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Charlie Svensson is a freelance writer. Having visited close to 60 countries, he writes mainly about travel. He has created several travel guides that focus on helping people make an informed decision when choosing where to travel.

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10 Most Beautiful Places In Singapore

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Did you come to this article after searching the question… what are the most beautiful places in Singapore? If so then you’re on the right page. In this article, you’re going to discover a list of 10 cool tourist attractions in Singapore.
Traveling is a valuable experience. It stimulates your inner growth. It helps you make new friends. It encourages self-development. It helps you understand the world better. It helps you learn how to live with different cultures.
According to a study published by mimy online, traveling can be beneficial to students as well. The study suggests that traveling improves academic performance, provides them with a global network of contacts and references and it inspires their creativity.


Singapore Marina Bay
Singapore’s education system is also said to be the best in the world. That means that as a student, you have a lot of things to learn during your holiday break.
Perhaps you’re asking what makes Singapore an attractive tourist destination. First of all, Singapore is known for its scenic places. It is also one of the greenest countries in the world. That aside, the sovereign island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia has a vibrant history and diverse ethnic quarters to discover among other things. Undoubtedly, there is a lot to discover, learn and enjoy in Singapore than you can imagine. To prove that to you, here are the 10 most beautiful places in Singapore to include in your travel bucket list during your holiday break.

1. Chinatown

Singapore Chinatown
Chinatown is Singapore’s neighborhood town full of authentic Chinese food and culture. When traveling around this city, you’ll discover a lot of traditional shophouses, temples, and many other things you’d find in China.There many small hotels making Chinese food. You can also take a tour of the Chinese Heritage Center and discover the notable and stunning Sri Mariamman Hindu temple. Don’t forget to check out the Buddha Tooth Relic temple as well.
For early risers- 4amers, the morning drum ceremony will make you love Chinatown the rest of your life. There are many Heritage makers situated throughout Chinatown in Japanese, English, and simple Chinese- you’ll never be confused by anything there if you’re an international student.

2. Marina Barrage

Singapore Marina Barrage
Marina Barrage is Singapore’s 15th flood-control rooftop dam and beautiful park located in the heart of the city making it a spectacular backdrop against the city skyline. Marina Barrage is situated at the southern end of the main island just a few miles from Gardens by the Bay. Apart from being the 15th water reservoir in Singapore, Marina Barrage is also famously known for recreation due to its green and rooftop expanse full of local flying ostentatious kites. It is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Singapore thanks to its photography spots for couples and families.
Take a ride atop the Singapore Flyer towering 165 metres above the sea to get a visual feast of iconic and historic landmarks while witnessing Singapore’s transformation.The raised section of grass spreads breathtaking panoramic views of the city giving you a sunset view point.
If you love kayaking, dragon-boating, windsurfing, you’ll get all that and more in the Marina Basin. The Marina Barrage is constructed in the convergence of two rivers encircling the main dam spreading from Marina East to Marina South. There is a Solar Park installed at the dam site with a huge collection of solar panels- this explains why Singapore made to the top of the list of the world’s sustainable cities.

3. Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanical Garden
Botanic Gardens is Singapore’s only tropical garden to get the UNESCO World Heritage nomination. It’s worth mentioning that “Gardens on the Bay” and “Botanic Gardens” are very different and the most beautiful places in Singapore so don’t confuse the two. The latter is situated at Orchard Road while the former is located by the Marina Bay Waterfront in the heart of Singapore. In fact, if you choose to stay at Marina Bay Sands, you can easily walk to Gardens by the Bay across the bridge. Hope this helps you to note the difference between the two scenic places in Singapore.
Inside the botanic gardens, you’ll discover preserved pieces of Singapore’s wilder heritage. Don’t forget to check out the exciting National Orchid Garden, Singapore’s prime tourist attractions as well. You’ll also discover eco-gardening, sculptures, and a ton of other formal gardens. Did we mention that Botanic Gardens has tens of thousands of species of flowering plants and trees? Yes, the 82-hectare green space is scattered with beautiful trees and flowering plants. Other prime attractions you’ll discover at Botanic Gardens include eye-catching statues, a Botany Center, many museums, gurgling fountains, etc.

4. Marina Bay Sands

Singapore Marina Sands
Having toured Singapore several times, I’d confidently say that the city keeps on changing as new and luxurious buildings are coming up every day. That means that you’ll get a different view and travel experience every time you take a trip to Singapore. Marina Bay Sands offers the best view you’ll have in Singapore. Characterized by high-end luxury hotels, Art & Science Museum, and many other scenic features, you don’t want to miss this travel destination on your travel bucket list. Even though only hotel guests are allowed to visit the infinity pool, you’re free to visit the observation deck. Atop the Skypark, you can get the best view of the Gardens by the Bay, innovative double helix bridge, and the port not the mention the spectacular skyline. Grab a snack or coffee at the rooftop restaurant.

5. Gardens by the Bay

After getting a beautiful view of this green space from the SkyPark Observation Deck from the top of the Marina Bay Sands, you’ll never want to miss a visit to this place. Gardens by the Bay is a nature park constructed on reclaimed land in the South of Singapore and occupies 250 acres. It was primarily built to turn Singapore from a Garden city into a City in a garden. Some of the main tourist attractions at Gardens by the Bay include the Flower Dome, a cool dry conservatory feature that imitates the Mediterranean climate. There are many baobab and bottle trees here.
Another beautiful attraction at the Gardens by the Bay is the Supertree Groove, with tall trees up to 25 to 50 metres long. The trees help to provide shade during the day and offer a fascinating illuminated display of lights at night. Remember to visit the Children’s Gardens that’s full of balancing beams, trampolines, and a lot of child-friendly attractions if you go there with your family. Just to paint a picture of Gardens by the Bay: The tourist destination is home to thousands of exotic species of hundreds of natural plants. The garden consists of three sections namely Bay South, Bay Central, and Bay East. Bay South is the largest section of the garden.

6. Sentosa Island

Singapore Sentosa Island
You might not get Singapore featured in the list of the best beach destinations in the world but if you want to get some cool sun rays, don’t forget to visit Sentosa Island. It’s just a small resort-island located off the southern coast of Singapore but it boasts some of the themed attractions, lush rainforests, sun-washed beaches, amazing spars, and amazing resort hotels.
Play some volleyball on free courts at Siloso Beach or do some kayaking and skimboarding. Sentosa Island is packed with other several attractions including the breathtaking Underwater World aquarium, the home for dolphins. Other attractions include a butterfly garden, amusement parks, beach clubs with awesome music, etc. Remember to check out the Merlion, Singapore’s renowned statue with the head of a lion and a body of fish. Take an escalator to the top of the statue and get beautiful panoramic views of the place.

7. Singapore Flyer

Apart from enjoying a scenic view of the city of Singapore from the Marina Bay Sands observation deck, you can take a high tea while enjoying a spectacular of the city from the Singapore Flyer. Before we forget, Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest observation wheel.
You can get served and pampered while enjoying a view of the Singapore skyline and Spice Islands of Indonesia and Malaysia’s Straits of Johor. Choose your suitable ticket package and get access to the multimedia Journey of Dreams exhibit which explores Singapore’s history and construction of the Singapore Flyer.

8. Merlion Park

Singapore Merlion Park
Merlion Park is a picturesque situated near One Fullerton in the Central Business District area. This iconic Singapore sight is home to two Merlion statues. By the way, Merlion is an imaginary creature that has the head of a lion and the body of a fish- call it the Lion City if you want. The statue is purposely created to show Singapore’s humble start as a fishing village. The structure overlooks Marina Bay, weighs 70 tonnes, and is 8.6 meters tall. It gushes water from its mouth in a spout. If you’re looking for an ideal photography spot then Merlion Park is the best place to visit when in Singapore. You can take selfies in front of the mythical statue as well. If you want to enjoy this half-lion, fish creature, then you need to go early in the morning or late in the evening when the crowd has lessened.


CHIJMES, pronounced as chimes, is a must-visit for those stunning Instagram snaps due to the large and beautiful background it offers in different angles. This tourist destination is situated in the Downtown region of Central Singapore and is famous for its thriving food and beverage scene in the core of the cosmopolitan. The CHIJMES Hall is a backdrop for numerous activities. The enormous courtyards and lawns act as a throbbing arena when there are private events, music shows, and theatrical shows. The beautiful evocative architectural edifice was formerly a girl’s school managed by the French Catholic nuns and had three schools, an orphanage, a praying center, and a nun’s room. Even though there are tons of bustling commercial sites around, CHIJMES has remained a serene and peaceful place you’d want to visit during your college break.

10. Fort Canning Park

The fort served as a defense for the Singaporeans against attacks but was later turned into t bunker during WW II and was given to the Japanese in 1942. Currently, the building that helped to defend the residents during the war periods is used to host concerts, festivals, performing arts troupes, etc. Fort Canning Park is located close to the city area and paints a picture of WW II.

Other Scenic Places To Check Out In Singapore:

Apart from the 10 best places in Singapore above, there are also other scenic places to check out during your visit to the city. They include:


This scenic tourist destination located in proximity to Marina Bay at the mouth of the Singapore River is where you’ll interact with international artists. The performing arts center has hosted more than 37,000 shows. Esplanade occupies an area of 60,000 square meter and was purposely designed for theatre and arts performance. Inside the performing arts center is a giant concert hall that accommodates close to 1,600 people and a theatre capacity of about 2000 people. New shows are hosted here every few months to support emerging artists. The primary mandate of this place is to provide a platform for affordable expert live theatre that can be accessed by artists of different financial statuses. Shows are staged across different cultures and genres to make sure people of different cultures are represented.

Asian Civilizations Museum

Fort Canning Park and Raffles Hotel offer a taste for colonial architecture but you’d want to check out the Empress Place Building built in 1865 and the neoclassical style. Inside this building is the Asian Civilization Museum which explores various Asian cultures that shaped Singapore. Spirituality and trade are the main themes of the museum’s collections. Shows delve into topics like stories of faith and belief, significant roles played by scholars in Chinese culture for decades, and the Indian Ocean trade.
Did this post answer your question of. . .“What makes Singapore an ideal tourist destination?” Or did we miss any other beautiful place in Singapore that’s worth mention in this list?
Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a nice info. would like to share one more place which may be people don’t know which is Pulau Ubin. This is small village but very beautiful with many attractions like Chek Jawa Wetlands, Ketam Mountain Bike Park, Ubin Fruit Orchard etc.

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Charlie Svensson

Travel Writer

Charlie Svensson is a freelance writer. Having visited close to 60 countries, he writes mainly about travel. He has created several travel guides that focus on helping people make an informed decision when choosing where to travel.

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