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Whether you crave for exotic cuisine or a cold one, you have a place to get that. Just keep reading. Gastro-tourism is the latest travel trend with people traveling to experience different cultures around the globe. While Australians are thought to be big fans of gastro-tourism, there are plenty of places to visit. No one hates to eat and if you love to eat, it’s time to pick the best gastro-tourism destination for your next trip abroad. That said, in this article, you will learn the best gastro-tourism destination. But before that…

Who is a Gastro-Tourist?

A gastro-tourist is a person with a high level of income and education who want to travel and taste region-specific foods and learn about cooking techniques from cultural people. The desire for gastro-tourism is formed by the interest to eat and drink.

What is Gastro-Tourism?

Gastro-tourism is the traveling, either locally, internationally or regionally in pursuits of authentic kitchen cultures, local foods, and drinks. That said, here at Edu Birdie, we have browsed the internet to bring you the best places to visit.


Zurich Bahnhofstrasse
Switzerland is your cheese and chocolate country to pay a visit on your next trip. When you visit Switzerland, you will experience genuine kitchen cultures that will spice up your trip.

If you love chocolate, use the chocolate train that takes visitors from Montreux daily to the world-class Lindt factory. If you love dairy foods, pay a visit to the north east Switzerland region known as Appenzeller to enjoy the local cheese prepared from raw milk.

While in Switzerland, you can enjoy local dishes like Swiss bircher muesli, a well-cooked and delicious breakfast cuisine you can get on most breakfast pommels. You may also taste a Zürich-style minced meat dish provided with gravy and habitually together with rösti.

Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Sashimi Sushi
You love sushi? If yes, then plan your trip to Japan. There, you will enjoy the best sushi you cannot get anywhere in the world. It’s a specialty cuisine you will find in most Japanese restaurants.

But that’s not the only reason to plan a trip to Japan; you will also get an opportunity to participate in a traditional tea ceremony.


Dublin Ireland Pub
Ireland has plenty of food tours you can get spoiled by choice. For instance, the Taste and Tours in Belfast are must places to be. Just spend some 4 hours touring the food places in the center of Belfast. When driving to Belfast, you will pass via the famous St George’s Market that is full of food procedures.

While touring the city, you will learn a lot about it before you reach the city’s best restaurant in the Cathedral Quarter. Before you complete your tour, you will have enjoyed plenty of foods and drinks.


Cusco Peru
Did you know Peru is listed as the top South America Food and Drinks Destination? Yes, it is!

In fact, it is believed that most children in Peru when asked what they want to be if they grow up, most of them would want to become professional chefs. That shows how serious the country is when it comes to food.

Peru holds a multicultural population most of who are indigenous people plus immigrants from other countries like China, Japan, Spain, and many others. There are plenty of ingredients such as the plenty of meats, seafood and farm produce.

There are plenty of fast-class restaurants in Lima, Peru such as the Astrid & Gaston which are delighting foodies for many years now and have made people recognize Peru as a food destination.

If you enjoy favorites, you can pay a visit to Superchef Gaston Acuro of La Mar.

Myanmar / Burma

Myanmar Burma
At the southeast of Myanmar but people know it as Burma, a city that borders China, Thailand, and India. Burma is also becoming a food destination after many years of political seclusion and many are touring the region to experience the local cooking.

Burma connects China and India is a great flavor base that beats Thai and Vietnamese. Well, of course, you will some similarities such as salty, sweet taste and sour, but the dishes are quite modest and the flavor is unique.


Dubai is currently the home with more than 200 ethnic groups and is currently the top food destinations with top restaurants. At Dubai, you can enjoy a favorite dish from top restaurants at Mazher, a place with authentic Lebanese cooking, or Fish Beach Tavern, a place with Aegean cuisine comprising of fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea.


Beautiful Amsterdam Canals
Amsterdam is also another best place to visit although many are still not aware of the foods served there. In the city of Amsterdam is the Jordan Food & Canals Tour, the best food place you do not want to miss when you travel to Amsterdam. Take a guided tour or private boat tour to travel to places in the neighborhood of Jordan to enjoy some delicious Dutch Cuisine.

Osaka, Japan

If there is a country that can beat Japan when it comes to food, then it must be Japan. There, you will enjoy more dishes you cannot find anywhere in the world. Visit the street of Dotonbori in Osaka to enjoy a famous Osaka dish.

In fact, Dotonbori is the top tourist destination in Osaka. The Dotonbori area covers Dotonboribashi Bridge to Nipponbashi Bridge in the Namba district in Osaka. Well, it’s not that huge since it covers 8 blocks but with plenty of cafés, food stalls and street sellers selling different kinds of food.

The city is quiet during the day up to 5 pm when more people start to flock in queuing up to enjoy their favorite foods.

Catalonia, Spain

Immediately you land in Spain, you will experience a rich culture with region-specific products and foods, Catalonia being one of the regions with exceptional products and foods. The city is rich in complex food. The neighboring places of Cataloniahave their own exceptional dishes.

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is not known as a cosmopolitan city, but it is probably one of the major food destinations in the world. The city is a foodie paradise. San Sebastian boasts 3-star restaurants and plenty of 1- and 2-starred places and more Pintox bars you can enjoy gourmet-style dishes.

At the Rioja wine region of Spain, you can expect to find some incredibly delicious foods from Michelin star chefs.


There you have it. Ten best places to visit in your next trip as shared by Jonson Clark, the owner and founder of superior papers, a known >essay writing service provider in the world. If you are a foodie, you will never miss a place to enjoy food served by professional chefs.

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