Content Marketing Platform for Travel Agents to Brand Themselves as Travel Experts

A new micro-blogging website provides multiple opportunities for travel agents to promote adventures and travel experiences using long-form content.

San Jose, California (March 15, 2017) – Recently relaunched travel portal Review Resorts emerges as a celebration of Vacation Resorts and Travel Experiences. The site is actively encouraging travel professionals to post long-form articles about vacation destinations, resorts and travel adventures. In return, the travel agent authors will be branding themselves as leading experts with a pinned professional bio and links to their website and social media. All marketing opportunities are FREE for travel agents.
George Oberle, Editor recently stated “Travel Agents & Bloggers are the most significant force in travel marketing and the value they provide is best communicated using long-form content marketing.”
As the escalating cost of search engine and social media marketing make it prohibitively expensive, many travel agents are embracing content marketing to create awareness of their packages and adventures. Review Resorts has responded in creating a blog style platform where travel professionals can establish themselves as leading experts by publishing articles about the experiences and adventures they offer.
Oberle further stated “The key to winning at Content Marketing is creating as large an online footprint as possible by writing website articles and promoting them over social media.”
Many hours of web development were put into crafting article pages that provide an informative branding for our contributing authors. The Author Bio pages provide a beautiful layout featuring the author’s head-shot, professional bio and links to their website and social media sites. Guest Authors are promoted as thought leaders and experts in their travel niche.
The site provides three modules Travel Professionals can use to post their trips and adventures.
1) Travel Experiences
Travel Marketers can Sell the Experience by writing 600 to 1,500 word articles describing travel adventures they are promoting. Adding a few images will help tell the story. Published articles are posted with the agent’s professional bio pinned in the left column and links to their website and social media as a nice way for interested readers to click through to make contact.
For information about article guidelines: Guest Authors.
Note: Review Resorts reserves the right to determine which articles are published. Spam articles not allowed.

2) Resort Reviews
The website celebrates Resorts in all their unique forms! No better way to communicate destination knowledge and experience than offering a critique of your favorite resorts. We feature Hawaii and Mexico Beach Resorts and unique collection of recreation style resorts. Travel professionals are also provided the opportunity to add additional resorts or replace the current resort descriptions with their own critiques. In return for posting a review, will have their professional author bio and social links displayed on that resort page exclusively for a period of 6 months. What better way to become the thought leader expert for your travel niche! – Resort Description Update

3) Vacation Classifieds
Have a trip with a specific departure date? Review Resorts FREE Vacation Classifieds are the perfect opportunity to promote your trips, cruises and adventures. The self-service Vacation Classifieds allow up to 1,500 words and up to 4 images for each listing. We encourage Travel Agents and Marketers to post their trips and travel experiences in this marketplace. Posting is free. – Vacation Classifieds

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About Review Resorts: is a micro-blog marketing platform promoting Travel Experiences and various types of Vacation and Recreation Resorts. Users are provided the opportunity to post resort reviews and travel marketers are encouraged to post content articles. Generating interest and awareness of travel and recreation opportunities is at the heart of the site.