Do You Hygge When You Travel?

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6 Ways to Experience the Danish Art of Coziness

Do you know what hygge is? This Danish word is pronounced as “hoo-guh,” and it became quite popular around the world during the last few years. This word is hard to translate because it has several meanings which compliment each other. First, hygge means coziness. It also means warmth, comfort, well-being, and togetherness. Hygge is about enjoying little things: wearing a cozy sweater, drinking hot chocolate with close friends, or watching Netflix with family. Many people agree that we need more hygge in our everyday lives, but most of all, hygge is good when you’re traveling.

What You Should Know About Danish Concept of Hygge

According to Denmark’s official website for tourists, hygge is a feeling and an experience. Hygge is about creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Thus, coziness is hygge, but hygge is more than just coziness. Hygge became a well-known aspect of the Danish culture and represents the best about the Danish way of life. According to numerous surveys, Danes are the happiest people in Europe, and hygge is one of the reasons why they are so peaceful. Danes always create an atmosphere of hygge — they meet with friends more often than other Europeans and spend a lot of time with their families.
You need hygge if you’re tired of your everyday stresses, as it helps you feel satisfied with the present moment. There is no list of certain activities that can bring hygge into your life. The main thing is to do what makes you feel happy, safe, and relaxed. For example, you can light candles or wrap yourself in a cozy blanket. There many other words associated with this feeling in the Danish language. For example, if you feel hygge on Sunday, this is called Søndagshygge, if you drink coffee — it’s kaffehygge. Many Danes also have a special cozy corner in a room, with cushions and blankets — it’s called hyggekrog. As you can see, hygge is a quite flexible concept, so you can easily create hygge when traveling, and we are going to tell you how.

How to Experience Hygge While Traveling

Choose a right destination

If you really want to make your trip all about hygge, what can be better than to visit Denmark? We’ve already mentioned that it’s the happiest country in Europe, and it also has numerous options designed specifically for people who are looking for hygge. There are many coffee shops where you can feel hygge. Cafe Paludan is filled with books so it’s the best place to turn off your phone and forget about work. The Living Room is a perfect choice for everyone who likes to stare at the fire. You can also visit the Kastellet Fortress or Frederiksberg Gardens and enjoy hygge outside.
Kastellet Fortress Denmark

Kastellet Fortress – image by Casey Goodlett via Wikimedia Commons

Travel comfortably

No matter what destination you choose, hygge means that you should travel comfortably. Start with choosing the most comfortable means of transport. Some people prefer driving a car, while others would rather choose a plane or train, relax in a chair, and listen to their favorite music in headphones, watching how landscapes change behind the window. No matter what you choose, make your journey cozy and comfortable!

Travel with friends

Hygge is impossible without socialization. Of course, you can feel comfortable and relaxed alone, but what can be better than to share your experiences with friends? If you don’t know who to call or if all your friends are busy, you can find friendly people in the country of destination. Such sources as Showaround, Rent a Local Friend, and Global Greeter will help you.

Take Hygge With You

Alma Nielsen, a creative writer at College Writers team, was born in Denmark and has lived there her whole life. Alma says that you can take hygge wherever you go: “You can make the atmosphere much more hygge if you light scented candles. Your favorite scent can work wonders, no matter where you are or how stressful your day was. Put on cashmere socks or wool shoes, listen to your favorite music, and you will feel what hygge is.”

Unplug for a while

Tivoli Garden Denmark

Tivoli Garden in Central Copenhagen

There’s too much information on the internet, and we all spend too much time with our smartphones. Perhaps, sometimes you may want to check your messages and don’t even notice how time goes by while you’re reading the latest news about politics or scrolling your feed on social media with no particular purpose. What about taking a break and reading a book or a magazine instead? These are real things, you feel them with your fingers, and they are certainly more hygge than a smartphone or a tablet.

Don’t rush

When you travel slowly, you have much more time to connect with new places and to notice many little things. Take your time and go for a walk instead of driving to the most popular spots in a city. Pay attention to sounds and colors. Try not to think about anything in particular and just feel the atmosphere around — you won’t even notice how you start practicing hygge.


Hygge is a Danish concept that means comfort, coziness, pleasure, and happiness. You can create hygge everywhere you go, and it can make your journey unforgettable. Pay your attention to little things that make you happy, spend more time with your friends, create a warm and cozy atmosphere, and you will understand why Danes are the happiest people in the world!

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