8 Delicious Dishes You Should Try While In Greece

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So you’ve booked your dream holiday to Greece. You may be wondering about what to eat while on your trip to the Hellenic Republic? We went on a Greek Holiday a few months ago and found the food incredibly mouth watering good. The cool thing is to eat like you are local people. Peruse on to locate our Greek Food top picks that you should try at during your visit.
With such a long history and beautiful land and seaside Islands, Greece is a Bucket-List Destination for both history buffs and honeymooners alike who visit the ancient buildings and sandy shorelines. Our objective when we visited Athens, Greece out of the blue was to see the sights but to also eat the best local Greek food we could find.

The Incredible Food in Greece

Favored by an atmosphere that is both dry and hot for a significant part of the year, Greece has a wealth of wealth with regards to nearby sustenance items. What’s more, the best part? Sustenance explorers can get to every last bit of it at the nation’s numerous business sectors and cafés.
When in Greece, you will find many dishes of freshly caught fish culled out of the Mediterranean Sea and freshly picked produce so crisp that eating servings of mixed greens covered in nearby olive oil is pure satisfaction. Taking into account that Greek ranchers have been developing olives for a thousands of years, it’s nothing unexpected that Greek Olives are among the best on the planet. Greeks are also known for there feta cheese made with milk from sheep and goats.

Greek Foods You Should Enjoy

For some first time guests, the many enticing options on a Greek menu can be overwhelming. Be that as it may, this is one of the great decisions to make awhile on your holiday! We get it. During our meals in Greece, we were so energized by the family-style dining that we needed to plan the whole menu until and our belts got a bit tight! Fortunately, we were there over a month and got to eat loads of Greek food and find the nation’s best dishes. Before the end of our vacation, we got together as a family and decided which of the dishes we enjoyed the most. As you begin your own Greek Culinary Adventure, we suggest you consider trying a few of our favorites listed below:

1. Souvlaki

 Greek Souvlaki

Greek Souvlaki

Visiting Greece without eating Souvlaki resembles visiting London and not eating fish sticks and french fries. Since Souvlaki is promptly accessible at both walkway slows down and easygoing cafés all over Greece, it’s anything but difficult to locate a definitive ‘meat-on-a-stick’ nibble sustenance in Athens and on the nation’s numerous islands. Some Greek menus list this crowd pleaser as Kalamaki or gyro, however, it’s everything Souvlaki and it’s everything great. To get ready Souvlaki, flame broil bosses cook meats like pork, chicken and once in a while sheep on enormous pits before moving burned lumps to sticks. Inspired veggie lovers can discover Souvlaki renditions with eggplant, peppers, and mushrooms.
Foodie Tip: Eat Greek Souvlaki with pita bread, browned potatoes, and tzatziki sauce. The mix is incredible.

2. Saganaki

Greek Saganaki

Greek Saganaki
image: Tammy Green Wikipedia

Saganaki is an addictive appetizer that made up of fried cheese. The kind of cheese may be a bit different depending on where you get it. This comes with choices including Graviera, Halloumi, and feta. A few eateries include extra fixings like tomato, shrimp, and mussels, yet it’s totally Ok to eat the Saganaki plain. Despite the cheese type or readiness, Saganaki is an absolute necessity to attempt Greek sustenance in Greece. We originally ate Saganaki in Meteora, and it quickly turned into a go-to Porter all through the nation. Despite the fact that the Saganaki can differ a bit by region, yet all adaptations tasted debauchery divine.
Foodie Tip: Squeeze a lemon over your Saganaki. The juice gives it a tangy element while improving the dish’s flavor.

3. Horiatiki

Greek Horiatiki Salad

Greek Horiatiki Salad

Horiatiki is an authentic Greek Salad. This isn’t your America style salad of mixed greens! For starters Greek servings of mixed greens known as Horiatiki exclude lettuce. Rather, these provincial mixed greens include an abundance of tomato, cucumber, onion, feta cheese and olives complete with oregano, salt and olive oil. In numerous nations, plates of mixed greens are considered ‘diet’ nourishment for those hoping to lose a few pounds, but this isn’t really the situation in Greece where it’s a joy to eat a beautiful serving of mixed greens loaded up with chunks of briny feta cheese to go with tomatoes, Kalamata olives. The best Horiatiki plates of mixed greens may also include Paximadia (hard bread) or twice-prepared grain rusks like crunchy bread garnishes yet bigger.

Foodie Tip: Shop at a Greek market and purchase every single fundamental fixing to make Horiatiki in case you’re staying in a rented apartment. It’s much cheaper than eating in cafe’s all the time.

4. Moussaka

Greek Moussaka

Greek Moussaka

Moussaka might be the most well known Greek dish served far and wide. At the point when served hot out of the broiler, Moussaka is both tasty and filling. To prepare Moussaka, you will layer sauteed eggplant and minced meat (generally sheep) to make a Goulash before including a top layer of Béchamel white sauce. Other items to include may be tomato, onion, garlic, and a bit of cinnamon.

Moussaka is truly appreciated in easygoing cafe style restaurants known as Tavernas. We figured out how to make the debauched dish sans preparation during a cooking class with Onion Athens Greek Cooking Experience. Beyond learning how to cook Greek food, the class was totally fun too. One thing about the cooking class was that it strengthened our appreciation for Greece’s unique dishes.

Foodie Tip: Switch it up with Pastitsio, a Greek dish that is like Moussaka but with pasta rather than eggplant.

5. Grilled Octopus

Greek Grilled Octopus

Greek Grilled Octopus

Flame-broiled octopus isn’t exactly a Greek original; however, the Greeks did make an especially superb variant of it. We ate flame-broiled octopus at neighborhood Psarotavernes (fish bars) and upscale eateries on different occasions through the span of our five weeks in Greece. The Greek versions of Octopus never disappointed! Greek eateries serve octopus on an ‘ocean to table’ premise. This is particularly the situation on Greek islands where anglers catch octopus in the first part of the day and barbecue the tentacled mollusks for the evening’s meal.

Tip: Pair Octopus with white Greek wine. Make certain to shout “Yamas” when you clink glasses before your first taste.

6. Cheese Pie

Little cheese pies are a well known Greek dish best eaten hot out of the broiler. To make them, Greek cooks use Phyllo batter to make flaky outside baked crust and stuff the layered shell with a feta-based filling. Local people commonly have cheese pies for breakfast or as a pre-lunch nibble. During our Greek stay, we delighted in them at different occasions since Greek merchants sell cheese pies throughout the day.

Foodie Tip: Greek merchants sell cheese pies called Tiropita and Kourous. They taste great paying little mind to the name.

7. Baklava

Greek Baklava Pastry Desert

Greek Baklava Pastry Desert

In spite of the fact that Baklava may have been designed by the Assyrians during the times of the Ottoman Empire, there’s no discussion about its fame as a Greek delicacy. Turkey, and Romania notwithstanding as its root, but most people would agree that the Greeks have perfected cooking Baklava with its sweet, doused, layered pastry. Regularly heated with 33 layers of phyllo mixture, nuts, and cinnamon as nectar or syrup seasoned with rose water. Greek Baklava is hard to pass up with its alluring smell and rich taste,. We truly enjoyed Baklava after each meal as our preferred pastry desert.

Foodie Tip: Wash your hands after you eat your Baklava! This sweet treat leaves big time sticky fingers. But they are oh so good!

8. Loukoumades

Greek Loukoumades Sweet Pastries

Greek Loukoumades Sweet Pastries

In the event that you believe that doughnuts are the best fried sweet sugar pastry, you might reconsider! Greece’s Loukoumades are traced back to the first Olympics in 776 BC! The first Loukoumades were enjoyed by our ancient fore-fathers and people still appreciate them today! Conventional Greek Loukoumades are round chunks of slightly browned batter seasoned with cinnamon and nectar syrup. A few people sprinkle powdered sugar on their Loukoumades for an additional burst of sweetness, yet this is a discretionary extra. We previously ate Loukoumades during an Athens meal that made us aware of the large number of the city’s best food sellers. We couldn’t get the memory of these Greek doughnuts, made with orange bloom nectar, out of our head after the visit. We came back to the well-known neighborhood pastry shop Krivos to eat them again, and they were in the same class as we recollected.

Foodie Tip: Add some espresso to your Loukoumades to make a brisk yet delectable Greek breakfast.


These were a few of our favorites, but honestly there are so many more incredible Greek dishes we samples and dined upon. What are your favorites?

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