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Hira Khan is a travel writer and blogger, located in Lahore, Pakistan. She has been studying, working and traveling for over a decade. In this time her credentials as a travel professional (in the fields of both writing and traveling) have become a strength and her work has been published on a number of sites. Her travel articles are adventurous and hold appeal with anyone fond of a good food and traveling. You can check her work at

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Fuel Your Wanderlust in Spain

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Holiday in Spain

Our imagination is a powerful tool. It can change and create another world reality and in fantasy. Traveling is certainly part of our imagination. When fulfilled, it can do wonders on our soul. A journey is a person in itself. It will leave your heart in a joyous adventure or come as a heartbreak or as a life lesson, that’s what traveling is all about.

“Who doesn’t have wanderlust to travel to new places? Everyone!”

When a person says when they don’t want to travel, in reality they just haven’t opened their mind and body to the possibilities of the world.

Why Would You Want to go to Spain?

Costa Brava Spain

Costa Brava in North Eastern Spain

Let’s just say Spain is the hottest spot right now for tourism to Europe. People from all over the world are traveling to Spain as one of the warmest regions of Europe for incredible food, amazing culture and the vitamin-D of life!
As each country has its unique identity, so does Spain with its rich history, heritage sites, fine examples of architecture in artistic maneuver and the beaches! How could we ever do a travel article with no bias about our most favorite of our destination? (sigh) Spain tourism is based not only on its great cities and beaches, but also in its culture, cuisines, festivals, and traditions. It’s easy to be attracted by Spain’s beauty, but it’s hard to leave it behind once your holiday is over.
Now how to quench your thirst for the wanderlust in Spain whilst there? There are so many options, let’s take a look at some wonderful places and fun factors to fulfill every traveler’s hunger for the quest;

Eating Your Way!

Spain Paella

Paella is a Favorite in Spain

Trying a different cuisines in the various regions and cities is a tasteful experience. You might not notice, but the local cuisine have such a great impact when it comes to choosing a holiday.
The type of meals you eat defines some part of who you really are. Some of us have a sweet tooth than the rest. Some like to drink more than others and so on. When in Spain you can enjoy meals at any time of the day. When visiting a museum, you can enjoy snacks and sometimes a meal. Not only in museums but if you are visiting Granada, some open cafes offer free meals to locals. Breakfast ( Desayuno ) will generally include coffee, some fresh baked goods and maybe a Churro which is a friend dough rolled in cinnamon sugar mix. This can be the best meal (as I believe) of the day!
Lunch is served between 2:00pm and 4:00pm and is the day’s largest meal with several courses and will include salad, fish or meat and a desert such as Spanish Flan or a pastry.
Dinner is typically a smaller meal than the midday meal (comida) and served between 9:00pm and 11:00pm.
Knowing how the Spaniards eat and adjusting yourself to the Spanish way of eating, the better your holiday will be (otherwise it will leave a bad taste to your memory).

Get Real in Madrid

Gran Via Madrid Spain

The Famous Gran Via in Madrid Spain

Madrid is the capital city of Spain and one of the busiest metropolitan and liveliest cities in Europe. Madrid is a must-visit. You can enjoy the tea time in streetside cafes (very popular) in the various districts. Madrid is also famous for its art museums displaying healthy doses of works from the late 18th century making it a high peak factor in Spain tourism.
Prado is the best example of popular museums among tourists. Besides visiting and acknowledging the artistical heritage parks in Madrid reminds us of the central park from New York. Built-in humbling shadows of the tall skyscrapers, parks provide a chance of strolling peacefully even in Madrid. You can visit the royal palace, the renaissance square (Plaza Mayor) and much more.

Gaudi’s Intervention in Barcelona

Barcelona Iglesia Sagrada Famalia

Guadi’s famous Iglesia Sagrada Famalia in Barcelona

Yet another beautiful city is remarkably known for the famous Spanish designer architecture, Gaudi, whose life works stand in a boastful manner and some are still under construction. He’s the face of Catalan architecture. Barcelona represents a perfect harmony of the old century versus the new century art in the form of its architectural designs. Find your way through Sagrada Familia to Park Guell and pay your visit to the Picasso Museum and get a taste of medieval heritage by visiting the Gothic Quarter.

Jewel of Andalusia

Spain Seville

Plaza Espana in Seville Spain

Seville is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Spain. Casa del Flamenco is one of the most popular tourist venues to visit, so don’t you dare miss it when in Seville. This city has lots of places to visit like Real Maestranza (oldest bullfighting arena), Seville Cathedral (UNESCO world heritage site) and the list just goes on. When in Andalusia go visit the mainland Granada and Cordoba. Famous for their Muslim and Roman heritage sites these are fine examples of one of the major historical cities of Spain. Alhambra mesmerizes you with its cultural impact while in Cordoba you can visit La Mezquita, but the great city holds much more than Muslim history now.

Basking in Basque Country

La Concha Beach San Sebastian Spain

La Concha Beach San Sebastian Spain

With a temperate coastal climate, on the northern Atlantic coastline area known as Euskadi has its own language. Remember the original language spoken in Spain is Catalan, not Spanish. This autonomous community is famous for Bilbao and San Sebastian destination.
San Sebastian resembles a fairy-tale village along the seashore giving it a dramatic look. If you visit the beach, you will find it attractive to its core, not only this but the operas, concerts, street arts are also equally captivating the audience. It’s a full packed calendar. Whereas Bilbao, is a modern version of the Bay. The Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, the towers, Calatrava’s airport, etc. are magnets for tourists.

More Beaches? Yes, Catalonia!

Costa Brava Beach in Catalonia Spain

Costa Brava Beach in Catalonia Spain

Although Barcelona is the main capital, let’s just imagine the other side of Catalonia in the form of the Mediterranean coast of Costa Brava and Costa Dorada with ample beaches. Without a single doubt, the Costas are the top tourist attractions of Spain. Why not enjoy water sports? Windsurfing or water surfing or let it be kite surfing it’s all out here! Whereas Costa Brava is the rocky side of the shore, on the other hand, Costa Dorada is more spacious with fine sand and clear waters. Did you know Costa Dorada has a Universal Studios theme park? That just makes it at the top of my beach list this year.

Go Green in the Northwest

Do you know where the greenest terrain is in Spain? It’s Galicia. Situated in the northwest, this community shares the Atlantic coastline, with the best seafood in Europe (what I tasted) this place yet remains unexplored at a large level. Still, it shouldn’t stop you from traveling here. Renting a car to remote beaches is the best option and make your way to another authentic UNESCO world heritage site of Camino de Santiago, making it the pilgrimage site for the locals and tourists.

Get Tan in the Canary Islands

Canary Islands Fuerteventura

Canary Islands

With multiple climatic zones, Tenerife in the Canary Islands is one of the largest of seven islands. The beautiful features look likes fracture in the harsh reality of life. Spinning daydreams into reality, this is the moment of thrill at the beach side. While resting on the beach enjoy the tradition Paella (rice dish) assorted mostly with the seafood. And it’s worth trying!

Roads in Tenerife are narrow and windy and well-steeped so be careful on while going on the road. Are you botany of plants? If so, why don’t you go pay tribute to the Dragon tree (also found in another part of the world) is considered to be the oldest of its kind is in Spain.

Reflecting on the Celebrations

Didn’t I mention earlier Spain is not all about its destinations? Another reason for the increase in Spain tourism are the very popular festivals. They play a crucial part in Spain’s identity too.
Mi casa es su casa (my house is your house) defines the vibrant cultural traditions of festivities all-round the year. When traveling in August, you can carry some tomatoes with you! It’s La Tomatina time of the month after all. And if visiting in July why not run in front of the bulls? Daring enough? Just try it (it’s not for lighthearted people). And don’t you love the fresh aroma of spring? Spain island of flower exhibitions in towns and patios as well, you will get to know different species of flowers and the more the merry!

Trekking in Spain

City tours, colorful beaches, playful city sites are wondrous, no doubt. But how about exploring Spain to the mountains? The natural beauty of Spain benefits all of us with the blessings of amazing waterfalls to be found in the world. Some are located so far remote that trekking your way there might easily take 2 hours of your daytime. But the aftermath is worth walking for long hours. Some beautiful and hidden water reservoirs were discovered in the North hence quickly becoming a tourist attraction.
Isn’t it amazing how easily you can list ways to fulfill an hour’s holiday journey? Of course, there’s no end to traveling ever. Your wanderlust keeps increasing, and you keep on adding several destinations in your to-do-list. And that’s about right.
Why not often travel while you can?
Remember to keep your mind open in regard to other country’s cultures, and you will enjoy your holidays more than ever.

“Live your dreams to the fullest; they are meant to come true and become part of your long-awaited memories.”


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Hira Khan

Travel Writer

Hira Khan is a travel writer and blogger, located in Lahore, Pakistan. She has been studying, working and traveling for over a decade. In this time her credentials as a travel professional (in the fields of both writing and traveling) have become a strength and her work has been published on a number of sites. Her travel articles are adventurous and hold appeal with anyone fond of a good food and traveling. You can check her work at

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