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Aafia Khalid, is living in Leeds, United Kingdom, with her parents who are from Egypt. She loves to explore and share about the travel experiences, travel destinations, history and cultures around the World

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You Will Love Dublin, Ireland

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You Will Love Dublin

Traveling around the world inspires you through history, culture, and diversity. The educated mind always looks for the new world view and traveling around helps you understand it through a different eye. Something similar was about to happen in my life. I was a high school graduate but something was always missing. I was not sure.
The moment I booked my flights, I knew I was escaping reality. Yes, I regret losing that job, but I chose to plan a trip to Ireland anyway! It may not have been great decision especially at the time when I was on the edge of being broke. However, at the end of the day, the thing that mattered to me was to go on a new journey to meet new people and see a new land. One of benefits of being young is that you don’t have too many responsibilities beyond studies and paying the rent. So if you’re responsible for family needs, you might not consider running away like this. But I had a great time!

Why fly to Dublin?

Dublin Wicklow

Wicklow, County just south of Dublin

Are you attracted by nature and inspired by something that is extremely soothing to mind? Dublin is the city to go to. The mesmerizing environment along with the cultural vibrancy will introduce to a totally different world. Dublin is the way of inspiration for people in search of peace and tranquility. Dublin is the city for exciting people who don’t mind partying all the time.
Voices in my head were raising and I was unsure of the place to go. Well, I looked up at the internet and found Ireland little inspiring. This was a quick decision, all I was looking for a peaceful journey to calm-down all the voices in my head.
Now, when you land in the city, it is a stunning and cultural representation is at the top. You will feel as celebrations are going on all day and night. As I wished, my mind went blank. No more thinking and nothing to bother. All I had was me and a new journey to begin. Moving on, let’s take a tour of Dublin.

Attractions of the City

You can plan a whole day of visiting maximum attractions of the city. Just list them down and try to get the best out of each one. There are libraries, museums packed with history and other fun-filled places that you should visit at any cost.

The Guinness Store House

Dublin Guiness Beer

It is one of Ireland’s top attractions and tourist spot. The gleaming exhibition of talent will drag you to this amazing place. Don’t forget to dig deeper into the history of this attraction.

Trinity College

Dublin Trinity College Library

This place where you will find a long room library. If you’re a reader or writer, this must be a sight of attraction for your mind.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle Ireland

Rambling Campus with grounds to explore and life to live. There are one of the Marvel histories that reveal the history of British Rule.

Kilmainham Gaol

Dublin Kilmainham Gaol Prison

The jaw-dropping moment while you enter into this historical prison. Learn about the life of prisoners and other details about them.

Food and Drink

Dublin Irish Pub

Appetite is the most important thing. Regardless of the fact that your stomach is aching due to anxiety or stress. You still need to feed it healthy and delicious food. Dublin will offer you the most delicious food with the aromatic and fine texture. Cabbage, fish, bacon are a few traditional dishes. Yes, they serve dishes other than Pizza or Pasta. Restaurants like The Greenhouse and Chapter one are worth visiting to satisfy your taste buds. The high-quality food and places that you should try are:

  • Seafood
  • Butler’s Chocolates Café
  • Dublin’s Pubs
  • Whiskey

Writer or Reader’s Heaven

People with a messy mind but calm attitude are usually writers or readers. They are responsible for writing and sometimes creating history. If you’re the one with this mind then don’t forget to visit the literary attractions of the city.

Walk down the streets; notice the names of places or canals referring to the famous writers of the history. There is a Dublin Writer’s Museum that will take your breath away for a moment. Other than streets and museums, you will find pubs, bookshops and even cafes on the name of writers. Grab your book and enjoy the most peaceful evening in the city of cultural values.

It clearly shows that the city is valuable for everyone. You are a party lover, enjoy pubs and other individuals can enjoy a small ride around The Grand Canal.

Enjoy Dublin on Foot

Dublin Street Sign
The spectacular journey will start from the stunning landscapes of the city. It has been offering the best for everyone’s interest. Life seems like the loving tale in these moments. It was similar to walk through the magical serene. Walking down the aisle of your choice with no groom waiting and expecting you to be someone that you are not.
You can certainly feel the emotion of the place and even a simple rock will tell that it is perfectly fine to just ramble alone in the middle of the road. This is the one moment that you can live without thinking about the expectations of others. It is purely yours. So, you want to feel the same way, don’t forget to visit all the landscapes on your foot. Remember that you can cover all these trails in a day and you will need some more days to cover all the paths. You may have to visit the city for another couple of time.

  • Howth Cliff Walk.
  • Hellfire Club
  • Dublin Mountains Way
  • Dalkey and Killiney Hill

Dublin is the city to feel at the top of the world. This is the one city that was a turning point in my life. I would never suggest choosing adventure while you’re broken financially but somehow, it worked for me. I ended up as a writer and by hook or by crook, my heart was at peace right after this one trip. The journey doesn’t end here, my memory is still somewhere in the city of diverse culture. You should give yourself a chance or maybe try moving in another direction if the same way is not serving any better.


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Aafia Khalid

Travel Writer

Aafia Khalid, is living in Leeds, United Kingdom, with her parents who are from Egypt. She loves to explore and share about the travel experiences, travel destinations, history and cultures around the World

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