Long Term Traveling – Realities That Will Blow Your Mind!

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When we talk about long term traveling, it doesn’t mean a two or three-week vacation or a magical journey with no worries or side effects. It’s a complex lifestyle that doesn’t suit everyone. It’s more like a sacrifice, away from family, friends, and your loved ones. To help paint the picture of this article, we will focus on realizing how difficult and also how rewarding a long term travel journey can be. There are thousands of travel articles that might overlook the hard part of the traveling, but here we will enlighten all the soft and hard parts.
Here are eight (8) realities that you must need to know if you are planning for long term traveling or you already are.

A Travel Lifestyle

Solo Travel
Many travelers claim that they started traveling to maintain a good lifestyle routine. Some of the most common are simply choosing destination, get a plane ticket and fly there. Find a new place to live – pick your backpack and move to another one – If this new destination is within as per your budget – stay for a while – meet new people – explore, eat and have fun – say goodbye – pack your bag and do all over again!
Isn’t this so much pain to say goodbye to the people you adore? I am sure this does hurt when travelers do that.

Not Everything is How It Seems Online

Looks can be deceiving
It is estimated that 90% of new travelers travel without knowing, and after a visit, they know that place isn’t the same as shown in the blog posts. Sometimes, the places you’ve visited aren’t the same anymore because many tourists just overpopulated these places.
When you choose someplace to visit and read over the internet, you will find very soulful and calm pictures that will create an idea in your mind that your vacations are going to be great. When you reach that place after hours of traveling, the place is overcrowded or not the same.

Goodbye – Every Time You Meet Someone!

The first two words travelers learn in a foreign language are hello, and goodbye as these are the most common thoughts among travelers. One of the greatest things about traveling is the people you find along the way and may become friends with. They will help you open your mind to learn so much from their culture, and then the time will come when you will be saying goodbye because you are long term travelers. You will need to get yourself somewhere else to explore new places and people.

Be honest: How many times will you be able to say goodbye to the people you love?

This is why most of the travelers remain alone but digitally connected to many around the globe. You will be feeling lonely sooner or later that you will not have many friends or friendships because you are always moving on.

Travel Acquaintances

Goa Beach Cliffs
Due to long term traveling and continuously (you are doing so), your friends will not be your best friends. The time gap and distance will take you out from their lives, perhaps will not be a part of their lives anymore Because it’s not sure when will you return to the home?
If you are a long term traveler, it will definitely affect your friends. In fact, some old friends become more like acquaintances. There are millions of apps for occasional catch-ups, but it won’t be the same as being together in person. You will never know what’s going on in the lives of your friends and relatives as far as you are not physically present there. This will continue to be a way of life, with yours and theirs as well. Time will play a major role as it is nature’s way.

Missing Life Moments of Your Loved Ones

You are not there with your loved ones like family and friends. You will be missing important moments in their lives — the happy birthdays, anniversaries, Halloweens, thanksgiving, and even Christmas too. You will miss the small and big moments in their lives.
The fact will remain that you are out of sight and, therefore out of mind. You won’t be able to get that time back and celebrate a birthday or holiday again with family and friends. Most importantly, perhaps when you return home, things may have changed for you or for your loved ones too.

Home Will Seem Like a Foreign Country

Solo Traveler
The place where you born and lived for many years, where all your family and friends live, where you had hopes and memories, where you spent a part of your childhood, will become foreign to you. When you first get back home for a small visit, it will be great! You will be catching up with friends, share stories about your travels, and what you learned along the way. But soon, you will be feeling depressed and hunger for starting another journey. The reality is that your long journeys will have changed your mind to a point where you will feel that you don’t belong “home” anymore, and you know what? The saddest part of this aspect, this was your hometown, where you were used to feeling comfortable, and now this feels strange to you (if you are a long term traveler).

How Could You Change So Much and So Quickly?

Your flame will burn out if you continuously keep moving, packing your bags, taking 5 or 10 bus rides, meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and then saying goodbye to all of them. This will get exhausting. It will burn you out, and you will be feeling lousy about the whole process.
Many long journey travelers are wise, to reduce the point of burning out from the continuous traveling. They only schedule trips once or twice a year. Each year they select a different destination or spot to spend their memorable time.

Tip: Work Continuously

To fulfill the expenses and expenditures, you need to work to earn more money for your next journey. If you are out of money, you won’t be traveling anywhere. Yet at the same time, working too much will affect you even worse. Regular travelers earn money all year, and then at the end of the year, they select a suitable destination to spend their money that worth the unique experience.


So there you have all the realities and aspects of long term travel. After reading this article, we hope you make an educated decision on whether long term travel is worth all the sacrifices or not. It is a scary and difficult step to take, but after reading this article, you can tolerate this. Let us know in the comment section what you think about long term traveling. If you have ever experienced a long term travel journey?

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