Discovering the Culture & Festivals of Mizoram in Northeast India

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Authentic Mizoram, India

Mizoram is one of the eight states in North East India, primarily occupied by the Mizo tribes who are one of the most ancient in India. Approximately 95% of the population of Mizoram is of native tribal decent. However, 87% of the population identifies as of the Christian religion. Being a state of pretty lakes, lush green valleys, and free-flowing rivers, Mizoram makes for an endearing tourist destination. And not to forget the festivals of Mizoram, which are a joyous peek into their culture and celebrations.
In this article, let’s take a look at some of the best places to visit in Mizoram, along with major festivals that you shouldn’t miss visiting. Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, is the primary destination from where you can navigate to the tourist attractions below.

Must See Attractions

Mizoram India

Photo Credits – Sayannath from Unsplash

Vantawang Falls

Distance from Aizawl: 137 km
Best time to visit: September to January
One of the most scenic places in Mizoram is Vantawang Falls. It is a spectacular waterfall, also the highest in Mizoram, and stands as the 13th highest in India. It usually takes around a 3 to 4-hour drive by car from Aizawl to reach Mizoram. The stunning beauty of the waterfalls is enhanced by the densely covered forest and the lush green terrain all around. Though you are not allowed to go near the waterfalls, the serene views from a distance are nonetheless picturesque.

Palak Lake

Distance from Aizawl: 330 km
Best time to visit: September to November
Palak Lake is a natural oval-shaped lake, which is a popular tourist attraction in Mizoram. The lake is surrounded by green forests that provide extremely picturesque views. It’s also famous for spotting exotic species of flora and fauna. You may even spot an elephant while on the spot. It is also home to wetland and hill birds of the region, and the Pintail Duck that migrates in winter stops over here. It’s a pretty lake where you can have a beautiful relaxing day.

Murlen National Park

Distance from Aizawl: 233 km
Best time to visit: October to March
Murlen National Park is situated in the Champhai district and is rich in flora, fauna, and medicinal herbs and plants. The Murlen National Park is famous for wildlife such as tiger, sambar deer, leopard, barking deer, giant squirrel, Black bears of the Himalayas, Hume’s pheasant, and Mynas. There are six Mura caves surrounding the Murlen National Park, which are Tan Tlangis, Zokhawthar, Lamsial Puk, Zokhawthar, and Hnahlan. These caves were carved in the earlier days to protect people from a man-eating eagle named Mura. It makes an excellent destination to explore the lives and circumstances of the people who had inhabited the place.

Rih Dil Lake

Distance from Aizawl: 224 km
Best time to visit: September to March
The Rih Dil Lake is quite a mysterious lake, situated on the border between Myanmar and Mizoram. It is a heart-shaped natural lake, which is believed to be a passage for souls to enter their adobe. The lake is named after a girl named Rihi, and one intriguing fact is that, right after the edge of the basin, the water gets very deep!

Phawngpui Peak

Distance from Aizawl: 300 km
Best time to visit: November to April
Phawngpui Peak is the highest in Mizoram and an ideal spot for those who love trekking. It is located in the Phawngpui National Park, and traditions believe that the Goddess of the Mizo tribe resides in it. Trekking to the peak of the Phawngpui mountains brings out the adventurous side in you. All through the trek, you are treated with scenic views of gorgeous landscapes.


Anthurium Festival

The Anthurium Festival is purely for tourism purposes, which is held in October and showcases the flora of Mizoram. The festival is celebrated for three days and is an extravaganza of music, dance, sports, games, handloom, and handicrafts.

Chapchar Kut Fesitval

Mizoram Chapchar Kut Festival

Photo Credits – Public.Resource.Org from Flickr

Chapchar Kut festival is a festival of joy that is celebrated after preparing the fields for Jhum cultivation. The festival unites all the tribes of Mizoram, and it happens in March. Since it’s a festival of joy, they even made sure that all disputes in the family/between families (or) tribes were sorted out by a joint board before it began. Liquor and joyful dance are the highlights of the festival, and to this day, the festival is celebrated with the same enthusiasm.

Mim Kut Festival

The Mim Kut is a festival is celebrated after the successful harvest of Maize. It falls in the months of August and September and is celebrated with rice-beer, exquisite local cuisine, dancing, singing, and traditional games.

Pawl Kut Festival

Pawl Kut is yet another festival that is celebrated when the harvest is over at some point in December to January.

Interesting things about Mizoram

Two-wheeler Taxis

India Streets
Two-wheeler taxis in Mizoram are a big plus when it comes to transport ( Mizoram is also the first place where this originated ). You can easily find one anywhere, and they charge INR 10 for the first kilometer and INR 5 for every subsequent kilometer after that. While these are generally used for short intercity trips between city blocks, most of the tourist attractions are at the southern end of Mizoram, which requires a car or a taxi that can be hired from Aizawl.

Shops without Shopkeepers

Well, this may seem a little hard to believe, but the Mizos think that it’s a way to build trust. On the highways, you can find shops with fruits with their prices written on it and a box where you can place your money for the fruits you pick up/purchase. The honor system still lives in Mizoram!

Mizo Cuisine

Mizo Cuisine is delicious and nutritious, but it can be bland. However, with some salt/pepper can be tasteful and enjoyed. Some of the popular dishes in the Mizo cuisine are the Bamboo Shoot Fry, Bai, Mizo Vawksa, Paanch Phoron Torkari, and Chhum Han. Make sure to try these delicacies when in Mizoram.

Final Thoughts

That is it for the article, guys! Have you visited Mizoram anytime? Or are you planning a vacation near soon? Let us know in the comments. I would love to hear your experiences of this beautiful state 🙂

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