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"Rae-Rae" was born in Austria and raised in Orlando, Florida. She currently works with Rae-Rae is a passionate traveler who’s seen over forty countries. She's an avid photographer and journalist and writes about all things travel and focuses on creating quality content for people.

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Places On The Planet For Meeting With Elephants

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A Photo Safari is an Amazing Travel Experience

Elephants are lovable animals, and they are usually a wonder to behold. Seeing them on the television, or on any social media platform could look normal to you. However, seeing them, in reality, happens to be an entirely different ball game.

If you are privileged to go to a nature park or a zoo, which are the usual places to visit, you would definitely come to the conclusion that they are one of the most interesting creatures you have seen, and it is usually interesting to watch them.

When you go to such places, you would see people who are huge fans of wildlife, taking pictures of any close by the elephant. This is why you would see some of these pictures in magazines, in stores, supermarkets and other notable joints. They are known to be a natural form of beauty.

The places listed below, are the top 5 places on the planet where you can meet with Elephants:

Chiang Mai Province in Thailand

Big Elephants

When it comes to nice places to visit, the Chiang Mai Province is one of the choicest places to visit in Thailand. There are known to be many notable elephants’ reserves which are found in the Mae Sa Valley. Getting there from Chiang Mai is quite an easy one, as it takes around two hours’ drive to get there.

People who are visiting the province would certainly learn one or two things from the place, especially its residents who are referred to as Mahouts.

Basically, when growing up at an early age, the Mahouts are often grouped with an elephant that has been domesticated. The purpose of this pairing is to ensure that they build a concrete and working relationship with the elephant, which would span over many decades.

Chiang Mai Province is indeed one of the amazing places to visit elephants in Thailand when it comes to sight-seeing or even having a fun time with those lovely creatures.

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Elephant in National Park

This is one of the best places to visit in Zimbabwe, especially when you are visiting the country for the first time. Zimbabwe has lots of amazing places which would surely capture your interest. However, the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe is one like no other.

Now, it is a known fact that the number of elephants in many places, especially in Africa, is currently on the decrease because of poaching. However, the case is different in Hwange, as the population of elephants present there, is on a steady increase. As a matter of fact, some studies have shown that, based on the population increase, the elephants present there might exceed the total resources which are available for them.

Nonetheless, the population is currently stable, and the elephants present there are thriving well. Also, there is a good relationship between the camps, lodges, the conservationists and other important features. With this solid relationship present, we can be sure that the population would continue to flourish.

The best times to visit the Hwange National park in Zimbabwe is during the dry season, that is between July and October, and you would be glad that you did. Just like one of the best places to visit in lake district national park, the Hwange National park has an impressive game viewing.

You would also see other animals of interests such as Lions, wild dogs, buffalos and lots of various species of birds.

Kinabatangan River, Borneo

The Kinabatangan River can be found in Borneo, Malaysia, and it is one of the best accessible places where you can see lots of elephants. This place is home to some of the oldest rain forests in the world, which has lots of exotic plants and animals which you would not just see at any random conservation park.

There are also canopy walkways and strange systems of caves. Now, if you want to spot wild diminutive elephants, then you would have to find your way on Sabah’s lengthiest river, which is known as the Kinabatangan River.

You would be able to see wild little elephants, as they reside around the river, with other animals such as to monitor lizards, proboscis monkeys, orangutans, and even macaques.

Now, the Kinabatangan River can be accessed by foot during jungle walks or even cruising on the river. At times, you would see the animals walking in the open areas or even across the river.

One of the major reasons why it is easy to see these animals is, the deforestation which has taken place, has a remnant of the narrow strip which is on any side of the river where they wander.

The undersized elephant families are around 70 animals, so seeing them is quite easy.

Katavi National Park, Tanzania

In the rainy season, the Katavi National which is located far-off in Tanzania is usually a heap of luxurious vegetation and waterways. However, during the dry season, the case is usually different when the water draws back, that the park comes alive in its natural form. Now, there is only one source of drinking water, which is the Katamu river.

Hence, it attracts a plethora of game such as elephants and hippopotamus. It has been estimated that around 4000 elephants could meet in this area, alongside with zebras, giraffes, buffaloes and the likes.

Now, asides the fact that this place is one of the best places to see wildlife in their truest form, visiting this place could also be like taking you back in time. Walking in parks like these presents an amazing way to sightsee the region at the level of the animals.

Chobe National Park, Botswana

Elephant Family

The Chobe National Park happens to be the most popular park in Botswana, known to have the highest population of elephants in entire Africa. There is an approximated population of around 50,000- 60,000 elephants here. An expedition in this park would avail you the opportunity of seeing these animals in their numbers.

The best times to see them would be during the dry season, which would be between June and November. This is when the elephants would stand close to the banks of the river, and cross in order to eat fresh vegetation.

Possibly, the best way to sight them could be when you are on a boat, this would allow you to get close and take some amazing photographs.

Now, you would not also see elephants, there are also buffaloes, zebras, giraffe and other animals for your viewing pleasure. On the plains, you would also see predators such as wild dogs, lions, and the likes.


The places listed above, are found at different places in the world, and they are all notable places where you can see lots of elephants. It would interest you to know that these creatures still exist, and they are well taken care of.

Hence, if you are bored, or you are thinking of going on an expedition, you could try out any of the aforementioned places, and see nature revealed in the beauty of these animals.

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Rachel Hudson

Travel Blogger

"Rae-Rae" was born in Austria and raised in Orlando, Florida. She currently works with Rae-Rae is a passionate traveler who’s seen over forty countries. She's an avid photographer and journalist and writes about all things travel and focuses on creating quality content for people.

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