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Time to Update Your Travel Bucket List

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Traveling is fun, especially when you know where you want to go. However, travel blogs and magazines keep glorifying the same places over and over again. Based on a recent survey, 8 out of 10 people will name the same overrated places that they want to travel to, which are mentioned in magazines and on websites.
Such is the case that even Hollywood movies are filmed at popular destinations giving a boost to tourism. But don’t you think it’s unjust to the other places that might be ten times more beautiful and even more economical? Well, today, let’s do justice to those places. Rest assured, by the end of this article, not only will you have a new place added to your traveling bucket list, you will have your perception about the underrated destinations completely changed!

Madagascar, East Africa

Madagascar Lemurs

Madagascar Lemurs

I know, I know. When I say Madagascar, the first thing that pops up in your mind is a view with jungles, wildlife crawling everywhere, small houses, and broken roads. But that is not entirely true! Though many places in Africa are underdeveloped, Madagascar is not one of them. Once you have a look at the beaches of Madagascar, you will totally forget about the Maldives. Not only that, the resorts there will steal your heart.
Madagascar Nosy Iranja Beach

Madagascar’s Nosy Iranja Beach

If you love to take a swim and unwind on the beach either alone or with a loved one, then Ille Sainte-Marie is the place to visit. The vibes of that island are un-matchable. The clear blue water, the soft sand will make all your worries fade away. The resorts there are packed with endless fun activities such as scuba diving, go-carting, boating, and lots more! If you want to get a closer look at the beauty of Madagascar, then watch the tribute video of Avicii- heaven.
In addition to this, for most of the countries, the visa is available upon arrival. The lodges and villas are super economical and cozy. You can book a whole villa for the price of a room! The food is exquisite, and the range available will make you drool.
For instance, the Princess Bora lodges and spa welcomes you to heaven. The jungle spa will take you to a whole other dimension. So, it has been concluded that if you’re looking for a sweet escape, Madagascar is your getaway!

Bergen , Norway

Bergen Norway

The Historic Town of Bergen, Norway

Bergen is known to be the Venice of Norway. However, unlike Venice, Bergen is not that expensive. You can have a memorable trip here in literally half of what you’ll be spending in Italy. In addition to this cost-saving perk, you will get to experience the culture and heritage of Norway up close. You can experience the rich farm life and warm sunsets. If you are a fan of dairy products, then you have to visit the farmers market in Bergen. The vibrant culture of Norway is reflected in the farming they do. They cultivate their crops and prepare their cheese and milk with great delicacy. It is guaranteed you will not taste cheese like that made in Bergen anywhere.
Bicycles in Bergen Norway

Bicycles Everywhere in Bergen Norway

Once set foot in Bergen, you will have plenty of activities piled up that you will run out of time. Just like every culture has its own form of dance to glorify this art, in Norway, homage is paid by performing Halling. Halling is a traditional folk dance that came into being in the early ’90s. People from all over the world fly in just to see this dance, and it is a tradition to perform this at weddings and on parties, especially by young men and women.
Not only this, Bergen is surprisingly a great place for shopping. The people are fond of buying from street hawkers, and hence the prices are super low while the quality is top grade! So, if you are a spendthrift, you have to visit Bergen to get the ultimate value for your money.

Vatican City

Vatican City Rome

Vatican City at Night is Beautiful

This independent city-state just got the title of being the smallest country and city. This city/ state is stretched over just a hundred acres. Shocker, right? But don’t let this fool you, this small city is rich in history and culture. The world-famous Italian sculptor and artist, Michelangelo di Ludovico Buonarroti Simoni, made one of his finest paintings in the Sistine chapel. You may recognize it from the picture below.
Michelangelo Creazione di Adamo

Michelangelo Creazione di Adamo

Despite its artistic values, the city is known for its hospitality. The locals treat you as if you are one of their own. Not only this, since the population is low, the city/ state is at the utmost peace almost all the time. If you love art, history, and culture, then you must visit Vatican City. You will stumble across sculptures that will take you back to the anno Domini period.
Vatican Basilica Cathedral

Basilica Cathedral is Amazing!

This self-sufficient state mints its own currency, issues its own stamps, has its own flag, and even its own national anthem. The state is run by a pope and practices monarchy.
If you are lucky enough to visit this underrated place, then don’t forget to visit the museum of Hadrian, commonly known as Castel Sant’Angelo. Built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a for himself and his family, it then became a fort and now is a well-established museum. Every street in Vatican City has a history tied to it. St. Peter’s Square is again just one of the many places that will make you feel as if you have time-traveled back to the medieval days. The buildings in St. Peter’s square are aesthetically perfect. If you are an Instagram junkie, then you will love to pose in front of these ancient buildings.
St Peters Square Rome Vatican

St. Peters Square Vatican

Final Thoughts

So, readers, the places these were just a few places that have been denied of the glory they deserve. Just because they are underrated, their significance has been denied. However, I guarantee these places will provide you memories like no other whilst being easy on your pocket. Start planning your next trip because adventure awaits!

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Iqra Fatima

Travel Writer

Hi, I’m Iqra. I love to read and write about traveling and exploring exotic places around the globe.

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