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Aafia Khalid, is living in Leeds, United Kingdom, with her parents who are from Egypt. She loves to explore and share about the travel experiences, travel destinations, history and cultures around the World

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Escape to Canada for an Incredible Vacation

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Canada is one of the most underrated countries when it comes to tourism. We often neglect the option of fleeing to Canada. In my humble opinion, it is one of the spectacular countries in the world. Our neighbor to the north offers stunning landscapes, high-deserts, huge mountains and friendly hospitality from the people.

Canada is a perfect destination for the adventurous person. We all have dreams of seeking adventure in the rural wilderness. It’s necessary to keep that desire to explore alive to stay young at heart. Canada offers exactly this type of experience. You can step back in time to learn new skills, get closer to nature and experience life in the out back. Yet, Canada also offers an incredible culture all it own. From Quebec with its French culture and delicious food, to the English areas of mid-west and west coast Canada.

So, it’s time to pack your bags and get ready for some excitement and fly to Canada. Don’t overthink it. But before you dive in to planning your trip, here are some basics that will help you plan a trip so you get the most out of your journey.

Passport Required

The first requirement is your passport and visa. U.S. Citizens require a passport to enter Canada and return back into the U.S.A.

You May Need an Entry Visa

Canada requires citizens of many countries to apply for a tourist visa to enter. To find out if you need to secure a Canadian entry visa check out this official Canada Government Website. If you are planning to work in Canada or stay longer than six (6) months you will need to apply for a There is another benefit of planning a trip to Canada because you can get a working holiday visa. With that, you can work, earn and enjoy your holidays. This can be an insightful experience of living there.

If You Have DUI Conviction

If you have a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) on your record, you may not be allowed to enter Canada as a tourist. Sorry. Reach out the the Canadian Consulate in your country to find out the latest rules if you have a DUI on your record. There are some ways you can gain legal entry, such as if you apply for a temporary resident status.


We normally stay in the city when we travel to Toronto. As such, we generally use don’t like to rent a car in Toronto. We use GTA Limo Transfers to take us from the airport to downtown and for traveling around.

Explore the City

Toronto is a very modern and cosmopolitan city that will amaze you with incredible restaurants, a busy downtown with great nightlife and a ton of cool things to do. Take a trip into the sky by visiting the 1,880 Ft tall CN Tower! If you are a fan of the great game on the ice, the Hockey Hall of Fame is located in downtown Toronto. Take a tour through majestic little burrows that each have their own ethnic culture and great restaurants and coffee shops that feature cuisine from the old country. One thing to keep in mind that Canada is unpredictable when it comes to temperature especially in winters.

Galleries of Toronto

Do you love art? Well, if you’re an enthusiast, you can’t stay away for any phenomenal art pieces. Humans are gregarious by nature, some find peace of mind in photography, painting, writing or building something new. Basically, it all ends up collaborating with the art, the human mind is itself a masterpiece of art. So, don’t miss out the chance to visit the world’s popular art galleries including the Royal Ontario museum, the art gallery of Ontario, textiles museum of Canada and a lot more.


Ontario is the state where Toronto is located. However is it also the home of the Canadian Capital City of Ottawa. Ontario is a very large state. It offers great industrial cities as well as rural small towns that are a picturesque step back in time.

Ottawa – The Magnificent beauty

Ottawa Canada
Ottawa is the city for history explorers. Parliament hill, government historic buildings, national gallery, and Bayward Market are presenting the amazing culture of the country at its fullest form. When in Ottawa, one thing is guaranteed and that is the charm of the city.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
One of the most popular tourist attractions is the famous Niagara Falls which is about an hour and a half drive from Toronto. The awesome power of Mother Nature is on full display at Niagara Falls. There are a few less strenuous ways to enjoy the falls by viewing from one of the cafes with good food, bars and hotels with beautiful views of the waterfall. You can also avail the Niagara transfer services through any well-renowned company there.
While the country is full of adventurous spots, diverse landscapes and stunning mountains that are simply so beautiful you will want to tay and live. However, it’s the friendliness of people that makes this country a such a welcoming place for everyone.

Sights to See in Canada

Quebec Canada
Common destinations for tourists to Canada include Montreal and Quebec with their French culture. French is the official language of the State of Quebec. In some areas of Quebec you will think you are in a small town in France. Montreal is a business city where commerce is the focus, but a charming city with its French style.

Things to See and Enjoy in Canada

It is a country of festivities and festivals provide many chances to save money. Traveling solo, with family or friends, budget travel is always a great approach to make your trip an amazing journey.


Calgary Canada
If you’re on a budget then Calgary offers many low budget activities. It is one of the liveliest cities and you have a list of numerous activities to make this trip more electrifying. Biking, hiking, camping, water rafting and climbing up to the peaks in surroundings. You can rent a bike to explore the city and this is a recommendation from many tourists. Plus, this is budget saving advice and best for solo travelers.

The Calgary Stampede

In Alberta, Canada, people tend to enjoy the rodeo in July. The festivity is followed by a carnival, drinking event and it lasts for almost 3-4 days. You can meet many different people from all over the world and enjoy being a cowboy for a few days at this extremely popular event. The Calgary Stampede Festivals like this are another way to explore the culture of the country. So, make every moment a memorable and delightful experience there.

Snowy Canada

Mountains are the charm of any country and if you love skiing or snowboarding in the winter, Canada is the destination for you! The Canadian Ski Resorts are an incredible experience of winter sports and a perfect vacation for the adventure travel groups. The mountain trails range from easy to rugged for the enthusiasts. There’s an outdoor experience for everyone who loves to climb and hike. Banff is the most popular place for visitors but the sunshine village, Lake Louise, Mont Tremblant are some of the amazing places for the thrill.

Pacific Rim National Park

Make no mistake. Western Canada get a lot of rain. But this provides an incredible opportunity to hike the most popular rain forest in Canada. Hiking is a mind refreshing adventure to make your vacations a thrilling adventure. Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands, and the West Coast Trail are the main regions that comprise in it. One can enjoy the sunshine on the beach, hike and explore the island at its best.


Yukon Territory Canada
Yukon is the place for nature lovers. It is the place for the wildlife enthusiast. Time to build up your photography profile and also enjoy the soothing nature of Canada. High chances to see bear, deer or elk and hiking in Tombstone Territorial Park is another overwhelming experience for life. The benefit of visiting this place is that it is less crowded as people are more tend to stay around the bigger cities but this is incredible. A peaceful surrounding along with the stunning beauty of wildlife is worth visiting.


Canada is the country of adventures, nature and busy city life. Anyone with the love of festivals and celebration will love visiting this country. You have a perfect transportation facility through limo transfers in GTA and other sides of the country. Turn up your coming vacations into a delightful travel experience for a lifetime.

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Aafia Khalid

Travel Writer

Aafia Khalid, is living in Leeds, United Kingdom, with her parents who are from Egypt. She loves to explore and share about the travel experiences, travel destinations, history and cultures around the World

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