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Experiencing unique cultures affords significant social and financial advantages to those who travel the world. With improved learning and well-being, expanded resilience, and occasions to meet up with others, experiencing different culture upgrades our social intelligence. Our culture is our identity and that makes us unique to others. It’s what shapes us, our morals, values, virtues, and traditions. Culture is significant because it provides bases of social structures that make circumstances where individuals need or feel committed to do certain things.
Culture is a set of accepted behavior patterns and people with common experiences. Like it comprises of the food people eat and what they choose to wear. For instance, nowadays you will see men wearing, trendy jackets or women long coats and watch them eat a burger or some sort of fast food. This is what you observe on daily basis. But if you go deeper into a culture you will notice people have a specific piece of clothing for special occasions. They have unique and special dishes that they make depending on where they live.

Surfing the Internet

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The easiest and quickest way to look up something is to surf the internet. It provides you with a vast information. Just type in which country’s culture you are looking for and you will be provided with loads and loads of information flowing in.Read different articles and newspapers over the internet.
Everyone is globally connected in this world thus, fetching information becomes easy. Through social networking sites, you can look at celebrities belonging to different cultures. Social media provides a great platform to get a closer look at various cultures. You can join several intercultural socializing groups that will aid you in getting to know about a culture. You can interact with people from different regions and question them about their festivals and their traditional lifestyle.


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YouTube has always got your back and is predominantly the solution to everything. Similarly, several notable travel vloggers who visit different countries put up their travelogues on YouTube, displaying the distinctive yet fascinating cultures of respective countries. It just changes your outlook of a country and its people. You might have a certain image of a country and its people but watching these vlogs completely changes it as the transparency increases. The Vagabrothers, Mark Weins’ Migrationology, Mark Weins, and Fun for Louis are some of the most famous travel vloggers. They will inspire you to travel and explore different cultures on your own.


Travel Apps
Your colleagues that work with you provide you with a good chance to study their culture closely. Make friends from other cultures, ask them questions, and exchange knowledge. You can visit their homes and observe what things are different from yours. For instance, in a Muslim household, you will find prayer mats and people with their heads covered, keeping a safe distance from the people of the opposite gender. Their lifestyle is quite different from that of followers of Christianity as they have a broader outlook.
There are a lot of  occasions to inform yourself of different societies and their cultures in your locale. Search for ethnic eateries, religious buildings, and get some information about impending celebrations or occasions and how they celebrate their festivals. Express that you are intrigued by their way of life, and don’t have any desire to slight it in any way. Know that some norms should be followed in every culture, so keep this in mind

Visiting Museums and Ethnic Places

India Taj Mahal
If you are an exchange student, one of the fun ways to get to know about the culture and history of that country is by visiting the local museum. Museums often arrange regular exhibitions. Attending them can prove beneficial to you and help you blend in a better way.
Locate some ethnic restaurants in your vicinity and give them a visit. Trying the local food will tell you a lot about the culture of that country, what different spices are used, what’s their staple food and which is the favorite dish of the people.

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