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Beach Hotels: The New Hot Travel Trend

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Beach Hotels Are The Hot Travel Trend!

Beach hotels are located directly on a beautiful beach and are known for places to relax, unwind. Most have luxury day spas, fitness centers and great dining. These hotels are luxurious and famous for a vacation spot. Beach hotels are also famous for comfort and satisfying services. Additionally, beach hotels have various amenities like day sailing trips, surfing, hiking, sunbathing, scuba diving, Para ceiling, and much more. Also, beach hotels provide different types of services like spa, gym, rooftop bar, barbecue, swimming pool, and some others that offer an incredible experience to the tourist.
According to the research, here are some of the companies who are rocking the boat of international beach hotels:

  • Accor SA
  • Four Seasons Holdings Inc.
  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • ITC Limited
  • Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.
  • Marriott International, Inc.
  • Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd.
  • The Indian Hotels Company Ltd.

The Four Seasons are one of the leading luxury hotel companies. For example, the Four Seasons Koh Samui is an incredible resort located in Thailand and ranks as one of the top, exclusive, and amazing beach hotels in the world. Asia is the location for a majority of the best beach hotels. As of 2018, 27 of the top 100 beach hotels in the world are in Asia, and it is the most of any region in the globe.

Rapidly Transforming Hospitality Industry

Travel and tourism is one of the world’s rapidly growing industries. It is also going through a bit of evolution with all the new capabilities provided by new technology combined with an increasing number of tourists. This rapidly growing sector is also employing more people and rising per capita income in some very poor countries and changing the lifestyle of people across the world. These are the critical factors fueling the growth of beach hotels around the world.

Another factor adding to the growth is that people mostly prefer peaceful and calm ocean front resorts for vacation. This is a growing trend for vacation travel among individuals which promises to continue to grow the market for many years to come.

Tourism and Beach Hotels

Maldives Over Water Bungalows

Over-Water Bungalows in The Maldive Islands

As mentioned above, travel and tourism is one of the most rapidly growing industries. Previously, hotels had adopted technologies like telephones, intercom, etc. Now, the world of the modern hotel has grown at a large extent. New arrivals in the technology sector are helping the hotels to prosper all over the world.

Technological Advancements in the Sector

As technology inventions continue to modernize every industry, the hospitality sector is not an exclusion. Technology is changing the way customers interact with services – even before and after their vacation. Various types of artificial intelligence like chatbots and robots offer information to users whenever required along with customized recommendations. Some hotels are also using facial recognition approach to unlock doors as a part of time-saving services. Whereas, smart hotel rooms set with the Internet of Things connectivity enables guests to customize their experience with an app or through voice commands.
Let’s see some of the latest tech advances in the sector one by one.

✔ IOT and Smart Rooms

Most of the people have become tech-savvy now, and they wish to reside in a tech-friendly facility. In the case of the hospitality industry, the digital transformation starts with raising the concept of the room to have the latest tech. A smart room may include a cloud-based system with various IoT gadgets which allows guests to control multiple amenities and guest services. It bestows smart command over lights, AC, TV in a particular room independently via many IoT sensors. Guest can have a conversation with hotel staff including concierges, restaurant, and reception.
Thus hotel services must be up-to-date and easy to use. Hotels and conference centers must have high tech equipment and intelligent, supportive staff is critical. After all, the more they know their visitors, the better they can service them.
IoT data can be used to know the places where the customer has visited previously, which will indirectly help to identify their taste. It will also reveal information about food selection, journeys, and under-roof amenities.

✔ Guests and Artificial Intelligence

Instead of using old-fashioned welcome binders on the desks, AI-driven chatbot is a good option. Today, hotels can provide all the information and much more through AI-powered apps and technology. Such AI-powered machines will help guests by offering information whenever required. So users can receive the data from their phone in the form of an e-concierge.

Guests can even connect to a voice-activated chatbot. They can direct the bot to open-close the curtains, set the alarm, or order breakfast. Chatbots assist in automating responses. Besides, they act as a crucial channel of communication between the guest and the hotel. Some leaders in the hospitality industry have already started deploying robots.

✔  Modern Entertainment Medium

Finding new ways to keep guests engaged and entertained is the need of the current age. Hotels can use technology such as virtual and augmented reality to entertain their guests. They would like to roam around the hotel floors with Pokemon Go-like experiences. While kids can enjoy a then that matches their world of fantasies. The goal is either to provide the best preview of what guests will experience. AR is a technology which alters or improves the way a guest views the physical surroundings.

✔  Future Insights

Analysts foresee the market in the Asia Pacific would lead in terms of revenue in the global beach market. The market in Europe will follow the beach hotel trend and continue to rock in the upcoming years. Increasing spending capacity of individuals, increasing travel destinations, and increasing government initiatives for evolution of travel and tourism sector in different countries such as India, Thailand, New Zealand, France, and Australia are factors supporting the growth of the target market in these regions.

✔  Millennial Prospects

Millennial Travelers
Millennials (with age between 18-34), are estimated to represent half of all travelers to the USA by 2025. Thus, there is a need to define policies based on this statistic group’s personality features and habits. As youngsters travel a lot, they often adopt new technologies quickly. Hotels will need to please satisfy them with easy check-in and gourmet dining experiences at fair prices. In response, satisfied millennials will actively promote their business on social networks.

A Few Last Words

Increasing internet perception and ascending preference for online bookings are one of the major factors stimulating the growth of the target market. Additionally, increasing rush towards spending a long weekend is another crucial factor expected to contribute to the growth of the global tourism market in the upcoming years. The growing craze for a destination wedding and rising discount offers from beach hotels are other crucial factors estimated rocketing growth of the worldwide beach hotel market.

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Sonal Patil

Travel Marketer

Sonal is a business analyst at She enjoys analyzing different markets to provide real insightful and useful business data.

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