Cruise. Many I spoke to felt the same way. Also Bare Necessities should stay clear of homophobic islands like Jamaica and Dominica." – Dennis from Florida

Review: Bare Necessities Nude Cruises
From: Washington
Overall Rating: 5
Shipboard Dining: 5
Cabin Accommodations: 5
Pool Areas: 5
Friendly Crew: 5
Shipboard Experience: 5
"Absolutely loved our first nude cruise! Staff and other passengers were extremely friendly. We felt so comfortable and welcomed that we are already planning our next one! One port did not accommodate our cruise with a nude beach which was kind of a bummer since we brought so much revenue to their shops and restaurants. Half Moon Cay had an amazing nude beach experience with music and a great catered lunch! Overall we had a fantastic cruise! Thanks Bare Necessities and Carnival!" – Dean from Washington