Celebrating Travel 2020 – Changes to Expect in the New Year

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Millennial Travel Trends

What comes in mind when you hear about New Year celebrations? Maybe a New Year resolution. Our school days are over, and we are now at an age where traveling to foreign lands is actually possible and more than just a dream. Something else crosses our minds too. The party! Night outs and hanging out with family are part of the celebration too. Drinking, inviting, meeting, and the party goes on every year.
We all know that the month of January is not just about resolutions, but bringing some big changes in your life! I can’t tell you the new chapters of your life or the new opportunities that may appear for you. To be honest, you probably already have a feeling about what’s in store. But here, we are going to emphasize the things that you can do in the upcoming year beyond the normal traditions.

Common New Year Traditions

Before moving any further, let’s talk about common customs and promises we make every year. Some will decide about dieting, of course after they are done with the holiday eating and parties. For many of us parades, fireworks and concerts are the beginning of a new year and new beginning.

Start Fresh

This is what goes all around the world. People love the idea of a fresh start. Some the traditions are for good luck. Some are for keeping loves at our side and for many people the tradition of going on a first of the year health kick is custom.


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This energetic generation is bringing new trends and traditions. They dare to question old school customs. So, let’s see how the millennials want to celebrate the New Year. What is in their minds about the celebrations of the New Year?

Celebrating New Year the Millennial Way

Disconnection is another trait associated with millennials. The reason is they hate extravagant celebrations. Attending a New Year dinner with the whole family seems like a burden to them. So, they end up finding other ways to celebrate their lives.

People on Their Phone

People are now connected more to their phones than to people! You will see them more active on Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok than attentively participating in the conversation happening in a gathering. So, they use their phones to avoid indulging in family drama. They are least interested in meeting and greeting everyone or anyone in the family. Nowadays, kids have a chance only to greet the people they meet in the living room. They don’t go out of their way to smile at anyone. We also know it is slightly difficult for this generation to being asked about their plans. If you will ask about the old New Year traditions, they were more about drinking together, and kids were supposed to stay indoors or just be with the family. Teenagers will go clubbing and partying with other friends.
They still kiss their loved ones when the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, but it is a little different than the old ways of celebrations. Most of them are found hanging with their friends instead of having a dinner or party at home.

Millennials are Changing the Way We Travel

They don’t limit their New Year celebration to one evening. They make the whole year like they deserve to party and own the world. Yes, the new travel trends of 2020 are exciting and thrilling for the explorer types and the ones who are tired of mourning in work cubicles.

Changing Travel Trends For 2020

Train travel is going to become more popular with luxurious trips to exotic places. Train travel provides a slow travel experience with more scenic views, luxury entertainment and other facilities. It will going to be even more popular in Europe where the train system more up to date with new equipment and more routes.
Short trips are going to trend too. Due to the shortage of time and money, this idea seems more appropriate, instead of taking one long trip once a year. People are enjoying smaller trips of 2-3 days multiple times to different places.

Minimal Travel

Minimal travel is becoming a popular preference for the new year. People are less interested in luxurious hotels or cars. They love experiencing nature — some quality time choosing the activity of hiking.

Each Generation Has a Different Approach to Life

Woman Hikers
While younger people seem like they may be disconnected, they are actually connecting with the world. Ask about any new gadgets or the latest news, and you will get it all on their phone. So, this year expect Millennials to hijack your old drinking parties. They have new games and new ideas to celebrate the day. You can find some of them in the corners hiding behind the books with a coffee. Others are on the road challenging old trends and traditions and telling you to prioritize eco-friendly products on this New Year evening.

What Are You Planning Now?

We understand the essence of traditional celebrations, and it must be the most amazing party too. However, boomers have reasons for their kind of party, while millennials prefer it differently. Some will look up for more ease in 2020, while others will make a list of gadgets they are going to add in their life. If you go a little further, you will find people unchaining them from cubicles making solid travel plans to get close to nature.

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