Plan a Trip to New York City

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New York City

New York City is one of the largest and most fascinating cities in the world. It is a great place to visit as a tourist. The city was founded by English settlers to be freed from the kings of Europe. As New York City developed over the centuries it has become the center of architecture and engineering and has some of the tallest buildings in the world. While those tall buildings are mainly for people who work in offices around the city, the arts and science exhibits offer incredible opportunities view and learn about art, natural history and advancements that have taken place around the globe.
New York is a great place to plan a vacation especially because of all the fun tourist activities like Times Square, Broadway and all the luxurious hotels, such as the Waldorf Astoria, The Pierre and of course The Plaza New York which may be expensive but worth it.
Depending on what part of the city you’re in and what your interests are, you can be sure that New York City has it all. Whether you came there to shop or to see sports, the Big Apple provides different ways to get around the city, from taxi cab, buses and of course the famous Subway. If you want to watch the next baseball game, you can travel by subway to see the Mets or the Yankees play in Queens or at Yankee Stadium.


Other activities to spend your leisure time would be to take in a Broadway play, musical, or stroll through a museum, taking a sightseeing bus with a tour guide telling all about the places to see and other adventures. You may want to stop at a restaurant first for a bite to eat. New York has cuisine from around the world including many pizzerias, Italian, Chinese, American steak houses and loads of others which make the food and culture such a great part about New York City. In the center of Manhattan is Greenwich Village, a great place to enjoy great food and drinks at pubs and coffee houses.
Besides all of the food and recreation New York has to offer, there is much to learn about the city’s rich architecture and history that has taken place over the last century such as Central Park, Wall Street, the Empire State Building and Ground Zero. But the city is the biggest center is Broadway and Times Square where celebrities flock to try to build their careers in film and television. It is the city where quite a few of the daily and night time talk shows are filmed and they need entertainment talent.

New York Tourist Attractions

New York Statue of Liberty
Most people who do enjoy touring the city, especially to Manhattan Island, where there are many things to do, can take a ride on an old fashioned horseback carriage or a walk through Central Park. One of the biggest attractions in that part of the city is to see the Statue of Liberty, where many people take cruises to visit it up close or to pass by it to learn about other parts of the city.

Many students head to New York City to pursue their education at one of the many fine colleges such as NYU, Columbia or Cornell University. However, due to the popularity of living in New York among young people, many of the colleges have high admissions standards to be accepted. Some students may find that getting an associate degree from their previous college town will help them to qualify into one of New York’s popular schools. No matter what field you are studying, whether it’s in healthcare or criminal justice, earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree from one of the prestigious colleges in New York City will change your life.
Brooklyn Bridge
There are also many Churches, Synagogues and Temples as well as Cathedrals representing all the major religions. Touring churches there is a lot like going to an art museum of renaissance paintings by well-known artists – Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. You can find museums across the city that showcase beautiful replica artwork painted by these historic painters such as the Last Supper, the Pieta, and the Mona Lisa that are displayed to emulate the original portraits.
Festivals take place throughout the year for people to participate in competitions and perform live art. If you are walking on the streets of Manhattan, you will also be given a handout of materials, such as flyers and brochures by people who are marketing events. Some of those events include performances by singers, dancers, and musicians who play inside of theaters and auditoriums. The New York symphony is known as one of the best to go hear and they compare to other symphonies across the United States. Concerts are performed by musicians who play all kinds of instruments on pieces written by some of the most talented, historical composers from Beethoven to Bach.
Music artists and radio hosts are recorded all over the city by people who wish to build their careers in all types of genres. They usually go through agents who provide opportunities to establish their careers, either by finding producers that can work with them or to help them in growing their audiences. Many of the top media outlets, including radio stations and newspaper companies, such as The New York Times and Sirius XM, report on the news that is happening around the world in politics and in the entertainment industry.
Most of the news stations that we see on television (CNN, NBC, and Fox) are located in downtown New York City, covering national and international affairs to inform people about what is going on with the world. That sometimes takes up room to cover other events that different news networks can talk about. Even if they do not attract as large of an audience, they can have an impact on their listeners, and if you are in New York City a lot, it can be the center of all marketing channels for those professions. You do not have to live there to grow your career but learn what it can offer you in advance.


For those who are decide to spend a long weekend or a week visiting New York City you will have a variety of incredible experiences. From the historic attractions to the luxurious hotels to the upbeat city vibe of New York, you will take something valuable with you through your experience.


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