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For all the enthusiastic backpackers out there, traveling on a budget is not as difficult as you may think. If you are genuinely passionate about it and money is the only impediment getting in the way of your dreams, don’t worry. We got your back. Below you can find a list of the cheapest destinations to travel to as of right now.

I’ve always fallen in love with places I’ve never traveled to. They give out that air of mystery, curiosity, fashion – they leave footprints in my heart
John Christian, freelancer at Assignment Masters and world traveler

Transylvania, Romania

Translyvania Romania

Corvin Castle is also known as Hunyad Castle in Hunedoara, Romania

Best Time to Visit: late April
Currency: Romanian Leu
Conversion Rate: 1 USD = 4.06 RON ~ 10/17/2018
Traveling to the Vampire Land might be one of the coolest tips you’ve taken. Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains and home to beautiful landscapes, Transylvania rated Lonely Planet’s top regions to visit in the world in 2016.

“Transylvania is experiencing a renaissance, with cutting-edge art scenes, emerging nightlife, excellent skiing and rich wildlife watching including bison, wolves, lynx and bears,” said Tom Hall, Lonely Planet’s editorial director in an interview for

Trust me, Transylvania is definitely worth your time. Here are some of the top places to visit in this astonishing region:

  • Bran Castle – built more than 600 years ago, Bran Castle (also known as Dracula’s Castle), is one of Transylvania’s main attractions. Here, tourists can visit museums and find out more about Romania’s history, as well as visit art and furniture items collected by Queen Marie. You can also take part in national exhibitions in various times of the year.
  • Peleș Castle – located at the foot of some of Romania’s most beautiful mountains (Bucegi), Peleș Castle was commissioned by King Carol I and completed no later than 1883. It was the residence of the royal family until 1947, according to
  • Brașov – this city is one of the most visited places in Romania; it is situated very close to Bran Castle and it is a must-see if you’ve decided to visit Transylvania. Tip: visit the Black Church downtown Brașov!
  • Cluj-Napoca – declared Europe’s Youth Capital in 2015, Cluj-Napoca continues to amaze the young public traveling here (and not only!). Cluj is the second most advanced city in the country, both socially and economically, right after the country’s capital, Bucharest. Tip: if you are a student, visit Piezișa Street!
  • Sighișoara – visit the Church on the Hill, the 13th century Venetian House, and the Church of the Dominican Monastery!
  • Turda Salt Mine – the first museum of salt mining in Transylvania, Turda Salt Mine is renowned for its incredible indoor structure and machinery used to transport salt.
  • The Merry Cemetery, Maramureș – “…at the Cimitirul Vesel, over 600 wooden crosses bear the life stories, dirty details, and final moments of the bodies they mark. Displayed in bright, cheery pictures and annotated with limericks are the stories of almost everyone who has died of the town of Săpânţa,” writes
  • Naples, Italy

    Naples Italy

    Naples, Italy by the Mediterranean Sea

    Best Time to Visit: late October
    Currency: Euro
    Convert Rate: 1 USD = 0.86 EUR ~ 10/15/2018
    Italy is one of the best and cheapest places to visit in Western Europe…. if you’re not on a diet. Leaving jokes aside, consider choosing Naples as your next destination, and you’ll come back smiling and repeating, Veni Vidi Amavi. The people, the food, the language, the bars – they’ll leave you speechless. Italy is a great European experience if you know how where to go and what to do. Here are some ideas for Naples –

    • Naples Harbor – here, you can find beautiful, romantic views of the whole city, millions of fancy cafes and outdoor bars, and most importantly, delicious ice-cream!
    • Naples Cathedral – dating back to the fourth century, Naples Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in the city; here you can visit amazing frescoes and Roman columns.
    • San Martino Monastery and Museum – home to the Museo Nazionale di San Martino; beautiful views from Belvedere.
    • San Domenico Maggiore – one of the most visited attractions in Naples, San Domenico church accommodates plenty of Renaissance artwork worth seeing.
    • Cappella Sansevero — The chapel’s most unusual exhibits are the pair of Anatomical Machines, demonstrating the human circulatory system and muscles, built on actual skeletons using wire, silk, and beeswax

    Puerto Escondido, Mexico

    Puerto Escondido Mexico

    Puerto Escondido, Mexico

    Best Time to Visit: from December to April (dry season)
    Currency: Mexican Peso
    Convert Rate: 1 dollar = 18.86 MXN ~ 10/15/2018
    If you want to have a blast at one of Mexico’s most famous beaches, pick Puerto Escondido in the State of Oaxaca. Here, you can enjoy numerous fresh fruit markets and a distinctive Oaxacan cuisine under the warm Mexican sun. You could also surf and meet various people while staying in hostels. Here’s a few of the best places to visit in Puerto Escondido:

    • Playa Zicatela – a long and wide Mexican beach with soft, white sand.
    • Laguna de Manialtepec – watch the bioluminescent effect on the lagoon! It’s something unique; you can see yourself becoming fluorescent in the water.
    • Lagunas de Chacahua Parque Nacional – take a lagoon tour and enjoy the animals and good food!
    • Puerto Angelito Beach – watch the boats move in and out the Mexican dock while enjoying some wine at a cozy restaurant along the coast.
    • Playa Coral – not crowded at all! You can even camp here during the night without bothering anyone. Tranquil and peaceful place.
    • El Mercado – get the Sunday morning market experience!

    Cusco, Peru

    Cusco Peru

    Cusco, Peru

    Best Time to Visit: from June to mid-September
    Currency: Peruvian Sol
    Convert Rate: 1 USD = 3.33 PEN ~ 10/15/2018

    If you’ve considered traveling to one of the most famous Inca sites, Cusco is the right place for you. Machu Picchu is only 70 km away from the city; and meanwhile, you get to experience the Peruvian culture!

    Watch out! Cusco is situated 11,150 feet above sea level, which means — unless you are an experienced mountain climber &mdash you must be careful about the altitude change. Make sure you research how to prepare for high altitude before arriving. Here are some main things to do in and around Cusco:

    • Centro Historico – visit the main square and take a short walk to Cristo Blanco! Take pictures and have a tasty brunch in one of the cozy cafes downtown; through my favorites: El Encuentro Vegetarian Restaurant (only 8 soles per Menu del Día), Green Point Vegan Restaurant (fantastic staff!), and the Chocolate Museum Café (delicious coffee!).
    • Machu Picchu – the most impressive Inca ruins of all times; it’s a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site worth seeing if traveling to Peru.
    • Sacred Valley, Pisac, and Ollantaytambo – less crowded than Machu Picchu but just as beautiful, these three Cusquenian regions are a must-see.
    • The Rainbow Mountain – this one-day trip to Montaña de los 7 Colores will amaze you! Make sure you come prepared for the altitude change again. The hike is three hours long with the trail reaching the main top of 5000+ meters.
    • Sacsayhuaman Archeological Park – many views, history, and altitude! Use a tour guide if possible.
    • Humantay Lake – situated at 4200 m.a.s.l., the Humantay Lake is a spectacular, divine natural wonder to visit!

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Bangkok Thailand

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Best Time to Visit: late November
    Currency: Thai Baht
    Convert Rate: 1 USD = 32.70 THB ~ 10/15/2018
    Thailand was rated backpackers’ favorite country in 2018! Here, you can enjoy incredible food, accommodation, and visit beautiful places on a very tight budget. The capital city has its charms; main places to visit in Bangkok –

    • Wat Pho – visit the Reclining Buddha and its temples! Amazing vibe.
    • The Skytrain – use BTS to get around Bangkok; it’s clean and super-efficient.
    • The Grand Palace – the details of the place seem to be unreal; you must respect a specific dress code to be able to enter; very crowded, but worth seeing.
    • The Chatuchak Market – seems an impossible task, but definitely worth it; you can buy anything from art to books to clothing and ceramics!
    • The National Museum – it contains one of the largest collections of artifacts and Thai art in the whole country!
    • Nana Plaza – the sexual center of Bangkok; you can watch many GoGo bars full of Thai women looking to pleasure you for the evening in return for a fee according to
    • Sathorn Unique Tower – beautiful viewpoint from the top of the building!
    • Chinatown – have a bite in Chinatown to experience the true Asian culture.

    Wrapping It Up

    “Travel makes one modest.
    You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
    – Gustav Flaubert

    As long as you’re a researcher, traveling on a budget should not be a problem. If you’re serious about minimizing costs while maximizing experiences, book a plane ticket to one of the above cheap destinations and have a blast!


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