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I am a student and a freelance content writer from Bangladesh. I am a socially active person. Apart from writing, I like watching TV series and Movies. I always look to learn different and new things.

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Great Beach Destinations In Mexico

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Beautiful Beaches in Mexico

Mexico is the most popular foreign vacation destination for North Americans in terms of tourist numbers and it’s no wonder why! There is no shortage of picture perfect, postcard-worthy, white-sand beaches in Mexico. With more than 5,800 miles of coastline on the Caribbean and Pacific this country south of the border offers incredible beaches for you to enjoy.

But the thing is, what constitutes a “great beach” is different for everybody. Some people like quiet natural beauty, where the only sound they hear are the breaking waves and the only other visitors are seagulls. Surfers look for great waves and a nice sandy beach to rest between waves. For others, the perfect day at the beach requires an umbrella, lounger, a good book and a waiter bringing a steady stream of appetizers and cold drinks!

The beaches listed below are only a small portion of the many wonderful beaches in Mexico. We chose these beaches to share with you because they are in the top vacation destinations such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo. Each of these beautifule beaches have places to stay nearby, are easy to access and overall offer a great experience. Some offer places of solitude and others are bustling scenes where beach restaurants and bars line the sand.

Playa Los Muertos Beach – Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Beach

This a busy stretch of sand, situated in the heart of the action in Puerto Vallarta’s famed Old Town. This is why, if you want peace and quiet then this is not the place for you. The landscape is absolutely mesmerizing, with jungle-covered mountains, condo towers and dotted with luxury villas, dropping dramatically to the sand.
The Malecon runs along the water, is filled with vendors offering up ice cream, grilled shrimp, and fresh coconut water. You don’t need to worry if you see a machete, that’s just to chop off the top. There are a lot of restaurants on the sand where you can enjoy lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Besides, if you want a beach chair under the shade of a palapa, you are covered there too. In addition, if you order food then you can stay there all day.

Paamul Beach – Playa del Carmen

Cancun Beach

This graceful beach can be found just south of Playa del Carmen. It is known as a private residential community with one mid-sized hotel. You will see a swimming pool if you patronize the restaurant. You are always free to use the beach. Especially during the high season from January to April, several expats call this quiet community home. You can enjoy a special drink called chelada (beer on the rocks with lime juice) and Ceviche made from locally caught fish. As there is great snorkeling right off the beach, be sure to bring your mask and fins.

Medano Beach – Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Medano Beach

The Medano beach offers the convenience of walking out your condo right onto the sand. This beach also offers plenty of watersports activity, including world-class fishing game sport fishing at the adjacent marina. You will also find a lot of sunset cruises as well.
You shouldn’t visit Medano beach during spring break but the rest of the year is good as this beach is a fun place. Away from the marina, head to the north, you will find simple cantinas right on the sand. There you can get ceviche for just $4 a bowl, and cold beers for a couple of dollars. You will also find sit-down marinas closer to the marina and sometimes raucous beach clubs that cater more to the party set.

Sayulita Beach – Puerto Vallarta

Mexico Puerto Vallarta Sayulita Beach

This Sayulita beach first attracted surfers decades ago. This beach has grown a lot since then. It has a top-notch restaurant scene and active nightlife and no longer sleepy. But Sayulita still very laid back and has a distinctly bohemian vibe.
Sayulita is similar to Puerto Vallarta, which is almost an hour’s drive south. Tree-covered hills surround the bay. But this is still a great place for surfing, fishing, stand-up paddle boarding, and other water sports. You can also get a massage on the beach to help you recover at the end of the day.

Holbox Island – Yucatan Peninsula

Mexico Yucatan Holbox Island Beach
Holbox is a tiny island and it is situated on the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, about a couple hour’s trek from Cancun. This beach is reachable by ferry (few boats go back and forth on the 25-minute ride throughout the day). Perhaps, Holbox Island is best known as one of the best places in the world to swim with whale sharks. Whale sharks congregate offshore from May to September.
But another special thing is that the powdery white-sand beaches, with calm azure water. Many parts of the island are sparsely developed and that means you can easily find your own private beach. The village itself is small with seafood restaurants, artisan shops, and boutique hotels. However, there are very few cars allowed on the beach (basically municipal officials and just police have them). Generally, you have to get around on foot, by bike, or hire a golf cart.

Playa Del Amor Beach – Cabo San Lucas

Mexico Cabo Playa Del Amor Beach
Playa del Amor beach is in Marieta Islands and it is more commonly referred to as “Hidden Beach”. This place looks like something out of a fantasy movie. Actually, it is very real, hard to reach, an attraction located west of Puerto Vallarta.
Playa del Amor is engulfed by a cave with a gaping hole in the roof. There is a rumor that this hole is the result of bombs from military testing by the Mexican government during the early 1900s. This hole now serves as a unique skylight that opens up the beach for sunbathing and photo opportunities. But swimming is a risky endeavor because of the extremely strong currents.

Tulum Beach – Yucatan Peninsula

Mexico Tulum Beach

Tulum beach has emerged as one of Mexico’s most beloved beach destinations (maybe most beloved by Instagram influencers). It is located about an hour south of Cancun. Tulum beach has white sand, warm, turquoise water, and jungle-lined roads and that’s why it is one of the best beach destinations.
It also has a seriously innovative food scene that included a wildly-proper pop up from Danish chef Rene Redzepi a few years back. So, you have an obvious pick for your next vacation.

Wrapping Up

All the above-mentioned sea beaches are unique in their own way. If you are planning to go to Mexico then you should some of these sea beaches. You can enjoy to the fullest in these beaches. But remember one thing, don’t throw waste in the water or on the beach. Keep your environment clean and respect all the visitors.

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Ashiqur Rahman Ashiq

Travel Writer

I am a student and a freelance content writer from Bangladesh. I am a socially active person. Apart from writing, I like watching TV series and Movies. I always look to learn different and new things.

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