Unexpected Fun Things to Do in Moscow

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Fun in Moscow, Russia

Traveling is always exciting and full of surprises. But if your travel is also full of fun, then that presents the combination for a perfect trip! Many people also find that experiencing a new place will help refresh and rejuvenate their mind. So with all this in mind, how many of you have considered Moscow for a new place to visit. You will find fun things to do, see and eat in Moscow.
Moscow is the capital of Russia. This city is full of historical places with charming scenery. If you come to Moscow with your kids, you can have a great time with your kids and family. So let’s explore the most significant city with funny things:

Walk in the Dark

Do you think you know what it would be like to be blind? Walk in the Dark Museum will let you experience the feeling of being blind and moving about using your other senses to make your way through. Here you will have to go through a dark room where you cannot see anything. You can only feel, hear, and smell your way. A cool fact is that the Guides who take you through the museum are blind and visually impaired. They will guide you in the darkroom. There will be no difference between the blind man and you. The museum is also known as ‘The Museum of senses.’ Here you can only hear, touch, and taste but cannot see anything. If you make a trip to Moscow, then this place can be on your list.

Action Games Joyment

Moscow is certainly a city of mystery. Action Games Joyment is a place where people come to play a game of mystery in 5 rooms. Each room has a different environment, culture, and traditions like a unique country. When you enter the first room, you will do some work according to their system and culture. If you pass in that room, then you will be permitted to enter the next room, which will have an entirely different set of traditions and ways of doing things. The really cool thing is that each room has a different mystery and unique fun. So if you come to Moscow, you should visit Action Games Joyment. Otherwise, your tour will be incomplete.


The most exciting part of Moscow is here. Cubiculum is such a place where people come here to visit this place only. Cubiculum is a place where you can text your wisdom, ability to work with a team, imagination, and so on. In a word, this room is full of games. In this room, you will be proposed to do some work with your team. You will find this room like a puzzle. You have to enter a room. A puzzle will be given to you to be solved. You will get a few hours to solve it. To solve the puzzle, you have to do some question and answer with the guide. After answering all the questions, your puzzle will be solved. But the most exciting thing is that the questions are in the Russian Cyriliac language, but not to worry as your guide who will interpret and give you hints in English!

Claustrophobia (Escape Room)

Claustrophobia is a room puzzle game in Moscow. This is a very popular game for groups of people who come here to play the game for hours. Escape Room is a game full of mystery. People of Moscow like this game very much. This place is one of the most popular weekend places in the city. There is a rule to play this game. You need a team of two to four people to play. Each team is locked in a room with a puzzle to solve within 60 minutes. The first team to solve the puzzle wins. If a team cannot solve the puzzle, the door will also open for them. But they will not win in that game. So, if you travel to Moscow, don’t forget to visit Claustrophobia.

Nerealnoye Mesto

Nerealnoye Mesto is a place of playing various types of virtual reality games in Moscow. When you search for a fun place, then Nerealnoye Mesto should be on your list. This place is delightful. You will get a lot of all the high tech tools to see a world of virtual reality. When you finished your game, you will be amazed to feel you were in a different world. This place will change your imagination. So come here and have fun with virtual reality.


Kidburg,’ What do you think after hearing this word? I know you think about the kids. Yes, you are correct. This place can be called as edutainment. Kidburg is a place where kids learn by entertainment. Kids come here to play and have fun but also learn in the process. The purpose of his place to make learning fun. They tend to learn quite well because the games are structured to make the kids fully concentrate. So If you come with your kids to Moscow, you must visit Kidburg.

3D Voobrazharium

People like to take a photo. Photography is a part of a tour. If the photography will be with your imagination, then how does it feel? 3D Voobrazharium will allow you to take a photo with your imagination. If you want to take a photo with fear, love, fantasy, childhood, celebrity, and extreme, you must have to come here. In this place, all your imaginary thinks are drawn in 3D mode. So if you take a photo, It will look real. They have a professional photographer. The Photographers will give you the perfect angle photo. So, come here to take photos and make a memory for the future.

Wrapping Up

The capital of Russia is full of exciting places. Moscow is a big city with a lot of places to have fun times. People come here and find some places to make fun. Here the most visited places for making fun are included. You can keep these places on your list if your next trip is to Moscow. So, Travel throughout the world. Explore the world and make your mind broad and refreshed.

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