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Rushell Kayna is a travel writer and blogger. He believes that being unique is one of the best mantras of a successful writer. Rushell has a writing experience on various topics especially in travel. Traveling to experience and learn about history in different cultures and countries is his hobby.

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Reasons to Book a Halong Bay Cruise in Vietnam

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Halong Bay Cruises in Vietnam

Situated in the Quang Ninh region of northern Vietnam, Halong Bay (otherwise called Ha Long Bay) is an extraordinary scene comprised of about 2,000 limestone karsts and islets. Halong Bay is a simple four-hour drive from Hanoi and a well-known attraction for travelers to Vietnam.
You will find a large tourism industry to help tourists from around the world see this incredible area. Thinking back to the 90’s the point at which this territory originally arrived on my radar, this was a minor stop with little tourist infrastructure. However, now over 5.5 million voyagers visit each year to take overnight cruises and journeys on luxury ships and also what the locals refer to as garbage pontoons! These boats in all sizes and shapes take guests around the narrows on visits extending from day excursions to overnight travels.
In the wake of having visited myself, I feel genuinely certain about saying that the single day trip outing to Halong Bay simply won’t cut it. You’re likely going to want additional time. The most ideal approach to get is to book at least an overnight cruise and even better might be a two-night cruise on the off chance that you have the time!
Additional time is a main advantage of a 2-day/1-night journey brings to the table. However, there are a few other reasons and I have ten of them for you here. Make sure to read to the end for tips on the best way to pick the best Halong Bay voyage, as well!

Why You Should Take an Overnight Halong Bay Cruise!

The Bay Setting is Incredible

Vietnam Halong Bay

Vietnam Halong Bay

A labyrinth of limestone islands ascends out of nowhere green waters of Halong Bay like several cumbersome, foliage-dressed ocean animals, their substantial mass throwing bizarrely formed shadows onto the tenderly moving water at early afternoon and mixing into a perpetual stretch of dim mountains during the evening. It’s genuinely something to see.

The climate manages the state of mind of the cove on some random day. A bright day with blue skies loans an unmistakably more happy tone to the scene than does the unfavorable mist that dives on the sound in the winter months. Mists or sun, fogs or tempests, the view here is epic paying little respect to the climate, and you’re going to need to appreciate it as long as you can.

Cruises offer a Slow-Travel Experience

Vietnam Halong Bay
In case you’re in any way similar to us, voyaging can frequently feel more like a long term hardship than a vacation. I frequently need to advise myself that it’s not just alright to loosen up a little on vacation, it’s for the most part prescribed. Furthermore, what’s more unwinding than laying on the sundeck of a pontoon as it goes through pleasant scenes, the sun warming your skin as the sound of the vessel slicing through the waves quiets you to rest? Nothing. Nothing is more unwinding than that.

In case you’re visiting Halong Bay from Hanoi where kamikaze motorbikes and clamor rule the city, you will particularly value this part of cruising in the straight.

Halong Bay Is An Unesco World Heritage Site

When UNESCO designates an area as special, it is your signal to make it a stop on your voyage. The best time to visit Halong Bay may be now. Like many other popular world renowned tourist areas, the rising number of travelers and vessels in the cove, are having an impact. While a few zones of the inlet are fit as a fiddle than others, to a limited extent on account of ecologically cognizant visit administrators that work to keep up the locale’s normal excellence, yet in addition basically on the grounds that fewer vessels are going into these regions. It was in one of these less-frequented zones that we took our Halong Bay voyage, and I don’t lament that choice one piece. In the event that these issues to you, as well, make sure to search for a visit that consolidates Halong Bay with Bai Tu Long Bay.

You’ll Get To Tour Floating Villages

Halong Bay Floating Cities

The vast majority of the medium-term Halong Bay visits offer comparable exercises. Continuously high on the rundown is seeing one of the sound’s four drifting towns through a ride on a bamboo vessel guided by one of the town’s neighborhood ladies.

Our visit took us through the Vung Vieng angling town in Bai Tu Long Bay where the town’s occupants have been engaged with the angling and pearl cultivating exchanges for some ages. Since there’s no land close-by other than the steep limestone isles that seem to become considerably taller in this piece of the narrows, every one of the houses and different structures in Vung Vieng must be based on enormous floats to remain above water and are fastened together for security from the components.

Other than getting a look at what life resembles for those living in the skimming towns, my preferred piece of this experience was the manner by which unfathomably tranquil it was. The consistent musicality of paddles delicately separating the ocean and winged creatures calling to one another overhead were the main sounds we heard as we cleared our path through Vung Vieng. Getting the chance to see the extraordinary Halong Bay scene from this viewpoint was quite amazing, as well.


Enjoy a Day on the Bay

Many people enjoy the opportunity to go kayaking and swimming in the straight. I can say my first time kayaking was in Halong Bay. How cool is that?

Despite how often you’ve kayaked previously, kayaking in the midst of the remarkable landscape of Halong Bay will be a life-changing background. On our voyage, guided kayaking visits weren’t accessible, however, we were given all the hardware required and pointed toward the prettiest view before being sent on our way.

The waters were quiet and scarcely any pontoons gone by where we were kayaking off of Ban Chan Beach. Sunbeams shimmered over clear water as the sun started its drop. It resembled heaven, nature taking care of business.

Dusk In Halong Bay

Halong Bay at Dusk

A fun part of Halong Bay Cruises is celebrate evening sunsets with “Sundowner” cocktails! We finished off the night of our first day with a dusk party time. We were prepared for a marvelous nightfall, but were astounded at the vibrant colors. The changing shades of the sky, splendid orange sun plunging behind the obscuring islands – you don’t get the opportunity to observe a radiant showcase like this on a multi-day trip!

Dawn in Halong Bay is So Peaceful

If you’re a sleepy head, you may miss Dawn in Halong Bay. A time of peaceful reflection of the fun yet to come. Watching the day unfold a beautiful blue sky in such a peaceful and picturesque setting is amazing.

Explore Caves

There are innumerable caverns dispersed all through Halong Bay, however, just a couple are open to visitors. As they need to exist totally inside the limits of the limestone islands they are found on, none of the caverns are especially enormous, yet some of them are very excellent, including Thien Canh Son cavern, the cavern we visited in Bai Tu Long Bay.

Getting to the cavern required a truly steep climb up the side of the island, yet the view from the top made it more than justified, despite all the trouble. Thien Canh Son cavern is comprised of two “rooms” associated by a little way. Limestone karsts stick both to the top of the cavern and develop from its floor like underground trees.

In respect to its area, Thien Canh Son cavern is shockingly huge, however, it just took another vessel of individuals landing for it to all of a sudden vibe a lot littler. Given the little measure of caverns travels can take guests to, they can at times get extremely occupied, yet in case you’re fortunate, your pontoon will be the first there.

Onboard Meals will Delight

Vietnamese Food
It merits referencing here that the nature of the nourishment on your journey will depend altogether on the nature of the voyage you book – otherwise known as the more cash you’re willing to spend, the better your sustenance will be – so book admirably.

We booked an acceptably valued, mid-extend journey and every one of the four suppers served, in addition to the nourishment we made in our cooking class (presented above) were extraordinary. I ate each dinner like I wasn’t consistently going to eat once more, which is actually what you should do on a voyage, correct?

On our voyage, lunch on our first day and breakfast in the first part of the day were served buffet-style, however, both supper our first night and lunch on our second day were different course undertakings served all the more formally to the table. At all suppers, there was all that could possibly be needed sustenance to go around and it was all staggering, even the fish which got together appearing as though it had quite recently been brought from the water, eyeballs still appended what not!


We booked an outside cabin with a balcony. The room was clean and while somewhat small, accommodated our needs with no problems.

No Seasickness

We did not have a problem with seasickness as the bay water don’t not have an open ocean roll. The water is fairly quiet in Halong Bay, so there was no nausea to be stressed over.


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Rushell Kayna

Travel Writer

Rushell Kayna is a travel writer and blogger. He believes that being unique is one of the best mantras of a successful writer. Rushell has a writing experience on various topics especially in travel. Traveling to experience and learn about history in different cultures and countries is his hobby.

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