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Jacklin Jo

Jacklin Jo

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Jacklin is the author of the site Ultimate Vietnam. She usually travels a lot around the world. So for traveling abroad, taking a visa will be the major process. So here she comes with lots of stuff about visa procedures for various countries.

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How to Prepare for a Trip to the USA

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If you live in Europe, Asia, or South America

What is the first option that crosses your mind when it comes to travel?

You likely answered the United States! Of course, you are not alone. The USA is, according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the second most visited country in the world, receiving about 70 million tourists annually and second only to France. In Brazil, the preference is even higher, as the country is THE most sought after destination by Brazilians, according to the government website.
And this whole predilection has its “why” because it’s a big country and because of its geographical and climatic conditions, the United States offers the most diverse destinations from the traditional Florida amusement parks to the Great Lakes on the US border, to New York’s cultural diversity, Las Vegas casinos, California glamor, Hawaii’s idyllic beaches, and Colorado’s ski resorts.
That’s why inter-culturally it has become very diverse and why you shouldn’t miss to go there. Yet, you must follow the USA’s procedures to secure a tourist entry visa. If this is your first international travel trip, check out Vietnam Visa to understand the travel process.

The 3 Best Travel Destinations in the United States

1) New York

From the “city that never sleeps” to the “concrete jungle where dreams are made,” New York has been sung many times by artists from different eras such as Frank Sinatra and Alicia Keys. And there’s no denying it: the city delights. No wonder it is considered by many to be the capital of the world, the city of opportunity. For this reason, it receives millions of visitors and new residents every year.
Among the best-known sights, the traditional Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Brooklin Bridge is not to be missed, but there are also less traditional sights, such as the Natural History Museum, which became known for the movie One Night at the Museum.

2) Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip at Night
Las Vegas is a city that requires a lot of care: after all, it’s easy to get lost with so many fun options (let the characters in the movie say If you drink, don’t get married!). There are casinos, hotels, shows of all kinds (shows, circuses, stand-up comedy, etc.), spas, bars, clubs, restaurants: all for you not to stop a second.
Plus, Las Vegas is a city lost in space and time: don’t be surprised if you run into a pyramid, an Eiffel tower, Elvis Presley, or a Marilyn Monroe: it’s a fantasy world, all created for fun. of visitors. Just be careful not to lose all your money at the casino…

3) Hawaii

If you like surfing, heat and beautiful scenery, surely Hawaii is your beach. This small American state, located in a volcanic archipelago, has as its main activity tourism. There (almost) has no bad weather: temperatures fluctuate between 20 and 30 degrees, which attracts visitors all year round. And for those who enjoy really exciting adventures, it’s possible to get close to erupting volcanoes like Kilauea, Mauna Kea, and Mauna Loa.
If you are just preparing to go to the United States, you may already know that you need a visa to enter the country. As this is a critical step in the preparation of your trip and requires a visit to one of the consulates or embassy in Brasilia, we have organized practical tips to get you through this phase without worry.

You Need to Get an American Entry Visa

See our step-by-step process below! How to get your visa in just 4 steps:

1. Check the Expiry Date of Your Passport

A valid passport is essential for applying for a visa and traveling to the United States. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your scheduled departure date. Example: If you are ordering on June 1st, your passport must be valid until December 1st or more.

How to obtain a passport: It varies by country, but most governments have a separate Passport office or possibly at the Federal Police, which should provide all the necessary forms and information to secure the document.

Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your scheduled date to exit the USA.

Once you have the document ready, you can start worrying about the visa.

2 – Fill out the form DS-160

The completed form DS-160 is required to ask for an interview to get the necessary visa to the United States. It’s not that hard and you can even ask for a last-minute order. The process, which previously took up to 100 days, has been revised and now is much quicker depending on your country of origin.
Since you don’t want to take risks, it is best to order at least a couple of months in advance! All you need to do is have all the necessary documents in hand and an idea of your country’s travel itinerary. The form must be completed in English, but you can get help with translation of all questions by hovering over the question!

What to have in hand to fill out the DS-160 form


  • Valid Passport (including old passports with old visas, if you have one) and documents proving the link with the country of residence.
  • Photos on the spot – When the agent asks for a picture, you will need to present them. Photos will be taken on the trip to CASV (read step 3).
  • Pay attention to the identification number
  • Write down the identification number that is automatically generated to access the file if you want to make any changes in the future. It is very important to note this number, otherwise, if you need to change something and do not have the ID, you will have to start all over.
  • Know Your Destination – The Embassy does not require you to have booking vouchers for the places you want to stay in the United States, but it is important to know the destinations you want to visit and add to the form.
3 – Pay the fee and schedule the interview

Once you have completed the DS-160 form, you should create an account on the interview request site. Through the website, you can pay the Non-Immigrant Visa (MRV) application fees. It is possible to pay by card or bank slip. Now you will need to schedule your visa interview. You should also schedule a trip to the Visa Application Center (CASV). CASVs are responsible for collecting fingerprints and photos of candidates and are located in the same cities where the interview takes place. The interview at the Embassy or Consulate needs to be scheduled after the visit to CASV. The interview at the Consulate or Embassy is in person and can only be done on the scheduled date.

4- Attend the interview

On the day of the interview, it is very important to remember to bring, in addition to your current passport, old visas in passports that have expired. Bringing documents that somehow prove your intention to return to Brazil is indispensable to avoid the risk of having the visa denied.


The process can take time and be quite intense. However, it is accomplished every day. So we wish you good luck & happy travels.
How to get a USA Visa

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Jacklin Jo

Jacklin Jo

Travel Agent

Jacklin is the author of the site Ultimate Vietnam. She usually travels a lot around the world. So for traveling abroad, taking a visa will be the major process. So here she comes with lots of stuff about visa procedures for various countries.

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