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Guest Author Opportunities

Guest Blogging Opportunities

We invite Guest Travel Authors to provide original, High Quality, well-written travel articles. We especially encourage Travel Agents, Travel Writers and Bloggers to submit articles about Travel Experiences, Touring, Cruising, Travel-Foodies, Adventure and Recreation opportunities.

Why Publish Articles on REVIEW RESORTS?

If you are a Travel Agent, let’s work together. We need content and you need to build your brand. Publishing articles on a website such as REVIEW RESORTS will help you increase your online footprint. You will receive full credit and proper attribution for your article with an amazing author bio page featuring your head-shot image, professional bio and links to your website/blog and social media sites.

If you are a Travel Writer, you may be looking for outlets to publish your work to establish yourself as a top-tier travel author or thought-leader. Review Resorts is the perfect marketing platform to help you establish yourself as a travel thought-leader.

Review Resorts will pay $40 USD per article if we publish it live on our website.

Author Bonus: After your 3rd article is posted live, we will pay you $65 per article moving forward!

To qualify for the $40 compensation, guest travel authors must meet the following criteria:

  • Your article must offer in-depth travel knowledge that you (the author) acquired by traveling to the destination or on the cruise ship.
  • Author promotes travel or recreation as a Travel Agent, Travel Writer, Travel Blogger or works for a Recreation Resort, Hotel or Destination Tour Company.
  • Either has a blog or website or works for a company with a website that promotes Travel, Recreation or Leisure.
  • Active on Social Media about Travel or Recreation.
  • Article MUST be about Travel, Cruising, Touring, Adventure, Exploring, Travel Foodies, Resorts & Hotels or Recreation.
  • Your article MUST provide deep knowledge and insight for our readers that will help them plan a better travel experience.
  • No Spam articles. No Politics!
  • No derogatory references to any race, nationality, religion or sub-group.
  • Your blog post must be original, authentic content that you wrote and not previously published elsewhere on the web or in print.
  • Articles should be a minimum of 1,000 words and a maximum of 1500 words in length.
  • Articles should have a strong opening paragraph.
  • The body should have a natural flow that stays on topic.
  • The article should have a strong conclusion.
  • The content must be your own original work.
  • We will post one (1) web hyperlink in each article and it must be relevant to the story. No affiliate links.
  • You must provide at least one (1) picture that you took yourself (no stock images) while visiting the destination or on the cruise.
  • The article should not be published on your blog or any other website in its original or modified form for 14-days after it is posted on the REVIEW RESORTS website.
  • Within the 14-days however, you are welcome to reference your article with a web-link back to the article published on REVIEW RESORTS.
  • For the Author Bio page, we will need your headshot image, professional bio and social web-links.
  • REVIEW RESORTS reserves the right to edit or refuse any article(s) submitted to our website(s).
  • If your article is accepted to be posted live to Review Resorts you will be notified via email with a subject: ARTICLE ACCEPTED.
  • NOTE: Only articles that are posted live to Review Resorts website are eligible for the $40 USD compensation.
  • Payment is by check in U.S. Dollars made out to the Guest Author Name. – Checks are issued on the 5th of each month for the preceding month’s published articles.

Suggested Article Topics

  • Destination Reviews with an emphasis on the local food and nightlife (ala: Anthony Bourdain)
  • International Travel & Touring
  • Solo Travel
  • Cruise & Ship Reviews
  • Hawaii Hotel Reviews & Things to do in the islands
  • Mexico Beach Resort Reviews & Fun things to do at the Destination
  • RV Life & Camping Resort Reviews

Author Bio

We have spent a lot of development time on our Guest Author pages to make you look awesome! All authors receive appropriate credit with a prominent Author Bio page featuring your professional bio, head-shot and links to your website and social media. Articles featured on the site will add value to your content marketing and link building campaigns. Take a look at this example: Author Bio Page

Editorial Policies

Articles MUST be about travel, recreation or leisure activities. We carefully examine articles submitted to REVIEW RESORTS by our contributors and guest bloggers. Editing is generally limited to grammatical errors and facts, minor edits, title changes and photo changes. If more than that is required, we will return it to you with some suggestions so that you have an opportunity to make the improvements and re-submit your article. We usually do not make many changes, but when we do, we will send you the complete text of the post for your approval before it is published.

Instructions for Submitting Articles

Before you send us anything, please read our Legal Statements especially the section on Rights & Copyright and Benefits & Guidelines. This explains more about its editorial policies, compensation for and benefits to writers, and status of any applicable rights and copyrights, especially syndication rights. If you have questions, please send us a note.

Please use our online submission form link below to Submit Guest Articles

Each field on the form is mandatory. Complete the form, including Author Bio information with your professional short bio and link to your blog or website and social media sites.

Included images for your article must be your own that you actually took (No “stock” images) and own the rights to publish. Images must be a minimum of 750 pixels wide.

Republishing Policies, Exclusivity and Copy writing

The article you submit is assumed to be exclusively for use on REVIEW RESORTS. Once your article is posted on REVIEW RESORTS it becomes a property of Review Resorts and you give us your consent to reproduce such content in any way, publicly or privately, in any form of media without any additional compensation to you. While you can write about the topic elsewhere, your submitted article on REVIEW RESORTS must be unique.