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Debera Ann Koye is a Freelance Writer and Social Media Manager who helps finance experts and Fin-tech startups figure viewers and get more paying customers online. Before starting a writing business, Debera Ann Koye consumed six years as a Bank Teller and Virtual Assistant for financial companies in the U.S. and U.K

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How to Overcome Your Travel Fears & Obstacles

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Learn about the Places You are Not Familiar

Sometimes, things seem overwhelming and stop you from going on a travel journey. Sometimes the real problem is the way you perceive situations as obstacles. You may be overlooking an opportunity to create an incredible adventure. But that is easy to say isn’t it? So let’s examine a few situations that could be looked at as obstacles or an opportunity to get up and go!

The First Thing is Change Your State of Mind

You must have read in your school Psych class about the personality struggles between anxiety and comfort zone and between fight or flight. The minds always seek the least path of resistance to find a solution. I’m here to say that if you look at your travel journey as an opportunity to experience new cultures, see amazing sights and meet new people you may look at that situation in a positive way. If you just consider that going out of your home country might put you in danger, you may not go! However, if you seek out a good Travel Agent to help you plan appropriately and connect with the local tourism professionals you can travel with confidence. Now, you will have a comfort zone to overcome the different obstacles you may encounter.

Worried about Violence or Getting Lost in an Unknown Place?

Concerned Travelers
You can overcome these fears by doing plenty of research about your destination so you can learn from others who traveled before you. With this extra knowledge and when you must make a decision how to proceed, you will see the right path to take because you did the research on the places and destination.

“Replacing fear with knowledge will give you the desire to experience new lands.”

So You have No One to Travel With? –> Problem Solved!

Solo Travel
If can’t find anyone to go on your journey with, you may wish to consider a Solo Travel journey as this is becoming very common nowadays. With life so full and fast, it can be tough to find people who have the time to take off. You must ask if a solo travel journey is right for you? In other words, do you really want to travel by yourself? There are advantages in that you will see the sights you want to see and don’t have to make compromises for travel companions. More than one trip has been ruined by people who are not good travelers. However, if you do have suitable travel companions, venturing with the family and friend can be a great experience too! But if it’s not possible to get anyone to travel with you, consider going solo. Solved! This is no longer a problem so start planning your trip anyway.

You Will Bridge the Culture Gap

Solo Traveler
You will probably experience and emotion of fear because you will be traveling to different cultures and their customs and ways of doing things you don’t understand. But that is the cool part of traveling. You get to see and experience other ways of doing things! You travel to have different experiences in your life. If you are a European and want to visit a destination in Africa, Would you stop your trip because of the different culture of Africa? Would you lose the opportunity of seeing incredible wildlife or experiencing new cultures and destinations? You won’t. Traveling is fun and being flexible to bridge the gap between your normal ways and the new different cultures, you will enjoy your trip even more! I can assure you.

You can Manage Your Budget to Settle Money

The best way out of this hurdle is to pre-plan your trip to stay with manage your budget. Consider how much the trip will cost and how much you have saved, if not quite enough, you must save some money for the venture.
TIP: The tip for you is to find 2-star and 3-star hotels which have good reviews and comfortable accommodations to keep costs down. Yo can get an idea of the cost of hotel accommodations on Google. Here’s another tip: Travel in the Winter for the best rates, and in the Spring and Fall for shoulder season rates. You can also find hostels for dormitory style accommodations to really save. Hotels can be a major portion of the total travel cost. Making reservations upfront is really important to avoid unexpected surprises.

What About Getting a Job in the Travel Industry?

My dream is to have a job which allows me to travel country to country, region to region to explore the beauties of the earth. It would be incredible to be paid to wandering around the world. There are opportunities such as teaching English language to locals, working as a group travel specialist at a travel agency. If your business sends you on trips, consider taking a couple vacation days to experience a foreign city rather than coming right home.

Travel on a Packaged Group Tour

Meet New People
Traveling in groups is very common no matter what you hear. Seek out a Travel Agent who can get you booked on a group tour where you are with the same people who will travel together on the package. You can find different traveling agencies to design the perfect itinerary for the group. That can also work out to be much less expensive and a great affordable deal for you. This would help you to decide on your journey because of lowering the fear of risk.

Traveling with other people might bring you the amazing unexpected memories of the journey. You will find on the facebook groups the memories people share about traveling in groups. That also helps a person to be more socially active and make friends.

The Kids Will Make Your Trip Fun! Don’t Leave Them Home.

There is no replacement for enjoying the trip with your kids and family. So if you are thinking of traveling alone, its fine, but if you can manage it financially take your family with you to have a wonderful holiday travel experience. Traveling is one of the best learning experiences of life, You would know how the learning capacity grows of the children after traveling cultures to cultures, seeing different colors of life. So we recommend to take your kids along, it will be fun.


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Debera Ann Koye

Travel Writer
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Debera Ann Koye is a Freelance Writer and Social Media Manager who helps finance experts and Fin-tech startups figure viewers and get more paying customers online. Before starting a writing business, Debera Ann Koye consumed six years as a Bank Teller and Virtual Assistant for financial companies in the U.S. and U.K

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