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Maria Bella is a travel writer from the UK. She specializes in creative, historical and informative articles about world traveling with a focus on Morocco. Maria provides unique and creative content that enables readers to understand the traveling experience that her travel company Virikson Morocco Holidays specializes.

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Morocco’s Thrilling Outdoor Activities

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Morocco’s Most Thrilling Adventure Travel Activities

Morocco, it seems, was made for outdoor explorers who turn that hot daytime into an incredibly rewarding adventure. Climbing incredible mountain trails to view beautiful valleys in the midday sun. See a herd of Barbary sheep while mountain biking along trails hundreds of years old that may bring through cascades and valleys.
I have the great honor to work with Virikson Morocco Holidays which helps people from all over the world come to see this beautiful land, rich with history and incredible adventures. For those who might like to enjoy the country’s amazing scenery at a slower pace in our Morocco holidays 2019, we offer packages that travel through palm-filled valleys with the ability to experience Camel rides through the great Sahara Desert. It’s time to consider an adventure travel trip to Morocco’s great outdoors!

Camel Trekking and Riding in the Sahara Desert

Hiking in the warm Sahara Desert with camels is an oddly soothing experience. Their significant humps rocking back an forth stirring through the desert offer a quiet solitude as their feet step through the sand. You can ride your Camel through to the lonely southern oasis of M’Hamid. It’s a four-day walking journey across the stone desert (Hamada) to Erg Chigaga, the largest and still untouched Sahara sand area.
Along the Dra River there are historic settlements centered around the river oasis and Kasbahs of the Dra Valley. The natives in the region say that as you cross the Bousnaïna, you may find historic artifacts like ceramic pottery fragments left from long gone communities. When you reach the high sand sandbanks they are perfect and picturesque and you may feel tempted to bring out your camera. In the night when the moon in the sky is high and bright, it will illuminate the sand dunes with shining light so bright and clear, you’ll feel you’ve traveled a little closer to heaven.

Hiking in the Rif Mountains

Moroco Atlas Mountain Treking
Overlook the famous High Atlas Mountains series or tracks and head to the Rif Mountains for an ideal experience in your holidays, where Berber persons track snakes through cedar tropical forest (forests) in the Talassemtane National Park. With a bird’s eye view of the Mediterranean Sea, these are the lime mountains hills in Morocco, the hills roofed with natural cannabis and a mix-up of Mediterranean aromatic plant.
The best climbs spin out from the blue splashed mountain village of Chefchaouen’s and keep on through past sandstone crags and barber villages. Berbers originally ruled here but various battles have since raged between bandits and explorers. Natives will as prospective shout out ‘Hola’ as ‘bonjour’ or ‘salaam’.
Prettier than the High Atlas, the area is pretty striking – the villages are lived in, washing clothes over hedges and chickens chase at your heels, all this make you feel great – but sitting peacefully in the sunshine, having some fresh walnuts and looking out over the hills it’s extraordinary so rare speculation here.

Climbing in the Todra Gorge Hills

Beautiful Atlas Mountains
These mounts of Todra Gorge are very superficial limestone’s that separate the incredible and the High Atlas Mountains from the warm Sahara Desert. With the depth of 300 meters, these places of Todra are driven through by a river that is a tinny line of palm trees, obviously decked. In the shafts of sunshine, the walls of this site spark red and orange color where the echoes of driving goat clusters into a direction and children resonate off the rock in the high mountains.
Since 1977, numerous hikers have been coming here to climb up these hills with the desire of discovering the Todra mountains. In May and June, there will be various of hikers and all those will be spread on the crag faces, like lizards soaking up the sun.
Some of the tracks are locked (French grade 5 to 8), while others are not, and most of them give some wonderful experience. The Pillar du Couchant, near the record to the gorge, proposals typical long climbs; for learners, the Petit Gorge and Kilimanjaro unit are best to hike; and those who blessed with big biceps can energy the Can Güllich’s tiered high walls.

Skiing in the Central High Atlas:

Skiing in Morocco Atlas Mountains
Skiing in Morocco is an odd contrast of white peaks and desert steppes. In its place of lifts, there are mule trains and excoriating; instead of fondue, there is tagine. Though Toubkal’s local resorts are very rare but Toubkal’s teams of Oukaimeden gets all the press, the greatest skiing is on Jebel Azourki with the height of 3677 meters in the Significant part of the High Atlas Mountains. For the area’s families, it has been a blessed mountain and in this site some trial themselves to scale its summit and urge for peace, affluence, and rain if rain does not drop for days. It ties profusely of rainfall from the Atlantic Ocean and the snow sits with crunchy and clean on its broad peak fact.
There are no public services up here, just lands of perfect snow, white wide descents and welcoming cups of mint tea in small Berber’s welcome.

Surfing in Taghazout:

Surfing in Taghazout Morocco
Taghazout was a hippie harbor in the early times of 16th century, but now it’s a colorful spot of beaches and flowing Atlantic waves which draw a lot of peoples of the international level to surf here and make a set of the festivity. With the 5,000 populations of the village, it also turns around the ocean and gives oceanic magnificent sights to its visitors.
Persons of this minor fishing village, every day sets their yachts in the morning, then in the evening, returning back to homes with sardines and calamari for beachside flames. From October to April, the uttermost surf season is flawless when the splash of the water stabs at you through your wetsuit and the hefty Point break becomes a barreling 5m-high huge surf.
Several outstanding holidays happen here and each has their own plan and charm: Dracula’s has rips and rocks, Containers offers the perpendicular maws and speed walls; and Imsouane wraps around into the well-secure south-facing haven present a long, dreamy ride.

The Jbel Saghro or Djebel Sahrho Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in Morocco
The flat-topped hills and shallow hills of The Jbel Saghro or Djebel Sahrho are only available on foot or by mule. Trade directions for bikes and you’ll have manually a thrilling ride of hairpin bends and exciting descents. Biking and riding here are very strong, but the plunders are big. The Jbel Saghro or Djebel Sahrho means ‘Dry Mountain’ in Berber, and its series ends on the edge of the Sahara Desert, a chaos of volcanic high spot. It is home to the Aït Atta, a seminomadic public (tribe) well-known for their brave year 1933 when they stand up beside the French. Here one thousand men grabbed off by a French power of 83,000 in the rocky, cliffy fort of Bou Gafer. Their black base camp stop on the rocks and the place is still shielded with spent cartridges.

Kayaking in the Ahansal Valley:

Kayaking in the Ahansal Valley
Tacked in by the cracked and fissured crags of the crucial High Atlas Mountains, the Ahansal Valley with the span of 1800m below the mounts, a breathtaking natural canvas to relish. Rock buttresses, Granite cliffs, and thin slot canyons perform above a jewel-green gorge where rafts whip between 4-metre widespread granite walls were constructed by ancient barbers. In late spring, a multi-day stream (a river) run is potential from the Bin el-Ouidane dam.
Monkeys keep the sound on the tree-crinkled banks of the river, utmost of the Berber children from native rural community, catch the back of yachts, and exciting swirls and white water (grade 2 and 3) keep your heart propelling with high.

An Air Ballooning Exceptional Experience in Marrakesh

Hot Air Ballooning in Marrakesh
Welcome to the captivated and amazing world of hot air balloons. Ballooning in the blue sky of Marrakech (also called the red city): with all the required objects here, a jolly air balloon ride in the grounds of Marrakesh will push you up to have the sensation of a unicorn, in the air as you want. It takes a new width to ponder yourself for having a great exploration in the free air. Let the wind take you and determine the planet and its stunning morocco from the air.
Morocco ballooning deals to board you on one of their characteristic circular gallery made of iron or sturdy wood, from which you will see the Atlas Mountains and the spectacular view of Marrakech like never before!
It is about twenty kilometers of space from Marrakesh, the shiny that we deal you to fill a distinctive moment of gentleness in your holidays to make your tour unforgettable. A magnificent finding in an open air 360° dream carrier. The difference between the city and the contiguous landscape is truly inspiring! See life from a different angle and share this moment with you dear ones.

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Maria Bella

Travel Writer

Maria Bella is a travel writer from the UK. She specializes in creative, historical and informative articles about world traveling with a focus on Morocco. Maria provides unique and creative content that enables readers to understand the traveling experience that her travel company Virikson Morocco Holidays specializes.

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