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Ever dreamed about golden Caribbean beaches? Virgin mountains that remain untouched? Having tons of fun with friendly people everywhere? Then you should travel to Venezuela! Go Vene is the largest travel and tourism agency in Venezuela.

We offer personalized assistance and we can manage any hotel or flight reservation in Venezuela, all inclusive packages, tours and activities under great safety for the traveler. Welcome to Venezuela, welcome to Paradise! Whatever might be your reason of visiting, Go Vene tours is the best in Venezuela with personal assistance in every corner of the country.

From the cosmopolitan and rapidly growing Caracas to the marvelous heavenly beaches of Margarita and Los Roques, from the friendly Andean air of Merida to the imposing jungle of Gran Sabana and Amazonas, the options are endless. We offer a wide variety of accommodation services, hotels and lodges during the year.

Traveling to Venezuela is not just doing tourism, it is a life experience that changes a person for ever. Go Vene offers you a wide variety of reservations, tours and packages adapted always to your needs.

Choose what suits you best and …don’t forget to contact us for more information. Your trip, your way!

Author: Nikos Christo, a Travel Agent who has worked at the Tourism and Hospitality sector for many years in various countries. Christo recently stated “Traveling is about moments & emotions. I love to offer the tourist all the undiscovered treasures.”


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