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How to Earn Money While You Travel

Jennifer Scott
By Jennifer Scott Posted  in

Many of us adore the idea of travelling. Whether you’re planning to visit the visit the legendary Eiffel Tower in Paris, skydive in the south of New Zealand or explore the vast cityscapes of the United States, there’s so much to see and do in this world and so many people to meet, why would you not want to?

However, many of plan to leave on months of savings we’ve collected which can leave our budgets feeling very limited. But, why not take advantage of the way the world works and earn money while you travel?

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5 Restaurants In London for Travel Foodies

D Scott Carruthers
By D Scott Carruthers Posted  in

Besides being the financial hub of the world, London is also a hotspot for delectable cuisines from around the world. The dining scene is hotter than ever. Big-name chains and celebrity chefs have descended to the capital. The best spots aren’t always the obvious ones. There are established places that have outlived the fad-fascinated culture … Continue Reading “5 Restaurants In London for Travel Foodies”

All American Holiday: Daytona Speedway Firecracker NASCAR Race July 4th

George Oberle
By George Oberle Posted  in

Let’s just open this with what an incredible experience! We recently traveled from the San Francisco Bay Area to Daytona Beach, Florida for the Firecracker NASCAR Race over the 2017 July 4th Holiday. We flew on Virgin America nonstop from San Francisco Airport to Orlando, Florida. Virgin offers a unique in-flight experience with lavender mood … Continue Reading “All American Holiday: Daytona Speedway Firecracker NASCAR Race July 4th”

10 Foodie Businesses From Around the World

Patrick Foster
By Patrick Foster Posted  in

The food industry is extremely exciting these days. Are you looking for some inspiration for your next holiday? Or perhaps looking to purchase a fun foodie experience for a loved one?  Fear not: this eclectic mix of restaurants, foodie startups and online stores is sure to hit the spot.

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The Secret of Life: Travel The World

George Oberle
By George Oberle Posted  in

Have you seen the new Expedia television commercial that’s set on the Trans-Siberian Railway featuring an exotic old man speaking to a young American girl about the secret of life? This commercial came to mind the other day, when I encountered a guy in conversation who started

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New Orleans For Travel Foodies

Shelly Moralez
By Shelly Moralez Posted  in

The town of New Orleans offers culinary experiences unlike any other due to a confluence of history leading to its unique concentration of blended dishes. Here is a list on no particular order of a few of my favorite restaurants and watering holes in New Orleans.

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The Hawaiian Fusion Food Scene

Valerie Barnhart
By Valerie Barnhart Posted  in

As a Travel Agent (and Travel Foodie) for many years, I have learned that the local cuisine is one of the main attractions for destinations. With all due respect to both man-made and natural wonders, food is a major factor in people’s decision where to visit. On a recent trip to the Hawaiian Islands to chill between the sun and the sand I was amazed to see how Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine is becoming a major draw for travel foodies.

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Travel Bucket List – Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown

George Oberle
By George Oberle Posted  in

Visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown was one of the top items on my travel bucket list. I recently traveled with a group of fans from the San Jose Giants minor league A-ball team. I can describe the entire trip in one word: History. You’re engulfed in the history of the game of baseball, the Cooperstown area and also of our country.

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Holidays to Enjoy in Thailand

Review Resorts
By Review Resorts Posted  in

Are you planning to go on holidays but are not sure where to go? Well, Thailand is without a doubt the best place for your holiday. Here, you will be treated to a well-established tourist industry that concentrates in Bangkok, and follows an array of coastal resorts that are lively and enjoyable to tour.

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Ten Reasons To Plan An Azores Vacation

Wendy Schoneberger
By Wendy Schoneberger Posted  in

Plan Your Vacation to the Azores Islands Portugal – The Azores are a chain of nine islands located about 1800 miles east of Boston and non stop flights are available year round from Boston and Toronto . 

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