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Ahsan Ali is the founder of, a creative writer and social media marketer. He has been developing great content for various niches from travel to fashion industries. He’d love to travel to different destinations and like to make new friends.

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How Traveling Can Help Reduce Depression

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“Let’s start with the fact that no one’s life is perfect.”

We are all perfectly flawed and we all deal with very difficult and emotional situations. Unfortunately, we all have that loud negative voice in our heads repeating over-and-over how we should NOT have done this or should NOT have said that. . .to a point where we begin to have a depressed self-image.

This state of depression can be very toxic to our mental health and well being as we deal with life’s always tough and emotional situations. If your problems are deep and dark and difficult to handle on your own, please seek additional help from a trained professional. Yet, many people have reported that traveling to exotic lands or another country gave them a mental-reset that helped them to once again feel the joy of life. Sometimes a temporary change of scenery like a travel journey is a great tool to help people get a fresh start and escape those bad thoughts.

“Sometimes a temporary change of scenery like a travel journey is a great tool to help people get a fresh start and escape those bad thoughts.”

Have you ever noticed that travelers love to tell about their travel adventures. They also love to tell about the problems they faced along the way that almost ruined their travel experience. They are proud that they overcame the obstacle and found a way to survive an ordeal. This type of experience builds confidence and tends to remain with people once they return home and get back to their regular lives.

Travel Eliminates Your External Stresses

Travel allows visitors to experience new environments and feel relaxed and comfortable and more importantly remove them from those external stressors from back home. Many people find visiting locations with natural beautiful panoramic views and green scenery of forests, gardens and other beautiful places where one can moderate worries of mind. Immersion in natural beauty allows you to hear the voice of nature allows you to focus on what’s really important in your life. Enjoying the amazing life experience of travel to amazing destinations with it unique culture and very tasty food and historical sites you can tour tends to help divert your attention from your problems and help your anxieties go away.

Reflect and Recharge Yourself

Sometimes we all just need to get away to recharge and reflect on life. A travel experience such as lying on a soft, sandy and golden beach or maybe immersed in a dense forest or strolling the avenue in a historic city can stretch the mind toward the fields of relaxation and cut out the worries. Hiking or climbing in the mountains like the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco not only creates a period of happiness in your life, but can carry over when you return home.

Seek The Things You Really Want

Staying in a hotel room or sightseeing the beautiful views at some gorgeous beach watching the high tide come in, allows a primordial feeling of stress release.  

“Travel experiences offer the best opportunity to find that relaxing feeling of peace of mind.”

Seeking the best travel opportunities in Morocco or African countries can be the best part of life either alone or with someone special to whom one’s want to keep happy.
Africa Elephants

Get Out and Get Moving!

One of the greatest challenges of depression is having the energy or the actual strength and motivation that helps one get up and get moving. Some times, it may feel like cement blocks on one’s feet, but travel has a humorous way to mysteriously make those cement blocks peel away and soon vanish. Motivation comes with new experiences.

Stop Pretending; “Just be who you are”

Yes, it is true that many of us are pretending at some stage of life and show a phony face to the people we are interacting with us. How many times has someone pass you with a greeting asking “how are you doing” and you answer “I’m doing well” when you are really aching inside? Do you have something to looks forward too? A Travel Holiday to an exotic land will provide just the necessary intrigue of the unknown to help you shed that depression and look forward to your upcoming journey.
The rat-race of life can take a toll on marriages. Over time it’s easy to take each other for granted. One thing that married couples need are new journeys and experiences to escape the boring routine we all fall into over the years.
Travel can permit tranquility and peace of mind to life. It fluctuates from person to person but the state to which some are able to “just be your natural self” is invaluable for the mind, body and spirit.
The longer one may travel, the stronger and clearer the important points of their life become providing a sense of calm that every person needs for a fulfilling life. However, We certainly cannot guarantee your problems will wonderfully vanish; It may take professional help, but it will require you to open your mind to the possibilities. Maybe just gaining new abilities to cope with the issues.

Meet New People

Meet New People

Meeting new people at home is hard. We fall into a rut. We get up, eat, go to work, come home, eat and go to sleep and we do this same routine day in and day out. Many people become isolated and find it difficult to meet new people. Depression and anxiety can follow this boredom and can bring with it social anxiety and introvert tendencies compounding the problem.

Yet, traveling makes it possible and almost easy to interact with new people who are friendly and sharing the same travel experience. This interaction can bring new ideas, advice, beliefs that never have happened before in your own life. And yes, even romance. How many time have you heard a friend “met someone” on a trip? It happens because people actually slow down and interact with each other.

Become a Travel Foodie

Paris Street Cafe
Food is one of the most popular attractions while visiting any destination in the world. In fact the local food is one of the most important factors people use to decide where to travel. There’s a reason Italy and Mexico are so popular! But there are so many great cuisines around the work for Travel Foodies to enjoy. A new taste of food in a new town can give you a unique way of relishing life. You will remember those great meals long time. Exotic dishes and cultural food will also have a greater impact on your travel experience than you may think. Some of the famous cultural food you should try:

  • Parmigiano-Reggiano, Italy
  • Ramen, Japan
  • Som tam, Laos, Thailand
  • Rice, Iran
  • Bife de chorizo, Argentina
  • Cheese and bread, France
  • Jamon Iberico, Spain

A Quick Note and Conclusion

Traveling can really help us overcome our introvert psychological tendencies by forcing us to interact with new people. These are some of the most amazing results you may see after an exceptional traveling experience.

  • Traveling can help you to open up you mind to different ways of doing things.
  • It can help to overcome depression (So plan a trip once or twice in a year!).
  • It helps you to see a bigger picture of the world.
  • It also helps in evaluating your problems clearly.

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3 thoughts on “How Traveling Can Help Reduce Depression”

  1. You hit a Home Run with that. I get that way my self. It’s the lack of Good people, you can trust to travel with. I’ve had best friends and really great friends, screw me over. Last one left gets killed by a Drunk Driver. I’m being single and few others mattered which makes it difficult as well. Once I find the right community or Tribe to do things with, I’ll be back in constant flow with new friends and adventures to come.

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Ahsan Ali

Travel Blogger

Ahsan Ali is the founder of, a creative writer and social media marketer. He has been developing great content for various niches from travel to fashion industries. He’d love to travel to different destinations and like to make new friends.

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