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7 Reasons for Women to Go Solo Travel

Becky Holton
By Becky Holton Posted  in

You know how difficult it is for a woman who values her independence to travel with her controlling boyfriend? If you solo travel, you will be forced to make your own decisions which will in turn help you regain your self-confidence. You will solve your own problems, have a better perspective of the world and your life and learn to rely on yourself when doing work.

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Plan a Trip to New York City

Mark Slaney
By Mark Slaney Posted  in

New York is a great place to plan a vacation especially because of all its tourist activities and all the luxurious hotels, such as the Waldorf Astoria, The Pierre and of course The Plaza New York which may be expensive but worth it.

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Travel Gear Reviews: Top Recommendations for Travelers

Catherine Wiley
By Catherine Wiley Posted  in

Are you wondering what to take with you on your camping or hiking trip? We’ve put together the best gear guide containing all the essential travel gear equipment to help you stay safe, warm and comfortable throughout your amazing adventures!

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Travel Foodies Guide to Menorca

Nicola Kennedy
By Nicola Kennedy Posted  in

Menorca is one of the Balearic islands of Spain located in the Mediterranean Sea. Travel Foodies love the authentic Menorcan food because it’s traditional, easy to make and influenced by ingredients grown on the island.

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Are You Traveling With Pets?

By Yesh Posted  in

You may be debating whether or not you should bring your pet along with you to experience a new adventure. Before you embark on any actual travel with or without your pet, preparation is the key.

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5 Must Have Sleeping Accessories While Traveling

Ella Lauren
By Ella Lauren Posted  in

I remember when I visited Cusco after dreaming of visiting Peru for almost 3 years. I was on cloud nine. However, I feel if I would have packed a few more things with me it would have made sleeping while traveling easier

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How to Stay Injury-Free While Traveling

By Yesh Posted  in

Solo Travel is scary, but more thrilling! One thing I do worry about when traveling is the fact that I mostly do it on my own. Figuring out the city and trying to communicate with the locals is an enriching experience for me.

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9 Reasons You Should Travel to Countries That Have Stereotypes

Sara Williams
By Sara Williams Posted  in

A big part of traveling is debunking stereotypes. Going to a foreign country and seeing that a certain stereotype is wrong is the best form of learning through experience. In this article, we will give you the 9 most mind-boggling stereotypes about countries and why they’re not true.

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Indispensable Tips for Solo Travelers

Samantha R. Gilbert
By Samantha R. Gilbert Posted  in

But if this is your first time traveling alone, you need realistic tips that will make this experience more exciting for you. We hear you! Here are 10 indispensable tips that every solo traveler should consider.

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Tips for First Time Travelers

Peter Hill
By Peter Hill Posted  in

The meaning of traveling cannot be explained in a few words. To understand what it genuinely is, you must experience it yourself. We are glad you are ready to acquire travel knowledge and set up new wanderlust and adventure goals! However, before your first international experience, check out these most valuable tips for travelers. Enjoy! … Continue Reading “Tips for First Time Travelers”

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