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Big Island Hawaii

Hilton Waikoloa Village

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Hilton Waikoloa Village

69-425 Waikoloa Beach Drive
Waikoloa, Hawaii 96738
Phone: 1-808-886-1234
Rating: 5 Star
Rooms: 1240
Floors: 6
Restaurants: 8
Category: Deluxe Hotel
Pools: 3
Fitness Center: Yes
Day Spa: Yes

Hilton Waikoloa Village Reviews

The Hilton Waikoloa Village is an extravagant mega-resort. It consumes 7% of the entire islands electricity. It covers over 62 acres of ocean-front land. This mega-resort offers lavish gardens, electronically controlled waterfalls, electric-trams, trains and cabin cruisers to ferry guests around this huge hotel complex. While the Hilton Waikoloa Village is an ocean-front resort, the beach is man-made and on a lagoon, not open ocean. However water fun abounds with 3 pools with the largest pool covering almost an acre. It also has 6 restaurants, 8 cocktail lounges and 8 tennis courts.

The Hilton Waikoloa Village is a great Family Hawaii Resort which features a program where you can swim with the dolphins. However, due to the extreme popularity of the dolphin program, it is not always available. This is a great hotel for kids and families and a very popular resort on the Big Island of Hawaii.

1240 Rooms, Three 6-Floor Buildings, Air Conditioning, 3 Pools, Jacuzzis, 6 Restaurants, 8 Cocktail Lounges, Kohala Health Spa, 8 Tennis Courts, Exercise Room

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Traveler Review of: Hilton Waikoloa Village
From: Santa Monica, Calif.
Overall Rating: 2
Dining at Resort: 3
Sleeping Room: 1
Pool Area: 4
Beach Area: 1
Friendly Staff: 1
"We came here after an offer from Hilton while booking another hotel room. What a huge mistake. The rooms were up to the standard of a bad Ramada Inn or maybe Best Western. They do have SOME nice suites that you might get if you have the stamina to walk around the 64 acre property looking at rooms and chasing down management for THREE HOURS before they show you the good room. I mean over three hours, but I will round down. Since I was coming from another island, I wanted to do my laundry, as they had two launderettes. The one by us had three washers, two of which were so filthy dirty that you wouldnt want to wash anything in there you plan to wear. I’m serious, I’m not that picky, but the dirt was THICK and it wiped off so easy, they just dont clean them at all. The third was so completely clean, as if it were never used in the time the other two were covered in layers of dirt (that wipe off with a tissue…it wasnt staining, just old old dirt.) The completely clean one had old signs on it that said “out of order”…there was old tape adhesive where the stickers had been there so long they were replaced. I wondered about this, so I tried to use the washer, and it WORKED. The employees were just blocking it off so they could use it I guess. There is no real beach, you cant swim into the ocean here because of the big sharp lava rocks. There are huge planters outside next to the balconies, sort of on the balconies, but most of them have been emptied, with only some debris and irrigation tubing sticking out of them, some have dandelions or whatever happens to be there. There is hardly anything for many miles around this hotel, except old lava and some VERY corporate shops, such as Macaroni grill, etc. Don’t look for anything authentically Hawaiian." – Tom from Santa Monica, Calif.

Traveler Review of: Hilton Waikoloa Village
From: Cocoa Beach, Florida
Overall Rating: 4
Dining at Resort: 5
Sleeping Room: 5
Pool Area: 3
Beach Area: 3
Friendly Staff: 3
"I have one major complaint and that is with the spa. For a day spa, they did not offer much in the way of facilities and amenities. First the robe and slippers in the locker I was assigned were very large. I tried to exchange them for smaller sizes but after waiting 10 minutes for the receptionist to come back, I gave up and kept what I had. During the next hour, no one came in to clean up the used towels left by previous guests, the hair dryers were never put away. It was disgusting. To make matters worse, I opened the filter to the spa and although there was a chlorine tablet, the water was filty; therefore, I couldn’t enjoy the spa and was left with a wet or dry steam room for the rest of the day. I did very much enjoy the 50 minute massage. In returning to the spa area, it was good to see someone finally cleaning up the areas. I went to take a shower and put a shower cap on and notice there were ants on the tray holding the shower caps so decided not to use a shower cap at all. Again, I found this to be disgusting. After blow drying my hair, I found only a very small barreled curling iron which cannot be used with long hair. There were no flat irons, tooth brushes, toothpaste, etc. I was very disappointed considering the Hilton Hotel is so beautiful." – Diane from Cocoa Beach, Florida