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A Trip to Mira Vista Nudist Resort

One of the perks of having a Laguna del Sol gold membership is the chance to spend 15 days per year at their sister resort Mira Vista outside Tucson without paying day fees. My wife and I recently spent two days at the lovely Mira Vista Resort.
Since the last time I was there, Wayne and Suzanne Schell have added more condo units for purchase or rental and the grounds have more of a community feel to them now. The condo units look nice from the outside, but I have not seen the inside. A member from Laguna del Sol I met while walking the grounds, who goes there each year, said the new condo units are two bedroom and very nice. I’ll save that for another trip.

Mira Vista Nudist Resort in Tucson, Arizona

The RV spots along the outside parking area allow those of us who bring trailers to use the facility. Our next trip may just be in our fifth wheel trailer. The native vegetation, including some spectacular saguaro cactus along the fence and outer edge adds to the desert feel of the space and compliment the architecture of the whole resort. The resort has plenty of native plants and trees that add to the charm of the facility.
We didn’t see much wildlife while we were there for our short visit, but on previous visits I have seen Javelinas walking through the complex and we did see a large cat, possibly a bobcat, a short way off the grounds when we were heading out one night. Birds and lizards were much more plentiful on the grounds.
For this trip we had one of the older units without a kitchen, but each unit has a coffee maker and small refrigerator with a freezer. More than adequate if your plans don’t include dining in. The resort has a restaurant that is open four days a week, Thursday through Sunday.
The units feature a king bed and a small foyer area where the refrigerator and coffee maker are joined by a small table and two chairs for relaxing inside when the temperatures are just too hot outside to wander out of the room.
Mira Vista Nudist Resort Pool

Mira Vista Pool Area

We spent most of our time walking the grounds and lounging by the pools. There is a hot tub in its own structure out front of the main building. The other pools, including the conversation/pool hot tub, and volleyball pool are in a large fenced area including a large shaded area with tables and loungers for a relaxing day near the water.
I was able to take my laptop out to begin writing this story while enjoying the cool weather of the March day. It will be warming up over the next few weeks, so the pool ramada area will be a lot more ‘crowded’ than it was that week. There are plenty of spots in the sun and the shade to enjoy the grounds.
If you are the type of person who wants to spend time in or near their room rather than the common areas, most rooms seem to have a table and chairs outside for sitting, spaced throughout the grounds are more places to stop and relax. There are also several water features in the common areas. There are walkways throughout the complex.
I’m kind of a WiFi needy guy so the easy access and good signal were a big plus for me. I have not been impressed by the lip service clubs give to “WiFi throughout” so it was a nice surprise to actually be able to get on line and be able to conduct business from the pool.
The resort features a gym with a wide variety of equipment too and it did not seem to be crowded at all during the day. On my previous visits I have been there for AANR meetings, so I know they also have a large meeting room adjacent to the gym that works well for conducting meetings if you have a group outing planned.

AANR Government Affairs Team (GAT)

Wayne and Suzanne have been big supporters of my efforts with Government Affairs (GAT) and AANR, in fact while I was enjoying Mira Vista, they were supporting the AANR-West President who was attending a trade show in Sacramento. They provided accommodations at Laguna del Sol so he had a place to stay while staffing the AANR-West booth at the annual California Parks and Recreations Show (CPRS). This event provides an opportunity for we nudist activists to meet with staff and administrators from many public parks and municipalities who are attending the training conference to learn about trends and activities for public lands.
GAT and AANR-West use this annual event to meet the administrators and educate the staff who will be the administrators of the future and let them know nudists need park lands too. Not everyone can go to a beautiful place like Mira Vista or Laguna del Sol or may not even care too. But those of us advocating for nude use of public lands use these opportunities to push for greater access to those lands currently not open to nudists.
We spend a great deal of time letting public officials know nudists want to use parks and lands just like any other user. There are parks set aside for off-roaders, model plane enthusiast and climbers; we want to have the ability to use parks too as we see fit to meet our recreational needs. Without the support of the owners of the resorts we would not be able to spread the word about nude recreation. It is people like the Schells, providing support to us that make it possible for us to reach a wider audience.

Wayne & Suzanne Schell also own Laguna Del Sol Nudist Resort in Sacramento, Calif.

Fighting for Nudist Rights!

The support of the various nudist communities makes it possible for Government Affairs to spread the word about wholesome nudists venues and fight to expand on public lands the right to shed our clothes and enjoy these places as we see fit. In the Tucson area there are other areas where nudists would like to be free to use the parks and trails unencumbered by clothes. By reaching out to the wider communities we educate people on what a great time can be had skinny dipping and relaxing without the pressure of wearing the ‘right’ attire.

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