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An Ex-Pat’s Story: Finding Myself in Nepal

Ama Summers
By Ama Summers Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

It was on the way to Kathmandu on the tourist bus that I realized I had actually come to the end of my travels. When I looked out the window that December morning and saw the Himalayas on the way to Kathmandu, tears weld up in my eyes. I knew I was home.

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Why Millennials Prefer Authentic Travel Experiences

Aafia Khalid
By Aafia Khalid Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

We treat millennial’s as if they come from another galaxy. No doubt that this special generation travels more than any other generation in the past. The experience of technology has made it easy for them to book tours and trips right on the smartphone in their pocket.

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Discover China: Everything You’ll Need to Make Your Trip a Success

Kate Bregovic
By Kate Bregovic Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

China is a land full of mystery and unique charm. Be mindful of the “unique” as anyone traveling to China is in for quite a culture shock. You’ll need to prepare for the realities of life in this beautiful exotic country to ensure that your trip is full of joy and happy memories.

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Your Guide to the Gai Jatra Festival in Nepal

Ama Summers
By Ama Summers Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

Each year the Newar communities all over the country celebrate death. ‘Death,’ you say??? Yes, death. As the story goes, centuries ago the Malla king, Pratap Malla, and his queen lost their only son to death.

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My Visit to Punjab, India for 2-Days

Hira Khan
By Hira Khan Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

I listened a lot about Punjab, India because in my neighborhood there is a Punjabi family I am friends with. I also have a lot of Indian friends who are always waiting for the holidays to go back to their homeland. Why are they so enthusiastic about their land? This question led me to travel to Punjab to explore the land of colors, love and a lot of interesting traditions you will be part of and won’t ever forget those moments!

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My Travel Journey to Oman

Ahsan Munawar
By Ahsan Munawar Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

I have been thinking of traveling to a different place than my home country. After researching locations I decided to travel to Oman.

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5 Travel Misconceptions About Pakistan

Muhammad Antiq
By Muhammad Antiq Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

If you go on to the US State Department website, Pakistan has been ranked on level 3 on the list of High Risk Travel destinations. Coming directly from a local who has traveled the length and width of the country, here are some of the travel misconceptions about Pakistan.

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Things You Do Not Know About Morocco!

Maria Bella
By Maria Bella Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

Morocco is a first cousin to the French as nearly 2 million spend their holidays there every year. But there is a lot to this enchanted country, we still have a few things to discover. Read on to learn about the unusual, funny and simply unknown facts about Morocco.

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Your Guide to the Best Festivals in Barcelona

Becky Holton
By Becky Holton Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

Barcelona is one of the most exciting places in the world bestowed with uniqueness as regards her people, culture, art and festival. Every visit of the year to Barcelona is a visit to enjoy the scenery of the festival that matches this uniqueness. Think of the wildest way of self-expression without limit, paradise on earth, the best timeout and bonding you can have with family and friends in a life time, then you will be making the best choice by taking a voyage to the heart of fun at the best festivals in Barcelona.

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Do You Hygge When You Travel?

Ester Brierley
By Ester Brierley Posted  in Peoples & Cultures

Do you know what Hygge is? Hygge is about creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Thus, coziness is hygge, but hygge is more than just coziness. Hygge became a well-known aspect of the Danish culture and represents the best about the way of life in Denmark.

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