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Catherine Wiley can be found writing, developing and designing travel-related content. She enjoys the ever-changing world of sports, outdoors and the best travel destinations. Currently she is working on her main project Gear Expert Guides.

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Outdoor and Camping Gear

Are you wondering what to take with you on your camping or hiking trip? Well, we’ve put together the best travel guide containing all the essential travel gear equipment to help you stay safe, warm and comfortable throughout your amazing adventures!

As much as we love the principles of minimalist travel which advise us to lighten our travel load, there are some types of equipment for traveling you can’t afford to leave behind. Cameras, rain gear, backpacks, some solid footwear, and other miscellaneous travel accessories are all valuable additions to an independent traveler’s ‘arsenal.’

That’s why we have come up with the best travel guide covering the different ‘must have’ travel gear. We hope that some of these resources will go a long way in giving you an unforgettable and fun-filled outdoor experience. Take a look!

Getting the Best Backpack for Your Camping Gear

A large backpack

We will start this camping must have list with probably the most crucial piece of your camping gear. This is just what you will use to carry all your equipment. After all, how do you expect to take your excellent tools with you if you don’t have the right backpack?

Remember that a traveler luggage comes in different sizes, shapes, and styles depending on his or her travel preferences. That’s why as independent travellers, we love using travel backpacks because they are large enough to carry all the equipment we need.

However, we have also used huge wheeled suitcases. Even so, we felt that nothing is more comfortable or convenient than using a properly fitted backpack!

Hiking Gear Outerwear Essentials

Shop for the right travel clothes

Even if you are traveling to the most exotic locations in the world, you’ll need to carry some essential backpacking accessories to keep you safe from injuries and the adverse weather conditions. Excellent and solid outerwear is one of the crucial things you will have to include in your travel luggage.

However, don’t just go picking any outerwear you find out there. No! Instead, what you will require depend on the season and destination you’ll be traveling to. Such means that anything from your lightweight travel blanket to your warmest winter coat could all end up in your backpack.

The Right Footwear Should Be in Your Camping Must Have List

A variety of footwear

Other than just getting the right outerwear, you’ll also to pack proper footwear as part of your hiking gear. We love to travel light and hence, most of our shoes are pretty lightweight. However, if you’re going to a place with steady climate or somewhere where you’re expected to take part in a lot of climbing activities, your camping must have list should have more than just one pair of footwear!

Also, our best travel guide knows that the desire to get more footwear grows as you continue visiting destinations with a higher number of activities to do. Suitable examples include tropical destinations such as Costa Rica. Here, we found ourselves looking for a good pair of shoes one day and some sandals on the next.

The Best Travel Guide Recognizes the Importance of Good Cameras

high performing camera

As crucial as all the above backpacking hacks are, the only two items that we always seem to keep forgetting is our passports and cameras. Such is quite interesting as most of us can hardly imagine going for a trip without them. In fact, travel photography is one of the key reasons why we enjoy traveling so much.

If you also share the same notion or suffer from the same forgetful behaviours, then a camera should be the first thing that goes into your basic backpacking gear. If you don’t have one yet, visit the best travel guide online shops or retail stores and get the highest performing cameras as well as other remarkable photography tools.

Other Important Backpacking Hacks and Traveling Accessories

A few tools for hiking

Below, we have put together some hiking and camping equipment that should also fall into your backpack. We have picked them according to their backpacking versatility, overall quality and value for money. Shockingly, these are tools which your camping advisor or passport travel organizer may fail to tell you. They include:

A Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

Let’s face it, despite what many travel ads try to portray; some places are not quite hygienic as one might expect. Hence, getting a quality sleeping bag should be part of your camping or hiking gear.

We love the silk one because it’s not only comfortable but also very practical especially when it comes to the climate. It does a great job in regulating your body’s temperature whether you’re traveling to Scandinavia or Southeast Asia.

A Luxury Neck Pillow

You hardly find even the best travel accounts telling you to buy a neck pillow. However, here we have learned that you need to have both a thrilling outdoor experience and a comfortable one too. Whether you are catching an overnight flight or spending close to 18 hours on the road, a decent pillow will help to keep your neck in an upright position.

Pen Knife

Pen knives might seem rather outdated, but when it comes to traveling, even the best packing app will tell you never to leave one behind. These small tools will help you in eating and setting up camp among other things.

Most have at least two Flathead screwdrivers, a can opener and lifter, a nail cleaner and nail file as well as an approximately eight-centimeter blade. The sign of a good pen knife is if it’s sharp enough to cut or slice through paper with ease.

A Good Headlamp

Headlamps help greatly especially during the night when you desperately need light to do one or two things. For instance, you may want to set up your tent or to check where some noise is coming from. Now, you don’t need to get a heavy gadget; the best travel guide will tell you that there are powerful 160 lumen glow, lightweight products that will illuminate your world in just a single switch!


With this camping must have list now within your grasp, you’ll have no problem when planning for a holiday trip, hiking expedition or a camping adventure. Once you use these tips to get the right traveling equipment, you’ll among many things, avoid carrying too much luggage or forgetting essential gear. Now, from this simple list, is there any camping gear you can’t go without?


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Catherine Wiley

Travel Blogger

Catherine Wiley can be found writing, developing and designing travel-related content. She enjoys the ever-changing world of sports, outdoors and the best travel destinations. Currently she is working on her main project Gear Expert Guides.

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