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Clothing Optional Bed & Breakfast

Flevo-Natuur Buizerd 11 Bed & Breakfast

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Flevo-Natuur Buizerd 11 Bed & Breakfast

Wielseweg 3
3896 LA Zeewolde, Netherlands
Phone: 011-31-61-188-2847
Rating: 4 Star
Rooms: 2
Floors: 1
Restaurant: Adjacent
Category: Naturist B & B
Pools: 2
Convenience Store: Adjacent
Sauna: Yes

Located adjacent to the famous Flevo-Natuur Naturist Park in Zeewolde, Netherlands. Flevo-Natuur Buizerd 11 Naturist Bed & Breakfast is a cozy 2-bedroom chalet style property. You get to experience the best of Flevo-Natuur Naturist Park with your own private luxury accommodations. The popular Netherlands Naturist Resort offers two pools, sauna, restaurant and bar along with hiking trails and camping.

An hour drive from Amsterdam, guests of B&B Flevo-Natuur Buizerd 11 get to enjoy Zeewolde, Flevoland au natural. Zeewolde is a small town in the Flevoland province of central Netherlands. It has a population of approximately 20,000 with the small lake called the Wolderwijd to the east.

Flevo-Natuur Buizerd 11 Naturist Bed & Breakfast offers two luxury rooms, deluxe full kitchen and a beautiful park like garden area and free WiFi. Enjoy the spacious garden with enclosed attractive terrace for nude sunbathing. B & B guests have access to the facilities of the adjacent naturist resort. Extensive breakfast between 9.00 and 11.00 hours.
Resort Rules:
No photography or video recording is allowed. Inappropriate behavior between guests and/or staff is not allowed. Please no explicit sexual behavior in public areas. The Management reserves the right of removing guests from the property without refund for any violations of the above.
2 bedrooms, nicely appointed living room, deluxe kitchen spacious back patio area. Adjacent Nudist Resort offers pools, sauna, lawn for Nude Sunbathing, camping and Parking

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Review: Flevo-Natuur Buizerd 11 Bed & Breakfast
From: Nova Scotia, Canada
Resort Rating: 5
Friendly People: 5
Pool Area: 5
Resort Condition: 5
Overall Experience: 5
First Nudist Experience: NO
"Dear fellow Nudists / Naturists / Clothing Optionalists / open minds, you name it,
This was a second visit to this resort called ‘Flevo Natuur’ in the Netherlands. After our first visit last summer in a giant tent, this winter season we’ve decided to give it a try in a private B&B on the grounds of this resort. It is being operated by private owners, and not by the resort itself. Same setting, same facilities available at no extra costs, just a different way to experience Dutch hospitality.

Our lovely hosts Ilse & Jerry do live on this park full-time, so every day is a holiday over there! Long story short: This couple simply knows how to treat you and your fellow travellers.
There is two cozy private rooms available, fully equipped with queen size beds. On top of that there is a double hide-a-bed available, just in case. Everybody is welcome here and will be pampered equally well, regardless your age, choices in life, or hidden secrets, as long as the law allows for it. Ilse & Jerry do understand the needs of their guests without being judgmental. They’ve been around for a while and just know when to smile.

As said: This resort is ‘Family Oriented’, no different than anywhere else in the world. So, in the private space of your own living quarters (including the very comfy and fancy hot-tub) you are in your very own free part of this world. The moment you go exploring the rest of this tourist village (including indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, restaurant/bar, grocery store) you are a fellow nudist amongst a mix of people of all ages, and all walks of life. Friendly, easy going non-textilers who will welcome you in their ‘Family Oriented’ oasis. Your privacy will be respected at all times, but if required you will instantly meet new friends quite easily. You’ll find companionship for two minutes, just a lunch, for one night, or two weeks. (Hey, it’s 2018 right?).

Anyway, Amsterdam is located virtually next-door, less than an hour by car! Nearby Summer fun:

‘Laakse Strand’ is an almost 2 miles long fresh-water beach along a never ending lake, located just minutes away by car or bicycle. This area consists of four different grass beaches dotted with trees and shrubs. Those beaches are appointed ‘clothing optional’ and during the summer months you can pick the beach of your preference.

Beach 1 is located the closest to the parking lot. Here you’ll find whole families and some people even remain clothed.

Beach 2 is for people with dogs (and sometimes lots of them) and other people who admire this scenery.

Beaches 3 and 4 are for those who are looking for the beauty of Mother Nature. It can be the sheer joy of sunbathing, it can be the awesome panoramic views across the endless (but fairly warm and shallow) lake, it can be chatting with interesting strangers, it can be a drink or two, it can become ‘pretty playful’ in certain areas, sometimes a bit hidden and sometimes in plain sight.

Universal ‘nudist’ advice: Use common sense, never ever use your camera or cellphone, stay healthy, and keep this area nice and clean for everyone around you.

All in all: Come and visit this part of the Old World with its famous historic cities, see the windmills, tulips, farmland, green horizons, and rent a bicycle for a few days. Discover the fact why the word ‘Gouda’ only applies on Dutch cheese! This country is flat and therefore extremely bike-friendly. Hosts Ilse & Jerry do have two motorized bicycles available at no charge so there’s another Dutch treat.

Folks: You will not be disappointed! Cheers!" – Sandra & Peter from Nova Scotia – Canada