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Tiffany Harper is an experienced journalist and subject matter expert at, she found herself in writing very early and still improves her skills. Tiffany likes to write during traveling and meeting new people. You can find her on Twitter.

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How to Spend a Great Summer in a Scandinavia Alpine Village

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Scandinavia Alpine Villages

Are you planning to spend your summer in an Alpine Village in Scandinavia? That’s amazing! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my summer! Fresh air, astonishing views, charming villages, cultural diversity, amazing hiking routes, and tranquil lakes surrounded by the mountains are just a few words that can describe how wonderful your summer in Scandinavia’s mountain side can get.

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe with a strong history which covers three amazing kingdoms: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Scandinavia is one of my personal favorite place in the world – there’s so much to do and so much to see. That’s why I keep coming back to Scandinavia – it never failed to amaze me.

But today, we’ll talk about the mountainsides of Scandinavia – which are really amazing and people must know everything about them in order to understand why this is one of the best ways to spend their summer.

Therefore, today I’ll present you how you can spend a wonderful summer in Scandinavia’s alpine villages.


Grindelwald is also known as the Glacier Village and it’s very popular amongst adventure seekers and hikers. Several must-do activities in Grindelwald is to take a First Flyer ride, First Walk, and toboggan run because there’s no better way to enjoy and appreciate the true beauty of this place.

There are numerous trails you can adventure on during your stay, but you mustn’t miss the Glacier Canyon – like Free Essay Writers writer team related from their trip there, “it’s a masterpiece of nature!”


Gimmelwald is a rather quiet place, away from urban life. For me, my stay at Gimmelwald was like a sweet escape from all the sound pollution from the city – medicine for the mind. You won’t even see a car in this village.

You can spend your time exploring the place, admiring the beautiful waterfalls, and reconnect with nature. I visited Gimmelwand with my best friend, who is a writer like me – he writes the best term papers – and we totally recharged our batteries.


Morcote Switzerland
Morcote, an astonishing lakeside village and the home of architectural wonders, has an important national significance. Unique is the word that would describe this village the best. Besides delighting your eyes with stunning landscapes, you can enjoy a vast cultural diversity – Greek sculptures, Egyptian temple, and Sant’Antonio Abate Church.

Morcote is considered “The Pearl of Ceresio” because of the place’s beauty and valuable architectural monuments, according to a book review service, so you can imagine that your visit here won’t be boring and you’ll definitively discover plenty new things.


Interlaken Switzerland
Interlaken is a traditional resort between two lakes (Thun and Brienz), so there are loads you can do around. The best place to eat and probably the place that has the best view is Harder Kulm. When I was in Interlaken my first adventure was on a kayak on the Brienz Lake.

But there’s much more, you can explore St. Brutus Caves, Unspunnen Castle, Wiessenau Nature Reserve, and the footbridge that offers a breathtaking view over Thun Lake. And don’t forget to make a quick stop at the chocolate shop, it tastes amazing! I and my best friend were always kind of nerdy writers, but just because we like to provide the proper overview of everything we write about.


Andermatt Switzerland
Andematt is a touristic village at the core of Alpine Switzerland, so you’ll have plenty to do here to keep your days busy. I followed the tourist itinerary because I wanted to get the most out of my time here. To me, every experience is unique and I want to live my life at its fullest.

If you have the same spirit traveling like me, you’ll definitively love this place. You can go hiking, climbing, mountain biking, fishing, or simply take your backpack and explore – the sky is the limit here.

If you’re a passionate photographer you must include in your schedule to take the Glacier Express – the slowest train in the whole world. It’s slow for a good reason – plenty to admire here and even if you’re not really into pictures you’ll want to make some.

Lauterbrunnen Valley

I have never seen so many waterfalls in just one trip! Lauterbrunnen is called the “valley of waterfalls” for a good reason – 72 waterfalls that burst all over the mountain peaks. I’ve never seen a valley more beautiful than this and if it exists something to take away my breath like this place I think I’ll move there.

My trip here was full. I went hiking, mountain biking, I took the train to the top of Europe, and the rest I’ll let you discover!

Norway’s Fjords

Norway Fjords
If you plan to spend your summer more in Norway than in other parts of Scandinavia, than you must at least visit Norway’s Fjords. I’ve never seen more beautiful views! The landscapes will most probably leave you speechless.

Norway is popular for its numerous fjords and I believe that you must explore them in order to understand why. Like the experts from Edu Birdie Reviews like to say, you can never know a thing for sure until you experience it yourself.

Bellow, I listed 4 amazing fjords that I took my time to explore in my last trip to Norway. Honestly, words can barely explain what my eyes have seen, but that’s why you must see these fjords yourself.


Sognefjord Fjord Norway
Sognefjord is the crown of Norway’s Fjords, there’s no need to argue that. Is not only that is the largest ice-free fjord in Norway, but in the world – around 205 km. Because is so large, Sognefjord has numerous branches, but the most amazing ones are Naeroyfjord and Aurlandsfjord.

I explored both of them by RIB-boats as the locals informed me that this would be the best way to admire them, but I also discovered Naeroyfjord on foot – amazing, simply amazing.


I was a bit stressed out when I visited Hardangerfjord because I was a bit delayed with my one of my jobs – term paper help – but once I saw the landscape all the stress was gone and I laid on the grass and admire the place for 20 minutes or so.

If you love hiking then you must already know all about Hardangerfjord, because personally I never heard of a place with so many hiking opportunities. Hardangerfjord is very large too – the fourth largest in the world, 180 km. You mustn’t miss the sunset – the place makes it simply gorgeous.


Geirangerfjord Norway
Geirangerfjord has a special glimpse of fairyland, at least it gave me the feeling that I riched a fairy world. It’s located in More and Romsdal and it’s about 15 km long of astonishing beauty. You can explore it by kayak or cruise, depending on your style of traveling.

The crown jewels of Geirangerfjord are the two magnificent waterfalls: The Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil. But if you’re looking for something more adventurous you can hike – the view from Dalsnibba, Ornevegen, and Flydalsjuvet points are marvelous.


I’m not sure if one summer is enough to explore the alpine villages from Scandinavia but you’ll undoubtedly enjoy an experience of a lifetime. Make sure you don’t forget your photo camera so you can keep most of your experiences alive. I craft a photo album after any trip I make no matter how short it is – I guess that I want to remember any little detail from my trips.

One last piece of advice – leverage the fresh air and the good vibes from nature at maximum because is the best detox for your mind and body that money can’t buy. Just breath, be present, and let the stress and all your problems slip away while you’re having the best time of your life.

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Tiffany Harper

Travel Writer

Tiffany Harper is an experienced journalist and subject matter expert at, she found herself in writing very early and still improves her skills. Tiffany likes to write during traveling and meeting new people. You can find her on Twitter.

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