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Aafia Khalid, is living in Leeds, United Kingdom, with her parents who are from Egypt. She loves to explore and share about the travel experiences, travel destinations, history and cultures around the World

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Let Yourself Go! Travel to Recapture the Love of Life

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“It is time to take the road less traveled and be your own unique self instead of trying to be a fake selfie photo like all the other Facebook individuals who merely claim to be fabulous.”

The Internet is flooded with the ideas about finding yourself by traveling or recapturing your spirit by exploring the history. The list goes on. Yet, people are often only talking about travel experiences on the web and social media. They create their online persona sharing their moments on social media and posing for selfies. Selfies are the new cool. Glamour is standard and pretense is the lifestyle. The moment you log-in to your social media accounts, you’ll find it’s a place to see and be seen. Everyone is trying to find themselves in the feed and seeing who’s going viral. It’s a life that’s controlled, planned and scheduled. Welcome to the era of the Millennial Generation.

Be Your Real Self – Not a Selfie!

Let’s have a look at life from another perspective. Consider that life starts making sense the moment you let yourself go from the controlled routine to explore new experiences in new places. When we make it less about being ourselves and more about becoming a completely new person, this is the time we evolve and grow as a person. Growth is the necessary part. However, social media has failed the entire generation by keeping them busy with everything. . .but really it’s all nothing.

Why it’s Important to Let Yourself Go?

Virtual Reality has made it convenient to learn a lot of information about any place around the world. Yet, are we losing the essence of feeling? The one bright ray of sun on your face, the feel of swimming in a crystal clear ocean is unmatched with any technology. Happier people are those that have found their thrill in nature and reality. They are sometimes uncomfortable, they are broke at times, but they are happily living life to the fullest by opening their minds to the wonderful possibilities and growing with each moment.
Greek Bronze Statue

Ancient Greek Bronze Statue

You can never live with the same behavior patterns and call it a happy life because it is routine (aka: the grind). Life is about change, evolving every second and living every moment. The spa is fancy and relaxing and a great experience. But nature is free and time spent walking in a forest is soothing to the soul. It is a happening in itself, it will unleash hidden marvels that still crave to be discovered. Imagine yourself walking on a nature trail, cycling in a beautiful park, snorkeling at the beach, scuba diving in the ocean or a simple running on the road can be such an emotional high it can re-charge your spirit.

So, if you really want to learn something new and experience the whole new world, let’s explore the world together. It’s 2019 and a few months have already flown away. Don’t miss another day sneaking into social media applications and start satisfying your emotional needs.

Give Your Mind Some Space to Grow

Ever notice the growth of plants? They grow in space, their roots expand and nourishment from the sun keeps them alive. All it requires is nutrients and space. Your mind has a similar habit and it needs it too. We have the flood of information and big data is proving it. All we need a space, living life in a cubicle can only take you through the responsibilities and miseries going around. It needs fresh air to breathe and your heart needs to feel all the emotions.

Pack Your Bag!

It is obvious, but all you need is a starter pack. Don’t pack everything you could ever possibly need. Relax, leave it behind and be a new person on your trip. Now, don’t take it so seriously you change the identity! Travel as who you are, but give your heart wings and let it free to experience new places and food and ways of doing things. Enjoy a new city or new country and appreciate the people and allow your new joy to build your inner strength. The local people, music and food can give your soul a new direction.

Plan Each Day, But Leave Room for the Unknown!

Adventure Travel
If you’re an entrepreneur from the millennial generation, you might have the habit of planning each day. Most of us plan our day from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep at night. Drop this habit for your travel experience! Some people buy an airline ticket to a foreign land and only make the first two nights hotel reservations and figure out the rest of the trip on the fly. Some others plan each day with one cool activity and leave the rest as free time to explore. Don’t make your smartphone the center of you travel experience. Put the gadget down and enjoy the journey. It’s the ultimate way to get back in touch with your inner self.

The longer you live creating a fake social media world, you’re wasting time being just a dreamer. However the moment you step outside of your comfort zone you become a doer! It’s a magical transformation to experience life in the cities of Europe, Africa or Asia.

Make a List of Historical Places

Once you figure out where you want to travel, do some online research to find a list of museums, historical places or ancient ruins to explore. Shortlist some that you love and then find a travel agent who specializes in this area to help arrange the perfect trip. Yes, I am asking you to cut the social media and leave the internet. We all know that it has become a part of daily life. Use it only where you have no other option to do a task such as finding the names of historical places.

Practice Socializing More!

Socializing with strangers can bring out the storyteller out of you. Allow yourself to interact with people more. A friendly smile and cheerful voice can bring out a warm response. Sometimes, you will get nothing from the other person and some people will flat out shut you down. BUT, you’ll have stories to tell. You are now experiencing people better and understanding their different state of minds. Great learning experience indeed.

Reinvent Yourself!

“Life has a strange way of taking away dreams, crush them in front of you and ask you to be patient!”

Traveling just may be the best chance to reinvent yourself. Life has a strange way of taking away dreams, crush them in front of and ask you to be patient. If you feel a building fire to reinvent yourself, considering roughing it. Traveling teaches you survival extincts and will awake the inner dragon sleeping within you. Stay in a Hostel or 2-star or 3-star hotel where it may not be as nice as that luxury resort, but the people will be more real. Be real, not phony if you want to change your patterns. Follow your dreams! Don’t give up on the 1st three falls, keep trying until you get it right. “Impossible” is not even worth considering, of course it’s possible! You have a complete life and if you don’t grow and adjust, it will suck the life out of you.

Death is not only a loss of life, but a soul can die too. The heart can stop beating when you lose hope and the things you dream about. Never a take a risk of losing it having lived all the lives you want and the places you want to experience. Gather up the courage to take a step forward, leave the old self behind and grab the new one.

In the world full of despair and people running to find themselves, allow yourself. . .to let go of yourself. Leave the routine that is not serving you better. Give your mind some space to grow with a new brilliance. Enjoy the Journey!


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  1. Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my iphone and tested to see if it can survive a twenty five foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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Aafia Khalid

Travel Writer

Aafia Khalid, is living in Leeds, United Kingdom, with her parents who are from Egypt. She loves to explore and share about the travel experiences, travel destinations, history and cultures around the World

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