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Aafia Khalid, is living in Leeds, United Kingdom, with her parents who are from Egypt. She loves to explore and share about the travel experiences, travel destinations, history and cultures around the World

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A Solo Travel Journey to the Magic Land of Croatia

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Solo Travel to Croatia

Solo traveling is still a nightmare for many people. My experience as a solo traveler was also overwhelming. As a female traveler, we are not even spared by the stalkers in our home town. So, the idea of traveling alone to another country came with a lot of anxiety and stress. As a keen admirer of diversity, I have always loved exploring the new. Croatia is a tourist spot. People travel to discover the history, beaches and a lot of archeological sites. It serves beauty, thrilling activities and a long way to a different perspective for the eye.
It is not easy for an individual to lead their mind towards a unique perspective. Human beings are great in adopting new ideas, but some habits from childhood die really hard. We are addicted to the story that is relevant and reflexes of our minds often refuse to accept anything that opposes our idea of living.
However, my solo trip to Croatia was no different than any other, but it has a lot to teach me about life. The moment I came back, my mind has some of the great stories to narrate. I was better at proposing a different world and happy to create new ideas. My mind was open to a different perspective about life and its purpose.
Now the question is: what was it that has turned a stubborn heart into a mindful soul? I went to the places alone, researched about them, made my notes and bluntly asked troubling questions. Yes, the main reason behind the change was the courage to ask questions. It was in the beginning, but it helped me in making better decisions for the future.

Let the Croatia Travel Tour Begin

Are you ready for an enthralling adventure? Croatia is located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The history of this marvelous country is associated with the war of ancient times. Greek, the battle of ruling and the tale of independence. The soil of it is still telling these stories of warriors, survivors, and footsteps of leaving enemies.


Croatia Dubrovnik

Yet we are talking about history, let’s see through the city of history enthusiasts. This city never fails to inspire the crowd. Regardless of your own region, chances are you will fall in love with this city. You are in one of the medieval cities of the country. It is a UNESCO-listed town presenting the finest history in the best way. Backpackers use this city to join the excursions. Climb up the mountains of Dalmatia and never miss the party at Banje Beach Club. You will also come across to the wide range of vegetarian and other restaurants serving the choice of customers. There is no single corner to leave behind. This might take you more than a week to enjoy the whole city.


Croatia Pula Colosseum

If you’re a fan of Roman architecture, the city is inviting you with wide open arms. Roman Amphitheater is the center of the city and worth visiting in summers. You can enjoy many festivities and music concerts in the city. Beachside cafes and restaurants with the finest taste are just wonderful. However, being a solo female traveler, you will need to be cautious on the streets especially at night. It is not certainly dangerous, but usual cautions for traveling solo are vital. Take your camera along and capture as many memories as you want. Let it be the greatest memory to cherish for the rest of life.


Croatia Zagreb Museum of Broken Love

We have heard many tales about broken relationships and forbidden love. In all these centuries, there were laws, society restrictions and boundaries for the love. Well, the museum of broken relationships is all about the lost love tales. The stories are tasted like a sweet misery. Tales wrapped up in bitterness, separation, disagreements and social restrictions. Then, there is a St.Mark church for spiritual travelers. Inspiring architecture and the eternal bond of calmness are well-preserved in these walls. You will also find many coffee shops. I don’t know about others but I enjoy my coffee alone. Most often I prefer it to help my mind process positive thoughts. Don’t forget to list down the off-beaten paths of Zagreb for hiking and biking experience.

Food and Accommodation

It has a variety of eateries open for you and anticipating the needs of people. Solo travelers are usually on a budget, so, small street-side cafes and hostels are great choice to live. Cafes and restaurants are offering all kind of foods and beverages. Once you enter the shop, you will find everything of your choice. People of Croatia are mind like an individual, they know exactly what you need. So, there is nothing to worry about food in Croatia.
You should book your accommodation advance, last minute deals can cost you a lot. It is always best to plan little head of the time. Croatia is a tourist place and always crowded. You can’t guess the less crowded season as people are madly in love with this place. This is the reason that you should always plan your trip and keep it ahead of the time.

How to get around Croatia?

Croatia Zagreb
You have plenty of options to get around the country. As a solo traveler, you will need some usual precautions otherwise you have all amazing options. The most fun is traveling on local buses and trains. Travel by bus, rent a car or boat. All options are a fun and thrilling experience for anyone.

Wrapping up the Journey

Overall, Croatia is the country to plan your Romantic dates. I am not aware of most people interests for couple activities, but if you are adventurous and history enthusiast, this place is dedicated to you. You can create the magic alone and with your significant other. Let the life flow and just for a moment, try to get rid of everything else happening in life. Embrace the absurd and forget the reality that you have been fed from years. Create your own new history to relish for a lifetime.
Your current circumstances can’t define the future you can make. Plus, you have a chance to change your perspective towards life. After visiting this country alone, you will realize that viewing things with a different approach doesn’t make you wrong. It provides you a margin to explore the diversity and deep thoughts resting in your mind. Therefore, let this journey be the most meaningful and best trip of your life!!



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Aafia Khalid

Travel Writer

Aafia Khalid, is living in Leeds, United Kingdom, with her parents who are from Egypt. She loves to explore and share about the travel experiences, travel destinations, history and cultures around the World

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