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7 Breathtaking & Historic Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

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Your Unforgettable Holiday to Sri Lanaka

Sri Lanka, located south of India, is one of the best islands in this world. Although it’s a small island, its history goes back to thousands of years that make a culturally rich country. The island packs an extraordinary variety of places, including beaches, temples, tea plantations, jungles, architectures and much more.
Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean wrapped with refreshingly beautiful beaches. The landscape packs a variety of natural habitats ranging from wildlife-rich lowland jungles to tea plantations and beautiful mountains. Its spectacular white-sand beaches and emerald waters and serve as gathering hotspots to relax or have fun with friends. With endless natural beauty, welcoming people, beautiful beaches, oodles of elephants, natural parks, and timeless ruins make Sri Lanka an irresistible place to visit.

1) Tangalle Beach – Heaven on Earth

Sri Lanka Tangalle Beach

Tangalle Beach, Sri Lanka
image: Shaakunthala, Wikipedia

Tangalle Beach, also known as Tangalla is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. With Palm trees surrounding the beach, turquoise water, and white and soft sand spread to make it a tropical beach for the visitors. The white sand stretches in a series of small bays both in the southwest and northwest.
Originally, Tangalla was a small village, and fishing was the primary source of income for people living there. However, after the tsunami in 2004, people left this area, and gradually it became a peaceful beach. The sunsets are breathtaking! If you are tourists looking for a quiet place to spend the afternoon, Tangalla is the best option for you. However, the waves are rough so, it’s not an ideal beach for swimming.

2) Anuradhapura – A Place of Timeless Ruins

Sri Lanka Anuradhapura Temple

Anuradhapura Temple in Sri Lanka

If you are tourists who love historical sights, the city of Anuradhapura should be high on your list to see ancient ruins. This old city dates back to the 4th century BC and offers a rich collection of archeological remains and architectural wonders. One of the cool things about Anuradhapura is that through time, people settled in the city who belonged to different religions. They built temples and established traditions celebrating various festivals and ceremonies, some of which you can see today.
As the city of Anuradhapura has many sacred temples, it is essential to understand that you should dress appropriately. Make sure your shoulders and legs are covered, and you should remove your shoes before entering into a holy temple. Removing your shoes before entering a sacred place is a tradition for all the religions in Sri Lanka.

3) Uda Walawe National Park – A Place for Elephants

Sri Lanka Uda Walawe National Park

Wild Elephants in Uda Walawe National Park, Sri Lanka
image: Pierre Andre Leclercq, Wikipeda

When you visit Sri Lanka, you will frequently spot elephants in public places. However, Uda Walawe National Park is the most exceptional place to see herds of elephants. The elephant-watching is quite an exciting activity for the locals and tourists. It is so heartwarming to see baby elephants playing around. The park is not overgrown with vegetation, which makes game-watching easy. There are almost 210 species in this park –– 30 varieties of snakes, spotted deer, sambar, jackals, buffalo, etc. It sounds nothing more than an animal zoo, but when you visit this place, you will find so many reasons to love it. So, if you like to see wildlife, especially elephants, this park UDA Walawe National Park should be on your list.

4) Sigiriya – Lion’s Heart

Sri Lanka Sigiriya Rock Temple

Sigiriya Rock Temple, Sri Lanka

Many people refer to Sigiriya as the Eighth Wonder of the world. The complex and mystical archeology of this place attracts thousands of tourists all around the world. Sigiriya is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.
Built-in the fifth century by Kashyapa king, the garden and building represent the amazing architectural taste and the unique technical skills of the creators. There is a mirror wall that was crafted in a way so that the king could see his reflection. It is a mystical place that refuses to reveal its secrets easily, so you have to travel and climb some staircases to reach on the top. On your way to the top, you will see quite remarkable art and a pair of lion’s paws which are carved into the bedrock. Moreover, the surrounding water gardens, cave shrines, and lily-pad-covered moats add to the Sigriya’s beauty.

5) Galle – A Perfect Combination of Beach and Culture

Galle is a UNESCO World Heritage historical site and is a must-see place for tourists. It is an exotic old trading port that is best explored on foot. With Dutch-colonial buildings, museums, mosques, and churches, this place is a jewel for the visitors. Galle is a city located 130 km in the South of Colombo. This city has stylish cafes, beautiful hotels owned by local and foreign artists, designers and quirky boutiques. If you go to Galle, don’t forget to visit Unawatuna and Galle Fort. Your trip to Sri Lanka is incomplete unless you visit this beautiful place.
Most of the travelers love Galle’s ambiance that makes it one of Sri Lanka’s unmissable sight.

6) Polonnaruwa – A Historical Treasure

Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka

10th Century Ruins in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

If you are a spiritual person and love to visit and explore cultures, this place will give you a glimpse of Sri Lankan culture and history. Polonnaruwa is full of ancient Sinhalese art and old buildings. There are many temples, well-preserved ruins of archeological sites, ruins of tombs, and other statues that are located in the town. Polonnaruwa was the capital of this island centuries ago, so it eventually developed into a religious and commercial hub offering so much to the visitors. You will spend the whole time imagining yourself living in ancient times. So, don’t miss this historical treasure if you ever visit Sri Lanka.

7) Adams Peak – The Foot Prints of Buddha

Adams Peak Sri Lanka

Adams Peak Sri Lanka

Adam’s peak is one of the most spectacular sights. If you want to witness a breathtaking sunrise, climb the slopes and wait for the dawn. Situated in the middle of Sri Lanka, this place is a hotspot for to enjoy the nature closely. It is also known as the Sri Pada–– meaning the footprints of Buddha. Due to the footprints of Buddha, this rock creation has so much religious and spiritual importance. If you go on the top, you will see mesmerizing views of the natures in the surrounding.


With all these natural and historical places, Sri-Lanka offers a complete vacation package for tourists. A trip to Sri Lanka will capture your heart, making this trip an unforgettable experience!

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Elena Michael

Travel Writer

I'm Elena, a 25 year old writer and travel blogger. I love to travel whenever I get a chance and I also write for travel blogs. Here are my articles, have a look!

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