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Aafia Khalid, is living in Leeds, United Kingdom, with her parents who are from Egypt. She loves to explore and share about the travel experiences, travel destinations, history and cultures around the World

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Breathtaking Hiking Trails to Go Backpacking in Canada

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Summer is Hiking Season in Canada

Are you ready to say goodbye to winter? Well, winter is almost over, spring is sneaking in and summer is around the corner. Time to wind up your winter snow activities and start thinking about the warm summer season of hiking, camping and outdoor activities.

I don’t know how many of you love adventure like I do, but if you have the slightest interest in the beautiful outdoors, try backpacking to Canada this year. Convince your friends or family to go with you to make it even more memorable. You can still find amazing travel deals that include airfare, hotel resorts and transfer services at the best affordable rates. Never miss a chance of backpacking at the most popular trails of Canada.

You don’t have to over do it. Do some research and choose trails and hikes that are appropriate for your level of fitness, age and hiking experience. Find a guide who will take you on the hikes and help you pack and get prepared. We cannot overstate the value of hiring a hiking guide. If you are a beginner, choose easy paths. Make sure to pack water, some food, protein and communications gear. Buy a book of illustrating the local plants and wildlife so you will be able to know what you are seeing. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. Go on some hikes around your home so you are in shape when you get to your destination in Canada. Be prepared.

Why Backpacking?

Backpacking is an activity that will improve your fitness, overall health and mental outlook. It puts you in a position to stop and see the wonderful beauty of Mother Nature. It’s amazing how we tend to lose the connection to nature when we live in the city. It is a great opportunity to get closer to nature and it’s just a great activity for summer!

West Coast Trail, British Columbia

Tsusiat Falls Canada
If you’re searching on on the internet for hiking trails in Canada, you will inevitably find theWest Coast Trail at the top of every list of backpacking places in Canada. It is a 75km long trail. You will see stunning views that will make you feel in awe of nature. Fairytale waterfalls and rustic beaches and the warm summer sun is waiting for you.

Skyline Trail, Alberta

Jasper Lake Canada
Are you ready to hike through the scenic wonderland of Jasper Park? Well, this the breathtaking beauty is one you’ll never want to miss. It is a 44-kilometer long trail that is also a home to bears, wolves, moose and other wildlife. If you have ever thought of passing through a magical serene trail, this is a perfect choice.

Boreal Trail, Meadow Lake Provincial Park

Meadow Lake Provincial Park is designated especially for trail backpacking. The challenge of this trail is the distance. This can be a long journey if you hike it to the end as it’s a 120-kilometer long trail. Of course, you can also go half as far as you want to go and then turn around and return for a shorter sightseeing hike. Camping is available so you can fall asleep under the jack pine or spruce trees.

Grey Owl’s Cabin, Prince Albert National Park

Prince Albert National Park offers great hiking trails. You can take the route from Kingsmere River parking lot which is only 20 kilometers. There are other routes too and all of them will take around 6 hours to reach the Cabin. Some of the basic facilities are available and hikers can enjoy the best time chilling out in the stunning views and beauty of nature.

Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario

Canada Algonquin Lake
We all know that Ontario is an popular place for tourists. People love staying and spending time in the city. However, Pukaskwa National Park is another golden opportunity to observe the natural beauty of the area. Walk through the woodland and enjoy amazing campsites. It is one of the wildest shores and famous for the great lakes. A view that is worth appreciating and admiring.

Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon

Tombstone Territorial Park in Canada’s Yukon offers remote trails for experienced outdoor hikers.Talus lake trail is inspiring for the hikers. If you’re adventurous enough to enjoy the forest and patient enough to wait for grizzly views, this is a perfect trail for hiking. These are challenging conditions on this trail so probably best for experienced hikers. But, backpacking is not all that much fun without it being challenging. Right? So, don’t miss out your chance of exploring the famous Tombstone Mountains. Also, watch out for the bears, they might want to say hello and Caribous are also spotted there many times.

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland offers some of the most incredible picturesque views anywhere in the world. This park is a haven for the adventure travel enthusiast. Sights to soothe eyes and heart. A worthy hiking trail to pass through the beautiful scenery. It guarantees you an excellent adventure and you will really enjoy the views.

The Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland & Labrador

New Foundland Pennisula
The Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland offers another famous hiking trail in Canada. This picturesque Canadian East Coast trail takes you through a lighthouse, rustic sea shore beauty and a chance to enjoy camping in the town. It is also one of the longer hiking trails and might take a day to reach the camping base. Adventurous and challenging so it is probably best for the experienced hikers who can enjoy a strenuous journey.

Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Cape Chignecto sea shore park offers an enthralling bay and want to enjoy the scenic Atlantic preserve. The trail is 52 kilometers long if explored through coastal loop. The best thing is tit will create a truly memorable hiking experience. Even if you’re an experienced hiker, care must be taken a the cliffs are very steep and it might take 3 nights to complete the route.

Fundy footpath, New Brunswick

Fundy Footpath New Brunswick
The Fundy Foothpath in historic New Brunswick is a 42-kilometer long path, slightly difficult but will immerse you in complete serenity as it is kind of the off-beaten path, so you won’t come across a lot other people. Probably best for the experienced hikers. If you’re experienced and skill level is up to the mark, this place is for you. There are wonderful views of nature waiting for you to enjoy the tranquility.

Pingualuit National Park, Quebec

Pingualuit National Park is in a remote area of Quebec that offers a 9-day long trek for advanced hikers and even then, most people prefer to take this adventure in teams with a guide. Take up the challenge and you will love the place. The guide will take you to the paths by crossing through the wonders of history. It is another hiking trail make people come back for the love of beauty. Enjoy every moment, cherish the sight and experience the thrill of life at its best.


So, are you ready for a hiking adventure in Canada? These backpacking ideas top the enthralling places is awesome. Just watch out for your skills and choose easy paths if you’re a beginner. Just in case you want to roam around the cities too, remember you have amazing Niagara transfer services. The town is stunningly beautiful and it is impressing people to completely fall in love with nature. However, life is busy but vacations are meant to celebrate at the best. Don’t ruin them in figuring out plans, book your reservations now and let the journey of excitement and thrill begin. Remember that backpacking is worth living idea in every aspect.

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Aafia Khalid

Travel Writer
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Aafia Khalid, is living in Leeds, United Kingdom, with her parents who are from Egypt. She loves to explore and share about the travel experiences, travel destinations, history and cultures around the World

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