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Things You Do Not Know About Morocco!

By Maria Bella Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

Morocco is a first cousin to the French as nearly 2 million spend their holidays there every year. But there is a lot to this enchanted country, we still have a few things to discover. Read on to learn about the unusual, funny and simply unknown facts about Morocco.

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Your Guide to the Best Festivals in Barcelona

By Becky Holton Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

Barcelona is one of the most exciting places in the world bestowed with uniqueness as regards her people, culture, art and festival. Every visit of the year to Barcelona is a visit to enjoy the scenery of the festival that matches this uniqueness. Think of the wildest way of self-expression without limit, paradise on earth, the best timeout and bonding you can have with family and friends in a life time, then you will be making the best choice by taking a voyage to the heart of fun at the best festivals in Barcelona.

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Do You Hygge When You Travel?

By Ester Brierley Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

Do you know what Hygge is? Hygge is about creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Thus, coziness is hygge, but hygge is more than just coziness. Hygge became a well-known aspect of the Danish culture and represents the best about the way of life in Denmark.

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