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Nora Mork is a travel journalist at OX Essays. She loves hiking, doing yoga, and traveling with her dog.

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Mistakes People Often Make When Hiking

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Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Go Hiking!

When you are preparing to hike, you need to avoid making simple mistakes that could put you in some very serious situations. Make sure that you are safe – take care of yourself. You should try to avoid these mistakes if you want to really enjoy your hiking adventure.

1. Bringing the Wrong Clothes

Materials like wool and polyester are always a good option – better than cotton because they take much longer to wash and dry. You should also make sure that you are wearing something comfortable that won’t freeze. Your shoes should also be appropriate for winter, freezing conditions. Especially so if you want to avoid blisters and frozen and sore feet.
You need to pick your clothes so that they match the weather well and that they are comfortable to wear for the climate that you are in. Don’t think too much about how things look on you and focus more on comfort and make sure that the clothes are appropriate for your conditions.

2. Bringing the Wrong Gear

Price tags often don’t have a lot of meaning in the world of hiking. What matters is that you have packed the right gear. Pick a good backpack that can carry all of your stuff. “It should be easy to pack and unpack. Specialist shops and known brands help a lot. You should also pick the right stuff and size of the backpack for your specific trail, length of trip and season” says Mary Hornung, a Travel writer at Australian help and Big Assignments. Make sure that you have researched your trail thoroughly so that you know what you may encounter along the way. Then you can use the information you find to bring the appropriate gear for everything. Of course, make sure that you bring essentials first and that you pack your backpack in a way that allows you to reach things easily.

3. Forgetting First Aid

Group Hiking Trips

Your first priority is staying safe and sound on your hike. This means bringing the right amount of items and never forgetting to bring it either. Make sure that you pay a lot of attention to your first aid kit since it’s more important than your clothes and many other items. You should also have some medical knowledge. Learn a few tricks from experts – you can do this easily at home by watching videos or learning from articles. This will help you handle any injuries on the go, at least until you reach a safe space or a hospital. Have all of the essentials that can help you be safe and healthy on your hike.

4. Not Eating Breakfast

Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day in general, but on your trip, you need it to move quickly and have plenty of energy to make it through your hike on time and safely. Choose something full of fiber and protein. You can pick yogurt and granola, some eggs and a smoothie even. Just make sure that you do get breakfast. You can even make snacks like power balls and bars that can help you have enough energy for the road.

5. Being Without Food or Water

Backpacking in Canada

You need to assess how hungry you can get during your hike. You can get hungry pretty quickly, especially on a difficult trail. “Your body will crave food, especially carbs, protein, good fats and so on. You need to pack some fruit, granola bars, nuts, mixes, sandwiches and so on. This will keep you full. You should also bring water” explains Patricia Davis, a Travel blogger at Paper Fellows. You need at least two bottles. Sweating, energy spending and so on will make you drink a lot. Bring enough snacks for the road because it’s very easy to get hungry with the amount of energy that you spend. You need that energy to finish your trail and you also need water to help you stay hydrated as well.

6. Getting Lost

Getting Lost in the Forest

If you have a hike leader, you should never stay too far away from them. Getting lost in an unknown location is scary and you could get hurt. If you are going alone, stay on the map and never go astray, no matter how beautiful some scenery is. Prepare when it comes to maps. Ask around for some of the best trails and roads that you can travel. Never steer too far away from the trail that you know and always have some way of reaching people in case that you do get lost. A good thing is to always travel in a group or with a friend and make sure that all of you stay on track.

7. Not Minding the Weather

If you notice that there is a storm about to happen, seek shelter and never stand on peaks, ridges or under trees. Lightning is very common in nature and you could get hit. Light rain is not dangerous on its own, but if you hear that there is a storm coming, it’s best to give up for the moment being and continue the next day or when the weather stabilizes.

8. Doing Too Many Things at the Start

Canadian Sunrise

If you are a beginner in hiking, complex and difficult tasks are not for you. “It’s true that it’s nice to say that you did something amazing on your first hike but you should focus on getting the most out of your first trail, as simple as it may be. Give yourself time to explore” shares Raul Fiecke, a stories writer at Australian Reviewer.

9. Don’t Forget About the Time

You should always start early, especially on longer trails. You need to plan every step of the way and stick to the plan as much as possible.

10. Not Being Aware of Your Environment

Don’t create any kind of damage or pollution in the area that you are visiting. Leave no trace that you were there once. Make sure you do enjoy but not at the cost on someone else.


Hiking is a fun activity and a great way to spend your free time. However, it can be bad and dangerous if you make these mistakes. Enjoy your hikes.

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Nora Mork

Travel Writer

Nora Mork is a travel journalist at OX Essays. She loves hiking, doing yoga, and traveling with her dog.

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