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Avani Patil is a travel writer by profession and traveler by passion. she would like to spend her free time in the lap of nature.

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Things To Do In Rarotonga, Cook Islands

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If you’re searching for a colorful get-a-way that is much more epic than the typical tourist destination, take a look at Rarotonga in the Cook Islands!
The Cook Islands don’t get as much exposure as they ought to in the U.S. To be honest, this may be how the New Zealanders and Australians might like to keep it as their very own vacation mystery! That is mostly a joke, yet I noticed the serious absence of American’s and I kind of got an unexpected look from the locals when I said I was from the U.S.!
I will admit it’s somewhat of a long flight as it’s in a fairly remote area in the South Pacific, however, New Zealand Air just began direct 9 hour evening flights from Los Angeles so you can actually just got to sleep and wake up in heaven! Read on and you’ll learn about my best favorite activities on the principal island of Rarotonga, which additionally incorporates multi-day outing to their most popular island, Aitutaki! You can discover all the fin things to do in the Cook Islands.

Take a Lagoon Cruise in Rarotonga

Cook Islands

Everybody will tell you a lagoon cruise is a MUST when you visit Rarotonga and the Cook Islands so you should attempt it! Basically, you go out for a large portion of the day on a barge type vessel with a covered rooftop and do some swimming, island investigating, and after that, you get a BBQ fish lunch!
I took Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruise and had some good times time on the wonderful tidal pond! One of the chiefs sang and played Ukulele for us while the other was more uh, stern (“No talking when I’m talking!”, “Pick up the pace!” and furthermore said, “Are you folks going to get off the pontoon” when we got back on the grounds that I was attempting to discover cash in my tote to tip him… he at that point wouldn’t take the tip and guided me to offer it to the next skipper).

Go Paddleboarding or Kayaking

Regardless of whether your party sucks, I would HIGHLY recommend leasing a paddleboard to take out onto the tidal pond! It’s truly cool to see the coral and fish underneath you, in addition to you can investigate at your own pace, stop at more islands, swim at whatever point you see something or feel like it, and make your very own island cookout!
We leased paddleboards from KiteSUP for $30NZD for 2 hours and purchased tidbits and wine from the little small bazaar down the road to take with us. We at that point paddled everything to the littlest uninhabited island and had a little mid-paddle party time on the goliath shakes there!

Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

Most inns will give you a chance to utilize swim gear for nothing, and if not, you can lease them from either Captain Tama’s or the other water sport focuses along Muri Beach. You can go on either guided snorkels or go without anyone else. In any case, there’s unquestionably a huge amount of reefs to see!
For scuba, you’ll unquestionably require a guided visit on the grounds that the boundary reef around the island is exceptionally risky (think Moana.). In any case, you ought to have the capacity to see dark tip sharks, and in certain seasons, whales!

Eat at the Rarotonga Muri Night Market

Another prevalent thing you’ll hear all local people (and bloggers) state to do is eat at the Muri Night Market! It’s in Muri Beach and opens each day at 5 pm, with Sunday’s being the busiest. You’ll discover around twenty nourishment slows down or so with everything from custom made crepes, to noodles (the most prominent), and obviously, delectable fish! Arrive ahead of schedule as nourishment will, in general, run out!

Shop for Sarong’s and Local Oils

Essential Oils
Regardless of whether you have a larger number of sarongs than you recognize how to manage, you’ll most likely end up needing to get one in Rarotonga too. It’s hard not to when you perceive how lovely they look in plain view!
Pick between hand-painted ones (a neighborhood staple) for around $38NZD or printed ones for just $9NZD, and ask the individual you get it from to show you the few different ways they tie them!
Oils are additionally a staple of most Polynesian islands, with some being mass fabricated and others being privately created. I generally get the mass fabricated Manoi Oil since I like the smell of the Frangipani one, however, I additionally got Mama June’s privately delivered oils also. They’re 100% characteristic and produced using fixings on the island. I got one that is a skin alleviating and fix oil, one standard skin oil, and a little enemy of maturing oil for the face.

Swim in Wigmore’s Waterfall

Cascade chasers cheer! There is one cascade on Rarotonga island! Cheer much more on the off chance that you have a rental vehicle or motorbike since then you can essentially drive straight ready! I’d prescribe heading to it generally it’s an actually long climb! You’ll likewise require $5NZD money to enter!
There’s right now development occurring at the stopping point, and despite the fact that it says No Parking, you’re permitted to. When you park, stroll to one side of the development, and a short way will take you appropriate to the excursion zone and cascade.

Complete a Cross-Island Trek

In case you’re a devoted explorer, or simply too daring, a cross-island trek may intrigue you! There’s a trail that leads from the North end of the island, through the wilderness, and over the mountains, and closures at the previously mentioned cascade. It’s ideal to contract a guide for this, particularly since you won’t have any cell administration!
You may see alternatives to complete a visit with a nearby named Pa who used to lead the cross-island trek. He never again does the entire island, yet he does restorative plant climbs!

Day Trip to Aitutaki

Aitutaki Atol Cook Islands

To wrap things up, the one thing we WISHED beyond what anything we could do, yet it didn’t finish up meeting up until it was past the point of no return; multi-day excursion to Aitutaki. In the event that you have restricted time and a genuinely boundless spending plan, Aitutaki is one of the Cook Islands that is said by actually everybody to be completely stunning! Again however it’s at a powerful cost. Only for the day trip which incorporates roundtrip flights and tidal pond journey is over $450NZD.
As I would see it in case you’re willing to pay that much for a multi-day trip, you should fly over alone and remain for two or three evenings, and do the tidal pond voyage on one of the days you’re there!

Move Up Black Rock Beach

On the off chance that you go “clockwise” from the airplane terminal, the main little shoreline you’ll hit in Rarotonga is “Dark Rock Beach.”
It was one of my top choices shorelines due to the shocking, gigantic, dark igneous rock development that bulges out of and appears differently in relation to the electric blue water. You can move down and swim crosswise over to climb it, or simply swim in the thin, delicate shore region in the middle of it and the shore. I will say that the view from its highest point is totally dazzling!

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Avani Patil

Travel Writer

Avani Patil is a travel writer by profession and traveler by passion. she would like to spend her free time in the lap of nature.

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