Your Guide to the Best Festivals in Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of the most exciting places in the world bestowed with uniqueness as regards her people, culture, art and festival. Every visit of the year to Barcelona is a visit to enjoy the scenery of the festival that matches this uniqueness. Think of the wildest way of self-expression without limit, paradise on earth, the best timeout and bonding you can have with family and friends in a life time, then you will be making the best choice by taking a voyage to the heart of fun at the best festivals in Barcelona.

Barcelona Carnival

Barcelona Festivals
Barcelona Carnival also known as Carnestoltes has been in existence since the 16th century, according to best dissertation service who wrote a research paper on Barcelonan culture. The festival has a deep root in the historical and traditional life of Barcelonans. The carnival time is the time to eat, drink and dance toward Lent fasting which begins after the carnival. Barcelona Carnival spans for a week featuring colorful parades, floats, orange balloons, dance and eye-catching costumes, firework show and the ultimate ‘arrival of the king’.
‘Arrival of the king’ kick starts a big party through his scintillating entry. Fat Thursday marks the beginning of the festival with abundance of food market exchange and jubilation. Barcelona Carnival is definitely the best place for a food lover to explore the best of dishes and save the taste for years to come.

Sonar Festival

This is one of the best music and dance festivals on planet. It’s an international music festival which runs for three days and three nights in June every year. It’s a long-aged big world celebration of electronic music involving emerging and well-known musical artistes.

The festival attracts music lovers and industry professionals exploring musical and artistic desires. The music festival encompasses multimedia art, record fairs, sound lab, conferences and exhibitions. Sonar defines the link between creativity, music and technology. This festival enhances knowledge about music by spurring innovative solutions to musical trends just as Mymathdone provides innovative solutions to difficult theses.

La Merce

Fiesta De La Merce is the celebration of Barcelona patron saint and protector. It is known for street parties, decorations, music concerts, fire shows, awesome giants (genets) papier-mâché processions and human castles. The most interesting sight in the event is the moment when the people of one special community dress as devils and run around the street with fireworks. This creates an exciting nervousness and joy all at once. A striking feature of this parade is the fire-breathing dragon which can scare the hell out of any nervous individual.

Circuit Festival

Have you ever thought of a festival that accommodates gays and lesbians? It’s a free world, so think of circuit festival. This is an international gay and lesbian festival celebrated in Barcelona every August. It runs for a whole week, as it promotes equality, exposure, expression, music, arts and sports. Circuit festival is the biggest gay and lesbian festival in Europe, attracting about 40,000 visitors all over the world.

Barcelona Beach Festival

Barcelona Beach Festival
The sight of the sea, the cool breeze at beach and sonorous music is the best blessing from nature which you can experience at the Barcelona beach festival. It is a big electronic music festival, featuring mainstream biggest stars. It takes places in the coastal city for over 12 hours. This festival is such a good place for love birds to cement their love. Moreover, an editor who works at recently said on her wedding day; “I met him at Barcelona beach festival”!

Formula One in Barcelona

Formula 1 Spanish Gran Prix Barcelona
Formula one is an undisputed festival for game lovers all over the world. It’s an automobile highlight festival to showcase motorcars. Anyone who is an ardent lover of the world biggest motor car race would never miss this. It takes place in Montmelo.

Sant Joan in Barcelona

This is the most eventful party night of the year which features fireworks without caution. It’s a public holiday (23 June – 24 June) known for electric atmosphere and weird party. Sant Joan symbolizes fire, water and herbs which are believed to represent purity, healing and remedy. Sant Joan is a festival to help forget worries and appreciate the art in nature.

It is usually tagged ‘night of fire’. The idea is that on the night of the festival, the sun reaches its highest point and begins to drop by giving wealth to the people and fertility to the barren. This memorable festival accommodates all and sundry and gives every participant the chance to express themselves without limit, because there is total disregard for EU safety regulation. It’s an experience worthy of repetition!


This is an open-air film festival for film lovers. It takes place throughout August, featuring films screened in their original language either Spanish or Catalan. It takes place in the courtyard of CCCB (Center de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona). It also features hip-hop meetings, exhibitions and concerts. It hosts the world press photo exhibition annually. Gandules is the best of film festivals because it promotes relevant debates and gives a platform for aspiring artistes. There is never a dull moment at Gandules.

Barcelona International Jazz Festival

Barcelona Jazz Festival
Barcelona has hosted annual jazz festivals for over 40 years. It’s a meeting of well-known professional jazz artistes around the world. The festival takes place in various venues all over the districts, with separate ticket for each event. This festival provides best live music from local and international artistes. It’s the best place to rock jazz music.


No matter how busy you are, taking a moment to enjoy these festivals can never be out of place. They’ll give you the best memories to share with unborn generation and help you to relax your mind off the 21st century hustle and bustle.

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