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Peter Hill is a professional writer and journalist. He is a socially active person, engaged in the photo and video editing. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Tips for First Time Travelers

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The meaning of traveling cannot be explained in a few words. To understand what it genuinely is, you must experience it yourself. We are glad you are ready to acquire travel knowledge and set up new wanderlust and adventure goals! However, before your first international experience, check out these most valuable tips for travelers. Enjoy!

Set Up Your Travel Plan

Whether you are traveling alone with your partner, family or a group of friends, setting up a travel plan is highly recommended.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide, French Author 1869-1951

Instead of wasting time planning out things during the actual trip, have everything taken care of before your departure to enjoy every single moment of your experience. Here are some things you should have in mind:

  • Choose your destinations and map the stops – How much time can you travel? How many cities/countries do you want to visit? Who are you traveling with? What experiences are you attracted to – Mountain adventures? Nature? Music festivals? Shopping? Food? Road trips?
  • Book flights ahead of time – use or Google Flights to get the best offers.
  • Book your accommodation while you’re at it. – Try Airbnb, or Kayak.
  • Find out your options for getting-around – What transportation can you use while abroad? Sightseeing buses? Rental Cars? Boats? Trains?
  • Find out the must-see places and custom design your trip – What attractions and landmarks are you interested in visiting? Figure out a way to include everything in your daily schedule.
  • Where can you eat and drink? Find the restaurants you want to visit. Make sure you try out traditional foods. Dining at Burger King won’t be too special now, will it?

Visa Requirements and Other Documentations

After crafting a plan and deciding where you’ll spend your time, check the Visa requirements for each country you are visiting. Make sure you take this step at least two months before your departure.

If you do need a specific visa for one of your hallmarked destinations, how and where are you going to get it? What documentation must you possess? Check details with each pertinent embassy and have everything prepared for your trip. If you are traveling overseas, have your passport prepared. Make sure it is valid and updated.

Extra Tip – Make copies of all your important documents and carry them with you while walking around the city/area. Keep your original passport and other significant docs in the room.

Get Insurance

You know what’s worse than paying for travel insurance? Paying for exhaustive medical treatment in a country whose language you might not speak. Don’t let that happen. Be prepared for anything that might interfere with your travels. Get insurance to make sure overbearing costs don’t ruin your experience. Flights can be canceled, and luggage can be lost. Get rid of these worries by purchasing an insurance plan.


Make sure you check with your health care professional for immunization recommendations before leaving (at least two months ahead). If you are traveling to a high-risk destination, get the necessary immunizations.

Don’t Overuse Electronics

Taking hundreds of selfies or regular photos and videos is tempting, especially when you are traveling abroad for the first time. However, try to use them to a minimum to enjoy the real experience. If you are a remote employee, divide your day into two parts – the working part, when you will focus entirely on your work, and the traveling part, when you’ll stop thinking about your laptop and responsibilities.

About phone usage – buy a new SIM card from a local provider. Make sure you get a plan providing unlimited internet data. Use free apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype to connect with your dear ones back home. Check if your phone is unlocked before leaving the country.

Be Careful and Stay Safe

You can become an easy target if you don’t take the necessary safety measures while traveling (especially if you are wandering solo throughout the world!). Here are some apps you should have downloaded on your phone –

  • Uber – if it’s late and using public transportation might be dangerous
  • Drunk Mode – it allows you to find a friend/be detected by a friend using your/his location; you can also find a safe ride home here.
  • bSafe – featuring an SOS button, voice activation, live streaming, and recording qualities, you will never feel safer!

Dress Unobtrusively

When in Rome, dress as the Romans. Be sensitive to local customs withe regard to attire. Try not to attract undue attention. Your outfit should vary depending on the country and places you are visiting. For example, wearing casual clothing or short skirts and plunging v-necks at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand would be perceived as highly disrespectful. . .even if that is not your intention.

Make sure you look up the dress codes wherever you’re going to avoid embarrassing yourself and your culture. Respecting other populations’ traditions is a sign of appreciation, value and a show of respect. Moreover, you’ll be less exposed to risks and unwanted approaches.

Carpe Diem! – Seize the Day!

If your body is present but your mind is wandering off to several different places, you are missing out! “To enjoy the full traveling experience, develop mindfulness and be genuinely present,” shares Christina Shoemaker, freelancer at BestEssayTips and world traveler.

Concentrating all your energy on posting photos on social media is a waste of your time. Enjoy the journey while you’re in the moment. Post your pictures on Instagram when you get back to your hotel room.

Some quick tips for developing a mindful traveling mindset:

  • Stop rushing! Slow down and enjoy everything that you see. Take it in, watch it closely, feel it with all your heart.
  • Meditate! Close your eyes. Take one breath in, one breath out. Repeat this move three more times. Now open your eyes – can you observe the beauty of the place?
  • Make good use of your senses when tasting new foods or hearing people speaking a foreign language. You could even write down your thoughts and feelings and maximize your experience!

Wrapping Up

Before leaving, set up a structured plan! Check out visa requirements and necessary documentation, get rid of electronics you won’t need, bring appropriate clothes for each site you’re visiting, and don’t forget to seize the day! So, you think you’re ready for your first trip abroad?

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Peter Hill

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Peter Hill is a professional writer and journalist. He is a socially active person, engaged in the photo and video editing. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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