Why Millennials Prefer Authentic Travel Experiences

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Authentic Travel Experiences

We treat millennial’s as if they come from another galaxy. No doubt that this special generation travels more than any other generation in the past. The experience of technology has made it easy for them to book tours and trips right on the smartphone in their pocket. Technology allows them to work while travel. They save their money to take long vacations. They might move around for business. They consider themselves global citizens. They believe in defying the cynicism of naysayers and want their wishes to be fulfilled. . .instantly!
And why not? We live in an era of innovation and instant fulfillment of wants and desires is the ultimate goal. After all, we have built our world for comfort and ease, and if we do not have things working the way we want, then what is the point of making all that effort?
However, while all this talk of instant gratification abounds, more than 70% of the millennials are quite mindful of their travel budget. If they are not traveling word-wide, they will save to travel around their home town. Travel is important to them. Those with less money to spend tend to take little breaks which tend to make them perform better in their jobs through improved mental attitude and health. To understand the mindset of this generation regarding travel we have identified a few insights to keep in consideration.

The Impact of Instagram

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Instagram is the key to determine the millennial mindset on travel. The advancement of digital media is breaking stereotypes and setting new trends for the travel & tourism industry. Life has made it so much easier to collaborate and visualize destinations for better travel plans. Talking to millennial frequent travelers, they say, watching their friends travel to different places helps them decide their next holiday spot. They get ideas about the destination experience through visualizations on Instagram and plan a trip accordingly. The benefit of it is, they are welcomed by fewer surprises on the journey.
Digitization has changed the perspective of the travel industry. People now believe that picture is thousand times worth the other modes of information. According to the research article written by Tiffany Misrahi on Weforum, she says that: “With 95 million pictures and videos shared daily by over 800 million active users – 55% of whom are between 18 & 29 years of age – Instagram is a major source of inspiration, influencing millennials’ travel decisions and even acting as their travel guide. Rightly or wrongly, users believe that pictures on Instagram provide a more authentic insight into a destination than a tourist brochure.”

“Rightly or wrongly, users believe that pictures on Instagram provide a more authentic insight into a destination than a tourist brochure.”

Instagram is one way of getting inspiration for authentic travel experiences. Seeking out a professional Travel Agent who specializes in the type of travel experience you have in mind is another source of providing realistic information about the budget and plans, keeping the regions in mind. Moreover, despite all the facilities and visual appeal, travelers are needed to travel mindfully. One destination can be on several bucket lists which will end up in crowds. Too many people at the one spot can make the place less exciting. So, industries, as well as travelers, are needed to be smart enough to travel without killing the inspiration for others.

Industry is Adapting to the Millennial Travelers

Millennial Travelers
Industries are adapting to a millennial approach for better results. The report from the World Travel and tourism council (WTTC), the growth of the Travel & Tourism sector has observed a rise of millennial travelers of over 4% annually. The rate is said to be faster than any other industry, including manufacturing and transportation.
Many countries have started developing their economies by developing their travel & tourism industry. Country branding is now quite common, and that is leading to amazing changes in terms of the travel and tourism sector. Now, if millennials love to travel, then the world is catering to their needs by providing the same approach towards their preferred lifestyle. As I mentioned earlier in the article that this generation wants global access. You will find various examples of people (including men and women from all over the world) that travel for business and pleasure. They are ready to share their experiences, guide others through the planning phase, and also help nations to promote their culture to the world. The idea of global access can open many doors of opportunities for students, businesses, economical shifting, and even policymakers.
Host countries can receive multiple benefits through the global access program, and the idea is to introduce to the world new and exciting authentic travel experiences unique to their country. Websites craft and curate information from travelers and spread it worldwide so people can sit in a café and plan their travel strategies. They can communicate from any corner of the world. This generation is delightful and happy to preserve the culture while effecting the people on a larger scale. Now, governments and private companies have to change their business model and plan something more authentic than the previous strategies. But security and authenticity remain the foremost problem in this idea of global sharing and access to thoughts and opinions.

Travel Trends by 2030

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It is 2019, and yes, there is a long way to 2030, but with millennials being the fastest growing sector of travel and tourism, there are nations that might be boosting their economies merely by developing their travel sector. Strengthening the idea of giving a better traveler experience, full of luxury and inspiration is a winning approach. Yet, there is also a balance between new development and preserving their heritage and nature while enhancing the travel experience of people visiting from around the world. The expected growth of outbound tourists by 2030 is nearly 57%. It is expected that tourists from the Middle East, Africa, and the Asian region are more likely to boost this percentage even more.

Bottom Line

Millennials are the generation with prominent desire to travel more. They are intellectuals, researchers, and enthusiasts. Preferring the most authentic experience and exploring the cultures by traveling around the world is all that they agreed upon. Business travelers, pleasure travelers, and people dealing with miserable routine life are always looking to get away from the daily route. Perhaps, they are looking for the escape while others are planning to dive deep into the marvels of the world.

You never know what adventure the world is holding for you. So, choose to start your journey now!

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