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I am a content marketer but a true nomad soul at heart always interested in traveling. Following my dreams has always been exhilarating experience and I love to share such experiences with others. My entrepreneurial adventures are my style of living and Markhor Adventures is my way of showing the beauty, food with culture & people of Pakistan at a global level. It's about living your dream after all.

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Picture Perfect Travel Postcards From Turkey

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Traveling to Turkey Helped Me Find the Essence of Life

In the glorious essence of being alive, we feel thankful for all the things we have been bestowed. Right? I mean, why not take advantage of the things we are blessed with because life can, and probably will at some point, make a sudden U-turn and you find it a struggle just to survive. Life can be a bed of roses one day and then that bed turns to thorns the very next day. Well, such is life.
You make the rules for your life, and living it to the fullest is what counts. A full life is also one that is well traveled. Have you ever considered traveling to some exotic places in the world? It doesn’t matter if you are young or in your later years, as long as your heart is young, you can be a world explorer.
Traveling gives us an authentic essence, or meaning, to ourselves, to the world. Like many have said; it’s not what trip you go to, it’s where your heart leads you. Even if it’s an remote city or the magnificent pyramids of Egypt; Follow the breadcrumbs.
With time you come to realize that each place in this world holds a special quality that makes it unique and importance to in your heart. One might say it’s because of the scenic views; others may say it’s because of climate and food. . .but if you ask me it’s all the same, all the right reasons coming tenfold to you.

Discovering the Love for Turkish Land

Galata Turkey

In ancient times known as Galata, now Karaköy

With so much rift in Turkey’s region of the world, what unites the people is not the language, but the love they have for enjoying life. Traveling to a country like Turkey helps us understand what makes us all human beings.
Turkey is a historical wonder that one can’t simply miss. Dating back to Roman history when the Byzantine Empire ruled this mighty land to the point when the Ottomans conquered the land, each of these empires left a bit if influence which remains in some colorful way for you to experience. Traveling here is like traveling on a time machine with the old arches, churches and the mosques seem to unravel themselves in the eyes of the person. Setting foot in Turkey will make you forget your worries and set you off for a new adventure.

“Looking for a lost key in history, that’s how I felt when I came here.”

So let’s talk about how to discover what places to go to in Turkey. During my stay in Turkey (seven days), I found it hard to visit all the top places to see. There’s so much to see and do I thought it best to focus on the one aspect I loved most about Turkey. The beach sites! Yes, the shores, the cool waves, and the sun make it all too feasible to feast on this venture truly.

Say Hello to Blue Lagoon Ölüdeniz

Turkey Oludeniz Blue Lagoon

Oludeniz Blue Lagoon in Turkey

What’s more surprising? Turkey in a sandwich or a lagoon in Turkey? I really enjoyed the Blue Lagoon, Ölüdeniz, and it completely blew my mind with the beautiful cobalt blue water. Honestly, I don’t even know why I was so surprised; I just wasn’t expecting to have such an moving experience on a beach in Turkey. It’s such a amazing combination of turquoise and aqua blue, you will love this beach instantly. You will also notice it’s a perfect spot for paragliding as well.

Patara Beach

Patara Beach Turkey

Patara Beach

Many people know Patara Beach is the longest beach of the Mediterranean. But did you know that Patara Beach also serves as a breeding ground for turtles? Being a part of the national reserve forest, this is one of the longest and yet unspoiled beaches of all you will ever visit. Turkey sure knows how to preserves its natural treasures. A day and you think you’ve seen it all and then come to the thunder! With the picturesque sand rolling towards the ocean side, and especially at the time of sunset it’s a lover’s spot honeymooners love to go there and can even encounter the experience of turtles coming to the land (although it’s rare a scene you might get to see!)

It’s All Butterflies at Butterfly Valley

Did you know Turkey has a beach that is home to flocks of various species of butterflies? Butterfly Valley Beach is one of Turkey’s cherished ecotourism destinations and is accessible only by boat from Ölüdeniz. Here you can spend a day hiking, or an overnight camping as the island has facilities in the valley area for almost 200 campers. What makes Butterfly Beach amazing is it is surrounded by the cliffs and the sapphire water reaching the beach shores. The explorers will love it (like I did) because there is also a hiking trail leading to the valley itself and directly back to the beach. It’s a must-visit place in summer.

Sub Tropical Vibes in Antalya

Antalya Beach Turkey

Antalya Beach Turkey

While Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia are quite famous for their subtropical regions, but how about a subtropical vibe right here in TURKEY? – Surprised? Don’t be! It’s yet another piece of the puzzle I put together. The fantastic Olympos Beach is something to see with the naked eye. My love for traveling is often varied by my mood swings. But being a natural nomad at heart, I am likely to visit anything within a comfortable distance. So I came here for this hippie style beach lagoon. The turquoise sea and the beautiful beach is perfect for the explorer types out there. Hikers really love this place from the start till the end. This beautiful vibrant area works wonders for the soul of the traveler.

Soft Golden Sand Nesting Habitat

İztuzu Beach, Daylan, reminded me of the golden sand sprayed on the land with the turquoise water to compliment the view. It truly is a miracle at work.
One of the greatest eco-beaches in Turkey, this spot is blessed to have a delta on one side and the beautiful Mediterranean on the other side. What makes this beach more exciting is that you can hike to the top of the cliffs and capture the most mesmerizing views Turkey has to offer. You will fall in love with traveling all over again. This place is uber busy with tourists so I recommend grabbing a spot just in time on the great idyllic beaches.

The Way The Romans Do

Turkey Alanya Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach in Alanya, Turkey

Turkey was once ruled by the great Mark Anthony, who gave the beautiful beach of Alanya as a gift to his then most beloved, Cleopatra, that’s how the beach got its name: Kleopatra Beach. It’s more mystical than historical. It is believed that Cleopatra used to stroll down the beach often. True or not, I took the stroll here at dawn, and honestly, it was an amazing feeling to think Cleopatra made that same walk! Yet another famous spot in Turkey. You will also find really nice resorts here assorted with the little cafes and clubs for travelers and tourists alike. It’s quite popular for its cleanliness and the range of tourists who visit this beach each season. I was lucky enough to visit here and was thrilled by the exotic views.

Bare Feet and the Salty Water of Incekum

One thing noticeable in all the beaches mentioned above is the exotic views and the distinct atmosphere of each one. But Incekum Beach is a whole different story. On this beach, I saw so many families with kids having fun. Something I really enjoyed observing the kids playing on the beach making sandcastles and swim in the soft surf. It’s shallow enough that children can easily go swimming or older kids can go snorkeling to see all the colorful fishes, of course under parental guidance. This is why Incekum Beach made my postcard list of summer beaches in Turkey.

“Turkey proudly and offers fun sights and things to do for every age group, especially in its beach areas.”

Natural Black Sea Turkey

The sunny beaches are picture-perfect for a sunny day spent at the beach. How about if you travel north and discover something new? I kept on traveling until my journey took me to the northernmost point of Turkey. Harbored along the Black Sea Coastline it is far less crowded beach, but Sinop Beach is a historical wonder with the perfect beach for peace & quiet lovers. If you are looking for some quiet time, this beach is a place to enjoy and relax. I did wander through the streets. Also, this town represents itself like a muted pearl out of the shell, and it was a remarkable experience to set foot here. Black sea water might seem chilly to some, as it is the northernmost side of Turkey, but it made for an enjoyable day.


What makes traveling to Turkey so special? The love to accept nature and to take a dip in the divine miracles is what makes it unique.
Turkey has extraordinary things to offer. Not only the historical sites but the beaches are the most fascinating of all. It’s a whole different side to this amazing country that is unmissable. Inspirable postcard destination is what it is.

“Mutluluk dalgalar halinde gelir”
(Happiness comes in waves)

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Ahsan Munawar

Travel Writer

I am a content marketer but a true nomad soul at heart always interested in traveling. Following my dreams has always been exhilarating experience and I love to share such experiences with others. My entrepreneurial adventures are my style of living and Markhor Adventures is my way of showing the beauty, food with culture & people of Pakistan at a global level. It's about living your dream after all.

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