6 Cities To Visit In Brazil

Minhaz Asif
By Minhaz Asif Posted  in

Brazil is a huge country that is home to a diverse population and it is dominating the landmass of South America. Brazil is a country of beautiful beaches, great soccer, and spectacular carnivals. This Latin America paradise has a lot more to offer than tourist attractions.

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Fun Things To Do in Dubai

Arindom Ghosh
By Arindom Ghosh Posted  in

Dubai has a larger than life type of aura and vibe. However, one needs to see it at least once, to actually believe it. Needless to say that it’s one of the most preferred destinations for travelers from around the world. Dubai is not just about luxurious buildings and shopping malls, it is much more than that. There are a lot of places in Dubai that can really make your holiday worthwhile.

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Plan Your Spain Adventure With Virikson Holidays

Susan Aylia
By Susan Aylia Posted  in

Spain is the fourth largest European country and is larger than the State of California with astonishing geographical landmarks ranging from peaks of Mount Teide to the reigning coastal areas of Barcelona promises extreme of cultural adventures for cultural seekers.

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Great Beach Destinations In Mexico

Ashiqur Rahman Ashiq
By Ashiqur Rahman Ashiq Posted  in

Mexico is the most popular foreign vacation destination for North Americans in terms of tourist numbers and it’s no wonder why! There is no shortage of picture perfect, postcard-worthy, white-sand beaches in Mexico.

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Must-See Ancient Cathedrals of Armenia

Harry Conley
By Harry Conley Posted  in

Armenia is a small country of just 3 million people located in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia, separating the two great continents of Asia and Europe. An ex-Soviet republic, Armenia is bursting with cultural and historical significance, becoming the first state to adopt Christianity as its official religion and thus representing one of the first examples of Christian civilization.

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You Will Love Dublin, Ireland

Aafia Khalid
By Aafia Khalid Posted  in

Traveling around the world inspires you through history, culture, and diversity. The educated mind always looks for the new world view and traveling around helps you understand it through a different eye.

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Things To Do In Canada For Travelers

Debera Ann Koye
By Debera Ann Koye Posted  in

If you’ve ever thought about taking a trip to Canada but thought it was too much like the USA, we have a treat for you. While Canada is indeed our immediate neighbor to the north, it is incredibly different with really cool things to do.

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Weekend Getaway to Seattle, Washington

Tiffany Harper
By Tiffany Harper Posted  in

Seattle is an incredible city to visit. From the Space Needle which is an important sightseeing point to parks and beaches. And if you have enough time to get out of town, you can visit Olympic National Park or Mount Rainer National Park. No matter what type of visit you plan to Seattle, you will surely be flabbergasted by the amazing glass sculptures and the underwater dome of the aquarium.

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Must-See Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Arindom Ghosh
By Arindom Ghosh Posted  in

Dubai has an enigmatic lifestyle with sensational structures, unique architecture and incredible monuments. Dubai is one of the most favorite holiday and shopping destinations worldwide. It offers a lot of amazing sites, adventure activities and shopping.

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10 Best Beaches in Croatia for Families and Couples

Ahsan Ali
By Ahsan Ali Posted  in

When the summer wind hits the Dalmatian Coast, the exotic beaches of Croatia refine their fluffy sands and appeal beach lovers, couples, honeymoon paramours and families to enjoy its beauty and bizarre atmosphere from July to August.

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How to Take Beautiful Solo Travel Selfies

Lauren Adley
By Lauren Adley Posted  in

While it’s great to take photos of your travel destinations and all of their great features, it is also great to have yourself in those photos. It brings a lot more life to them. So how do you take those great photos again? Well, here are some great tips you can use to your advantage.

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7 Most Incredible Cities to Live in Spain

Jessica Watson
By Jessica Watson Posted  in

Spain offers an array of places to live each with plenty of things to do and sights to see. From historical architecture influenced by multiple cultures, great shopping and not to mention that wonderful culinary experience. Spain is definitely worth a visit.

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