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Ahsan Ali is the founder of, a creative writer and social media marketer. He has been developing great content for various niches from travel to fashion industries. He’d love to travel to different destinations and like to make new friends.

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9 Most Amazing Hotels in Italy

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Luxury Resort Hotels in Italy

Situated in Southern Europe, Italy is one of the most famous destinations in the world when we talk about charming towns, amazing landscapes, welcoming people, top class accommodations and classy cuisine. It’s a place where you explore a number of historical and charming sites like the very famous, Tower of Pisa, Fountain Trevi and many others. So, you are planning to visit or you will plan a trip after getting more useful and interesting information here.
Now, What about accommodation? No worries. Italy offers a number of small boutique hotels, equipped with modern services and amenities. From centuries-ancient places converted into luxury suites and hotels which add more appeal and attract potential visitors more likely. When it comes to hoteling, many hotels whether decorated in a minimalist style or with traditional furniture, rich embroideries, and hand-blown chandeliers, the striking hotel insides can be just as astoundingly beautiful. They really add superlative services into the mix, and a great luxury hotel becomes a world-class travel destination in its own right.

Here is a list of 9 most amazing and incredible hotels in Italy, pampering all the modern amenities and luxury offerings. The location, views and historic settings make these hotels absolutely phenomenal.

9) Grotta Palazzese Hotel, Puglia

In the beautiful town of Polignano a Mare, The Grotta Palazzese hotel is carved into cliffs and caves, giving a beautiful sigh of the Adriatic Sea. This hotel provides a great experience of staying and dining at with candlelight, replenishing the beautiful views of waves crash on rocks with a beautiful orange sunset, just like a beautiful carroty theme. This hotel offers 25 rooms with suites in the 4-star badge. All the rooms are equipped with high-class comforts and amenities with easy access to the area’s best beaches.

8) Grand Hotel Timeo, Taormina

The Grand Hotel Timeo is considered as the world’s best hotel and is located in the heart of Taormina, right next door to the Greek theatre which is still used for film and drama productions today. This hotel is marked under the 5-star badge and provides the best and antique elegance. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the mountain Etna and Sicilian. The coast offers the best sea views while sipping a cup of local cuisine.
All the rooms are air-conditioned and provide a luxury comfort with rich textiles and art in the insides of the hotel. If you are visiting Italy for a family tour or business meeting, this hotel is the perfect spot you need to consider for great relaxation and comfort.

7) Castello di Casole, Tuscany

Located close to the Siena and Florence, this amazing hotel is settled in a 10th-century castle, fully modernized with the great amenities and décor. Castello di Casole is one of the most ideal accommodations for passionate travelers who want to have an amazing experience in Italy without losing convenience and comfort. The whole castle is renovated and contains 41 high-class rooms with an artful mix of old old style which make it more antique and unique. You can have a well-stocked wine cellar, a beautiful pizza restaurant and spa, pampered with all the modern services to relax the body after a hectic trekking around.

6) Hotel Hassler, Rome

Situated at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome, Hotel Hassler is one of the most famous hotels that is artfully refined and offers the best city’s eternal views to its visitors. This hotel is an ancient piece, built in the 19th century and now renovated according to the hotel requirements. Consisting of 82 amazing rooms and 14 outclass suits that are ornamented with the modern facilities and ancient furnishing, hundreds of guests visit this amazing hotel every season and enjoy the masterpiece art of this area. Modern amenities consist of a Michelin-starred restaurant, on-site Gymnasium, Span, and salon, a garden café with workers and green area for the guests, enclosed with the stone wall that adds more charm to this hotel.

5) Caesar Augustus Hotel, Capri

There are a few hotels in Italy that offer majestic river views from the rooms. Caesar Augustus Hotel is blessed with beautiful sights of the river, located on the high cliff above the bay of Naples. If you are staying here, you will be enjoying the panoramic views of Mount Vesuvius and the Capri shoreline at the same time. From the window of every room of this hotel, you can relish the sweeping vistas of these beautiful rivers.
With the infinity pool and a restaurant in a five-star hotel, this hotel lets its visitors enjoy the Mediterranean-style décor, a spa with classy services and attentive staff that will take care of you and your family if you are staying here. Your stay at the Caesar Augustus Hotel will be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that you will never forget.

4) Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como

Isn’t it amazing to stay in such an ancient hotel with the unforgettable experience of antiquity? Grand hotel is located on the west shore of the natural lake Como. This hotel has been a popular staying site for international travelers since its opening in 1910.
The hotel is located near the town of Bellagio, this fine hotel is offering uninterrupted views of the water and nearby town. Featuring the century-old style features of 3 beautiful restaurants, cool swimming pools, a natural park, tennis court, and jogging paths. You can have a fragrance of fresh flowers in the rooms of this hotel and garden of this hotel is amazingly equipped with the facilities.

3) Belmond Hotel Splendido, Portofino

This hotel is offering the beautiful sights of the Ligurian sea and a top hill nearby. The Belmond Hotel Splendido is a favorite spot for rich and famous since its opening in 1902. A huge number of celebrities from various industries like Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Duke of Windsor and the Winston Churchill, have enjoyed the luxurious style amenities here in Belmond hotel. Having 64 outclass rooms, wide wardrobes, suites, expensive bathrooms, high tech gadget, and 3 restaurants, this hotel is a real heaven on earth and many choose this hotel for a reason. A swimming pool, wellness center, and many other hotel’s amenities make this place more enjoyable and pleasant.

2) Gritti Palace, Venice

The Gritti Palace offers its guests extravagantly refurbished rooms, large dining room, world’s antique architecture, and beautiful Venetian experience. The grand location of this hotel makes it more accessible in Venice, located across the water from the antique Guggenheim Museum and lovely Santa Maria Della Salute, Gritti Palace is 15th-century old palazzo occupies the unique and best locations in the Venice city. This 15th-century palazzo occupies one of the best locations in Venice. With Lavish world’s antiques, Murano glass lamps and silk damask wall coverings, the 5-star hotel is upgraded form with all advance conveniences. If you want to have an experience of true Venetian period splendor, you just need to check-in here in your next holidays.

1) Le Sirenuse, Positano

Placing this hotel in the number one for a reason, the most amazing and ancient18th-century villa, Le Sirenuse is located in Positano. By the Aristocratic Sersale family in 1951, this hotel offers its visitors the most elegant and homey Amalfi Coast accommodations here. With a rooftop restaurant, a wide swimming pool and a beautiful designer spa, this hotel was featured in the book of an author and former guest John Steinbeck who mentioned this hotel in 1953 article for Harper’s Bazaar as: “Every room has its little balcony and looks over the blue sea to the islands of the sirens from which those ladies sang so sweetly.”


Now, you have a list of best hotels in Italy, you can easily select one according to your requirements. In the above mentioned hotels, free Wi-Fi, bed and breakfast, easy and online booking are available and you can get exclusive rates as well. Here at Review Resorts, we also help folks get the best hotels and resorts for their holidays. Just let us know and we will sort this out for you.


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Ahsan Ali

Travel Blogger

Ahsan Ali is the founder of, a creative writer and social media marketer. He has been developing great content for various niches from travel to fashion industries. He’d love to travel to different destinations and like to make new friends.

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